Young Master And His Demon Army (BL)
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Young Master And His Demon Army (BL)


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What is Young Master And His Demon Army (BL)

Read Young Master And His Demon Army (BL) novel written by the author coffie on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, reincarnation, r18, fantasy, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Waking up as a noble baby is not what Yuta expected after falling down the stairs. His constant wishes are to have an exciting life, but he didn't mean this exciting! His peaceful life went south ever since. One mad father that is feared by most people, seven other older brothers, villains that are trying to kidnap him, and one pet demon. The only good thing about his new life is his kindhearted mother. Can he get through those tiring days every single day? ──────────────────────────────── Hello ladies and gentle-lads, before proceeding I would like to mention a couple of statements. This content has an LGBTQ+ content. Yaoi, BL, GL. If you're not up for it, simply just don't proceed reading the story ^-^ Thank you!

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Gosh- this book is so exciting. The twist!! The characters!! I love how the author described each characters' personality. None of them are boring, they're all different and that's what I love about this book! arghh please keep up the good work, I'm in love with this book!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Wonderful. Obsessive reader pleased with this work and looking forward to future progress. Keep up the good work at your leisure. Be blessed.


Wow amazing! Recommend jdjuejejej diieieieisiiejejejjejejejjejejejdudjdnhdueuejvytghdtfggdghtdvhgftvtvtfttgvtvtcrvhfcfyytctrttdcytgfytvyvygbghvyvgugyvtfty


I had a great time reading this novel♥️ This novel is underrated,I hope more people know about this novel! Hopefully the writing quality remains consistent😁♥️(sorry for my bad english)


Honestly, if you enjoy Fantasy BL, this is such a lovely story to read. It treats the relationship between MC and ML like any other relationship, the plot is great, the development is great, the characters are fantastic. I am so looking forward for more chapters!


It’s an amazing book! One of the best I’ve read so far! The story overall is so intriguing, at the end of most chapters I would be squealing internally because it’s just that good! The author has a way of captivating the reader, it’s a must read for the people who like this kind of book!


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This story is great, I swear. Personally, I am in love with this fantasy world the author has created and the unique characters. Give this book a try, see if you like it and if you do, welcome to the club y'all.


I like this just a little mad it wasnt labeled with sad or tragedy I'm here all thinking I'll see a good adventure with happiness and what's with the misleading sipnosis I feel like it only counted for the first few chapters and then it just went like "the only good thing i have is my mother oop shes dead"honestly really misleading should add other labels for new people who are looking to see if they should read this story;it's really interesting and lovely it's just the type of story were the mc thinks thing like "he's suspicious " but barely does or says anything and they keep letting enemy's in as a comrade it's really dog blooded but it gets covered up by the mc getting over it with "resolve"to get stronger,but I barely see that either(idk My warning is READERS BEWARE YOUR HEART WIL BLEEdD but the story will just progress with you thinking am I overreacting because the story seems to have just moved on without me I dont know just seems like author keeps using backstab after backstab its kind of getting tiring as a reader idk if I overstepped somewhere and I do apologize if someone's hurt but it's just my true thoughts no need to mind well tata and good luck author


Extremely Entertaining Read!!! I am loving the demons, they are so ... personified, personalized (what is a good word for it - they are all there own person)? The story is just so fun to read I just want to binge read it all at one time!


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I love it💜💜💜wish for more releases.


My first favorite novel that I read in web novel,I like every single part of it specially the part that his brothers are being so so over protective to ezra ♥♥♥👌👌👌


Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!! Great!!


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love this :> don't have anymore to say so i'm using dots lol ....................................................................


It is really good each character has a nicely developed personality. It is easy to get hooked if you like this kind of story and the plot is amazing!


Just as I begun the story it was already one of my favorites. This is storywise a goldmine and I am really happy everytime a chapter comes out


I didn't expect it to be this good... Its a great story. For now there's no male interest but just the mc's family and his interactions with them makes me wanna keep reading... I recommend this book to everyone, literally everyone can read it... Yes, It's that good ❤️😍


It's such a good story, at first so many characters were overwhelmed but they each have such distinctive personalities that I love them all. The mc is also developed so well as the have a strong personality perfect for the power he has and responsibilities hes given.


I really really like it, its kind of fun, Awesome and enjoyable to read, and by the way it was the first novel i really read in this app so yeah I will rate it 5.0


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