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The Slime Farmer


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What is The Slime Farmer

The Slime Farmer is a popular web novel written by the author Jin_Daoran, covering MAGIC BEASTS, FANTASY, ADVENTURE, COOKING, SLICE-OF-LIFE, FOOD, FARM, ANOTHER WORLD, FARM ADVENTURE, SLIME FARM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 80 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 129 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Desislaf Rimet finds that his father plotted to make him fail the Sacred Trials. He decides: if this world will not accept him, then he will leave the world! In another world full of wonders, moving forward determinedly, he becomes a farmer of slimes. *** Desislaf Rimet is the eleventh son of the Lord of Rimet, the sixteenth child. He has failed the Trials that would make his family proud and cement his station as a noble worthy of his family's name. He discovers that his father plotted to deliberately make him fail and it is the end of all he knows. He cannot be happy in his father's court, and leaves. After all, there's a World Gate conveniently in his father's territory, isn't there? He will leave to see the wonders that await him in another world! Only...the world beyond is more complicated than he imagined. Also, what is this slime? An animal, a vegetable, or some mystery being? *****

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The author takes his time to write the story and places great importance on the details, which is not to displease me. The narration and grammar are of a very good level on top of that which gives a very pleasant reading. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Well crafted story so far! An enjoyable read with a relaxed pace that provides the time to really enjoy the descriptive richness of the setting and characters. A good blend of content, sometimes feels like a slice of life with farming and commerce, other times action and intrigue. Characters are more developed and complex than many other novels on this site, and I can’t wait to find out how things turn out. Feels like there are a more plot points being started than those being concluded, so the story seems to have long term potential. Which is good. I’d pay to read this.


First of all, I can't judge your grammar because my grammar sucks too. I don't have any advise regarding grammar except using Grammarly. Well, your writing is smooth and diligent. I was able to easily portray the story because of that. Second, the development of the side characters are good too! Most novels and stories doesn't even bother to put any development to the side characters but you did. I praise you for that. Lastly, the world background is interesting too and this story definitely has a potential. Well, keep up the good work!


I really liked this book for many reasons. While there are only four chapters out, the author has greatly impressed me with character writing as well as attention to detail. These two, so far, are the strongest parts of the story in my opinion. As far as character writing goes, the reason I loved this part is because of how the author has been able to 'show' the characters, especially the MC and Garun, through their actions and dialogues. I now have general feel for both of them and while I may need to read more to actually start loving them, I can safely say that I really like them already. Attention to detail, well, this is just something that you either do well or don't. The author did it well. Right amount of detail at right amounts of time was given. The only time I felt this aspect a little out of proportion is the first chapter. As people, we are all knowledgeable and passionate about different things. I can assume that you like talking about farming and soil and related things. However, your readers aren't bound to be the same. I am not telling you to not talk about what you like. In fact, it's best if you do. Just, I think it would be beneficial to do it slowly, through a no. of scenes rather than just one or two. So far, so good. I get the world-building feel from this book and will be excited to see what world-building we get further down the line. Keep up the good work, author!


I dont like this novel. As a novel its decent, but instead of telling a story author seems only interested in trying to create philosophical debates i only read 2 chapters before i dropped it. And the amount of background of characters is little, amount of information of what is going on is enough for readers to understand some things Amount of philosophical spout is way to much


An excellent book. The world building is detailed and original. The characters are multifaceted and relatable. I love that this is the only story I've read in which the protagonist has a racist upbringing and actually struggles against it. Not unilaterally denies it, but struggles to adapt to a reality where it cannot be justified. This book agnolages that denying your upbringing can be painful even if nessecary.


Wonderfully complex characters living in an equally complex, mysterious set of connected worlds. The first few chapters had me hooked, especially the intense emotions of a rocky start. And then the writing kept me hooked, especially the self-deprecating humor and dry wit of the main protagonist. It was refreshing too, to read a story where there is a powerful and heartwarming support system (I mean people, a place, and logic; not a cheat system) for the MC. I think the character interactions, the pacing- well interspersed pieces of action in a generally slice-of-life setting, and the depth of the world building are the highlights of the story. A point for the future- I would be relieved if the writing style remains consistent. Right now, it’s wordy, a bit prosaic, but quite engaging.


1. The story is filled with an overabundance of details (which is good, but it can be confusing at times) 2. It might be just me, but the scene changes are a bit jarring... (One moment he is talking to a merchant, and the next, he's outside hiding from his sister). (It is also hard to tell who is saying what after the scene skips. There isn't as much context as I would appreciate. It might be on purpose though? 3. Pretty likeable character (although some of the thoughts shown are a bit weird and unreasonable...(he had to remind himself to not have a grudge against his slave/servant for trying to give him the lightest work in the fields). The character thoughts are just a bit weird. I don't know how else to describe it. It isn't necesarily bad though... 4. I don't know how to describe the problem, but it lacks soul. The best comparison I can make is watching a movie without sound. You can tell what is going on, but it's hard to get pulled in and feel with the character. (It can peobably be improved later on though Overall, this novel needs some work, but hass potential. I would recomend you trying it out. (I welcome any criticism on my review. I'm sure that there are things that I might have missed in my reading, and I would love to hear about it)


Never knew a web novel can reach a level of such heights that I can only say its a magnificent art piece. The diction is exemplary, the minutiae is explicated beautifully, the world rendered realistically. Characters carry depth and emotions, plots are intriguing and exciting, and I am looking forward to the expanding world and its myriad creations and their happenings with the characters Keep up the good work, my dear Author / and the translations faithful, dear translator


One of the best written slice of life stories I've read and not just on this site. The author has managed the delicate balance of excitement, character growth and world building, rarely seen done well in this genre, with skill and care that I'm sure we all wish the other stories of this type had. I'm more then happy that I can read this story and as much I would love to keep it all to myself (beautiful and delicious treasure that it is) this world is one that should live in the minds of all the readers it can as every good story deserves


this story is one of the hidden gems of this website. it is definitely on par with commercially sold novels, if not better. the depth of this story is astonisching. every person and place has a history, every character is unique and every action they do comprehensible and understandable. you can clearly see the characters change and develop, at a steady and very natural feeling pace. personally i appreciate the fact that the MC doesn't grow too fast. any progress comes with a suitable amount of effort needed to get to that point. ...though it does feel like the MC never runs out of money, even though he buys a lot.


Good, detailed, story with well developed characters, a captivating world a little different from most you see out there, the author explains what needs to be explained in his notes and responds to questions, even. The only faults is that the language is rare enough in this media that it takes a bit to adapt and the releases are not very stable at the time I'm writing this, the author apparently also didn't show any signs of coming back. But I can't deny the during a certain period thing were as stable as bedrock. Read it if you want a light-hearted story, without much of that revenge or rage or intermittent face slaps or shows of deadly cunning and etc, it's chill. Not much to stress over.


Just finished catching up with this great book! Writing Quality: Written great. The transitions between chapters were rocky at the start, but the author found their rhythm later on. :) Update Stability: Hopefully the author will continue. Don't know when though. T.T Story Development: Just the meandering story of the MC. He now lives in a new world and must adapt to what life throws at him. Good thing he has some great friends/allies. He's quite smart/adaptable. Character Design: The MC is quite the character. He is willing to understand and fit into the world he now resides in, but still keeps true to his own morals and upbringing. Quite the intellectual, but is willing to help out any who he deems a friend. World Background: The simple nuances that are explained through the interactions between characters is a great change of pace, instead of outright telling. The MC has to find out/learn about this new world, just as we are learning about it. Overall a great read.


Fully fleshed out world, a little zany sounding in the naming of things, but a great read with parts you can empathize with. I'm going to keep reading the updates as they come!


Couldnt put it down, once I started reading. The word play is refreshing when coming from a trandlated novel, and the subtle variation of perspective keep things fresh.


I only read a little bit but I loved the game slime rancher and I love this book so keep it up uh it won't let me post it if I don't have enough words so I'm just typing this




I really enjoy this story. If I were to try and find a fault it'd only be that I must wait for the next chapter. I'm not the best with words but if you're looking for a good well written story then this is worth a read.


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The cover page looks really cool.I read a little and already am interested.


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