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Unknowingly Lost


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Lucas is a CEO vampire who works at a vampire-based corporation where only a handful of humans are aware of their existence. Sara's delectable scent, amongst the human employees, attracted his attention. As a member of vampire aristocrats, Lucas held a Blood Red Party and invited Sara to be the Guest of Honour, omitting the fact that she will be the main course for him. Lucas became obsessed with the taste of her blood and wanted to keep her near for a fresh supply of blood. His attempt to seduce her failed miserably. As he tries to continuously deceive her, Sara finally fell in love without knowing he's the predator and Lucas unknowingly fell into his own trap. From prey to love, he was not sure when it all started. Both never experience love. Both never understood love. Join these two as they slowly explore their feelings and embrace what comes their way. Take a back seat and read how they come to accept each other in their life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER : The cover does not belong to me. The rights go to the original artist. Please contact me if you wish for it to be taken down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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