When A Mage Revolts
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When A Mage Revolts

Yin Si

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Kubei was just an ordinary pencil and button pusher working a day job, hating his boss and making horrible speeches when one day he fell asleep after pushing an all-nighter. When he woke up, he was bound to a chair, facing three creepy robed women and in a body way too young and way too weak to be his own. As he slowly came to, he realized that he was no longer in the same universe as he was before. He had teleported to the Kingdom of Helius, where an all-powerful church rules its lands and wages war against the elusive group known only as Mages. Armed with an incredibly cocky neural interface that just won’t shut up and his own sheer wit, our MC will find himself not just fighting to survive, but maybe even something bigger than himself.

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This story is hilarious. Ok, so maybe it's got a "witty AI cliché." But this is not a "system," alright? It doesn't level up, it doesn't give missions, it doesn't analyze any components or anything. It doesn't make reality into a game. So it doesn't really match the cliché. Ok, so other than the AI cliché, there's the "Church vs Mage" cliché. Well... that's true. Not sure what to say about that for now, it's still too soon to see. So I've given World Background three stars. (As of Chapter 20.) And there's the "reincarnation" cliché. Also true. And to make it worse, he reincarnates into a useless young master! But... firstly, most of those novels have the young master die in peace, usually with allies around or in their bedroom. Secondly, it's usually either some hidden plot or an accident. Finally, they have their former identity's memories to aid them. Not so here. He's still in the middle of danger, no memories whatsoever, and had to use his wits to escape. In my humble opinion, this novel has been done really well. So far, the aspects that have made the most impact on me have been the humor and the relationships. The MC is the perfect example of the average guy, which is actually the most impactful type of MC. He even reads webnovels, just like us! So relatable! To quote an Honest Trailer video, "he steals the show just by reacting to stuff." On the more serious side, though, are the relationships. First, the interactions between the MC and the mages and Church. This is a game of outwitting one another. MC's unreliable narrator side comes in here to draw the reader into the plot and then trick them. It's quite effective. Being drawn into one of MC's delusions and thinking that it's actually happening, until something so unbelievable happens that you're like, "Wait, what? That's too eas— ohhhh." Second, the deeper relationships. So far I'd say I've seen only a few of these. However, while both may be clichés (whore/savior, mother/son), both were lovingly written. Annie's character, especially, was just tragic. Finally, I would like to address the two extremes of reviews that have shown up on this novel. One person has left a one star review due to his dissatisfaction with QI. Several others have tried to offset this by rating five stars meaninglessly. I think both of these reviews are harmful and should be edited or removed. Neither are subjective ratings of the quality of the novel itself. Okay, I've said my piece. Now you should go read this.


just what chapter does this sht start? just within 10 chapters theres a filler already.. -.-" shts adding more frustration because of that shtty system.. and the story says that he brought him his computer and celphone but why is it now an artificial intelligence... huh... (if theres something wrong or i miss please correct me cause this is just frustrating to read)


First of all, this story should have a comedy tag. And ironically it took me about 40+ chapters to find something that made me laugh. Writing and translation seems good. Bad the story gets boring for me. The MC is an unlucky loser who is here just to get tortured, berated, humiliated, abused and discarded. He is worth nothing. Even though he wants to gain strength, he is such a lowlife. I feel like author is using the suffering MC and illogical, just for gag, unusual, never before seen, Unwanted AI for no particular reason just to make it funny. Which I feel is a horrible thing but passable due to it's jerky attitude. The story reminds of Japanese MC whom I hate because they are spineless and abused most of the time. Church also adds to that JP novel feel. Critically just read to pass time. Leave your logic somewhere else before reading. And prepare for a loser MC.


This Novel needs more exposure. This is a gem.Concepts are repeated (AI, Transmigration in another's body etc) but it is done beautifully. We hv a smart Mc who plans his actions properly and thinks before doing anything still he fails quite a few times and he keeps developing throughout the story as he gets stronger and more careful.He doesn't hesitate in killing if it serves his purpose yet he is not a killing machine. Somehow even the dark stuff like torture is filled with comedy.Overall a mc who is not stupid and ***** and deals with every situation smartly. World building is also dealt nicely in this one, cant really say its the best but its still nice.Most interesting thing about this novel for me is the MC and the Magic system(as we dont get a lot of mage mc in novels - even the ones we hv they tend to fight close range physically than use their magic).This one we hv a proper mage(even though he did go through some physical training and Gun traning).All in all a very good novel which needs more reader and deserves to be ranked higher(although we do hv some loyal readers - like me who vote daily).


as far as i have read (ch 70) the story is good it is more focused on battles of wit than actual combat, witch is quite unique. characters are consistent and feel like real living beings. AI is different than WMW and isn'n op and next to that it feels like a friend. Finally there is one thing that makes me hate this novel and that is... THE GOD DAM COVER PICTURE IS DOWN RIGHT AWFUL, like it bothers me so much. It looks to out of place, why you ask? because it looks like someone took the picture of Napoleon and added him a staff......


This review is solely on the novel going premium. You QI have destroyed any hope that there will be any future readers what so ever on this novel. You have pay walled all chapters starting at around ch 150. It would have been fine if you only decided to paywall future chapters but this kind of model will not survive in the slightest. Translators have survived before w/o you QI. What you are doing is destroying works that people put their hearts and soul into. What i mean by destroying is that there will be no new readers thus will have this novel be pushed and pushed ( making it harder to find ) to the back while new novels keep releasing. Don't give me that BS that the paywall helps the translator and author. YES they do get minimal pay from it but why when ppl can use other platforms which is way more beneficial for the translator, author, and the readers. What i see you as QI is a leach that feeds off others hard work. You steal, lie, and pretend as something that your not. You sit behind your desk manipulating people into thinking that they need you. In reality they do not. Translators can survive without your slave contracts.


[Review after reading Chapter 305] Thy read shall be blessed with laughter. For this novel has no freaking so cliché mc. Were the mc give obvious reasoning and get praise like a genus or an mc said to be average but think like a mad man. The MC cheat were useless at first then get better. It has the recording skill stuff. But his system has unique personality. The system don't give quest and rewards. It's just like video recorder & editor with personality that annoys the user. The world building is Great(4/5). We discover the mystery of the world together with the mc. The world the mc has been teleported has its mystery. The author gives us the different world information/view of different group/individual about the world and which it becomes a puzzle piece which the mc have to put together correctly. As I said(write) earlier we also will solve this puzzle together with the mc(well it's not like we can help him solve it. What I mean is that we solve the puzzle by following the idea of the mc or not(and it's also fun to do it. It's healthy for your brain!)) so basically we have think which is the right info about the world. With the more hidden mystery being uncovered about the world. It started ****** with the curch world info to mage world info to then which another source of world info. The mc is average in which we can relate. The development of the story was smooth and make ones want to read more(I don't know about the other people). It's a story of out smarting one another. The enemy of the mc us not just the cliché church but more and different enemys. And lastly! It also funny. With the interaction of the characters in which is realistic(in which I like) and it also funny. The system is no boring system. The system and the mc is like(?) partners. They help each other to survive! With the system funny commentary about the event that is happening mix with the reaction of the mc. It comedy is gold! The mc is not too op. He always find himself in death door(he also not weak. It's that his luck of finding strong foe is splendid!) Overall! This novel deserve more readers and needed to be high rank! Really!? How those this novel not get to the top? Also Mr. Benji rocks!


wow all the bad comments are removed... or did that guy edgy delete his own post..i cant see his comment.. have read till 20 chapters the story is good but all gone because of the useless A.I its better if its gone for good


skip to the last line if you want the summary: It is a promising Novel, you will enjoy reading it , AND THERE IS NO HAREM, well till now :D (Ch40) the novel is fun to read, the world building is not bad at all ,because it is still not cleared (like the...{ spoiler } :D) , as for the character design, our MC is a genius. As for who can enjoy reading this story .... the one who like the system novels ,why ? the novel is introducing (the system or A.I) in a funny way (you will understand if you read a part of ( warlock....forgot the name ^-^" ) . Update Stability is quite fast, i think :) . Translation Quality...not cancer :D the TL is trying hard , the novel need little more ( editing ) this is understandable because of the speed of Update is quite fast at the moment , and wow man idk if i am getting used to the translation in the novel but i think there is improvement in TL quality. (Recommended)


As a big fan of the anti-hero genre I had decent hopes for this story. In the beginning I was patient and let the story slowly (50+ chapters) unfold before getting to the excitement. With only minor complaints about translation quality I was hooked for hundreds of chapters. I've seen people mention this has comedy but I've never noticed anything funny in the entire story. It's action with a couple failed attempts at comedy very early on. This is a story about a man that travels across time and space to suddenly wake up in a different body in a different world. Yea, that last sentence means almost nothing in this story. He wakes up confused then gets on with his new life. Author didn't even bother with a real back story. The Good: This story can be very entertaining at times. There are a lot of battles; sometimes with magic, sometimes wits, and sometimes just regular brawling. Our main character can be cold and ruthless for most of the story. Later on his personality changes a bit because his responsibilities change. Although I don't personally like how big the difference is but I do appreciate the author trying to evolve him over the story. Lastly there is a lot of different mysterious powers to keep you in eager anticipation for the first half of the story. The Bad: Almost every side character is completely 2D. The author does not spend any time fleshing out anyone besides the main character. The originally useless System (yes he names it The System) powers up over the story and kind of ruins the feeling that our main character is smart when every few paragraphs he's asking The System to think for him. After hearing The System explain to him and advise him he will tell it to repeat itself in ******r words. Then he will- A: Repeat exactly what the system told him to others around himself to sound smart. B: Still not understand, get angry and attack The System. C: Ignore it and do what he wants regardless of the danger or consequences clearly coming despite it being right every single time. The Ugly: The translation. The actual world geography. The number of enemies. The names of characters. The incompetence of every country other than the enemy. I wont go into spoiler details on the last one but read on if you want to know how bad this story gets in the later half. The translation of this story will lead you to question many things. In the beginning I was fine reading it but the later half has become broken sentences that you must think about to try and understand. Beyond the terrible sentence structure, the translators sometimes throws out things like "shallow yet deep" describing a cut. That's a real example to expect almost every chapter later on. I have to assume this is machine translated with a non-English speaking editor for the later half. The geography is confusing as distances and travel time seem to vary greatly as the story goes on. Sometimes it may take our main character days of travel flying at high speeds and other times hours to go to and from the same place. Other times it will seem that regular foot soldiers have the ability to teleport across the continent. Despite describing the countries directions I still have no idea the actual shape of the continent. We only get a vague sense of something being north or south, east or west. The number of enemies that our main character kills escalates quickly in the later half of the story. Thousands will die in seconds yet this never seems to actually effect the enemy. There are always many more enemies no matter how many thousands die. I'm talking about human enemies that have a special power that not just anybody has. They need to grow up and receive special training. Somehow they are in limitless supply to the point that they are best described as a never ending horde. Every country besides the enemy country is pathetic. They are powerless and only really concerned with making sure none of their neighbors gets stronger than them. The enemy will invade them repeatedly with only our main character able to stand against them. Last but probably the most glaring issue that I've ever seen in any Chinese web novel series is this stories characters names. This should go under translation issues but it is so bad that I made it separate. It's understandable to occasionally get mixed up or a new translator/editor makes name changes but this... From chapter to chapter the characters names will not only change but the wrong characters name will appear in place of it. You will often wonder how so-and-so suddenly is back in the story only to realize it's a different character but the translator or editor forgot/ didn't notice/ doesn't care. I say doesn't care because these have been pointed out repeatedly over months with no effort to fix. Overall I do recommend this story. I've enjoyed it enough that it was worth the read. Such a shame that poor translation makes the later half drop in quality. As of chapter 745 the author has kind of written himself into a bind and is just pulling out whatever to keep the story going but I recommend the first few hundred chapters for anyone looking to read a magical action story.


So far it has me barely hanging on. The AI chip is a often used trope. It seems there for humour and thats it. Because it is near pointless otherwise and helps the MC none at all. The main character also seems to be in a setting similar to release that witch and a few others. Church is always the bad guys. So far I am already very hard pressed with it as it seems to be one of those overly humorous and not a serious moment type novel. Even while his life is threatened he banters with the chip. Which appears to be a snarky smart phone with no real input on anything that isent for humour.


It's like WMW(kinda like the world of the gods arc), but at the same time it's different. The A.I. chip isn't mundane when speaking, and is kind of like a separate individual rather than an extension of the body.


Reveal spoiler


This. Is. It. It's not the typical Chinese reincarnation story. There is no weak willed MC who can't say no to attractive females (who, btw, were not oversexualized here, which is a huge plus) and no love interest, no harem or any indication towards that as of current chapter. The MC is smart, thinks with his brain, mature with his decisions, and is capable of looking at the bigger picture. From the start, he was not OP; his system was super not helpful, it even belittled and made snark remarks at him and the MC was helpless against it in the beginning. The world building is interesting and the conspiracies between and among the nobles, mages and the church were just amazingly constructed that if you're a mage, you'd feel fired up yourself. This novel's conflict is build on the church hating the mage, doing their best to obliterate them (a religion-based genocide basically), and the MC who is a mage that is spearheading the movement against that. After being reincarnated, he started as a kidnap victim by a mage, but became a mage to prevent being killed by the kidnapper mage, returned to his family who supported the church (his family has lots of astounding secrets, each and every one of them! Especially that old madame!), and while planned to be executed by the church as a replacement for his brother, he escaped that oppressive country, only to discover that the church has it's influence over other countries as well and that he is not truly safe. With his comrades, he ventured to new places, settled down, but was alerted to the possibility of the church killing his new companions and other mages, and began counteracting the church's influence. What was amazing was the way he took leadership in this movement; how he started it, the different conflicts that emerged, his sharp minded reactions and analysis, and outcomes that developed over the story so far simply gripped you breathless, leaving you wanting more of this delicious piece of fantasy. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the interaction between the MC and the system was quite funny and heart warming~ The author is a mysterious spider, spinning sticky webs that made me stuck and not wanting to leave. The translators are golden eyed humans whom I want to treat to lunch and hire in my company, if I ever have one.


I don't even know why i'm reading this story in the first place, one of the most boring light novel i ever read. Keep dragging things, no solid content except for some poor comedy and really really annoying AI who is useless.. sigh.. dropping this.. just catching up to Release that witch so i guess my expectation it kinda high.. haaaa


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It’s a great read I love it. I didn’t read it for awhile and just let the chapters accumulate but now I’m mad that I read it cause it got me hooked on ever cliffhanger ****** me anxious for the next chapter


While this novel seems pretty okay so far, I am going to keep an open mind right now and wait to see how this plays out. While this seems to be another novel trying to ride the coattails of WMW with a MC with an AI chip, I hope it will break the mold.


Reveal spoiler


This novel is too under rated. The mc is smart but not almighty and the world around him complicated. This novel should have more appreciation. There is some flaw here and there but those doesn't even worth to mention


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