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Read THE MESSENGER OF DEATH novel written by the author the_fallen on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Alexander a young assassin at the top of the food chain gets summoned into another galaxy. A Galaxy full of cultivators, a Galaxy full of mysteries, demons and mythical beasts. A Galaxy with bloodlines that contains Unimaginable powers. Alex was bestowed special bloodlines by his summoners. But he doesn't want it, he felt that his only purpose in life was to destroy those that caused him grief, pain and suffering. Now that he had been summoned to a new Galaxy with no way back, He felt depressed and dejected. With new powers and a new Galaxy, Alex decided that his new purpose in life is to find a purpose in life.. Watch as he gets stronger, fights through his enemies and tribulations and finds out what this Galaxy could offer him. Note: This is a work of fiction, logic doesn't apply here... Just going to put this out here so that you don't get disappointed when you start reading it. My MC has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, in other words, multiple personalities.) It might be a turn off for you, but trust me, it makes the plot better. DISCLAIMER: THE COVER OF MY BOOK IS NOT MINE. IT WAS BORROWED.


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This is definitely some novel that you guys should check out. A plus point for the sci-fi references, and a gripping MC to boot. Writing - its actually pretty good and I like the immense vocabulary of the author for coming up with the best possible words to weave into his sentences and paragraphs. There were little to no grammar pet peeves, which gave me a really pleasant read. I should also mention the mad imagination of this author and his knack for naming things and characters. The Benedictus? I love how it sounds tbh Characters - they feel raw and engaging, and its great to get a glimpse of their personalities as the story progresses. Its good to know that Alex isn't overbearing like I thought he would be - he's a naughty mofo incognito despite his killer rep, and it was a pleasantly begrudging twist when the truth about Kain was revealed. Overall, I like the depths of the characters. Development - the pace is really great, and each chapter leaves you wanting for more content, so good job on that Stability - keep it up World - this is created an extremely complicated world that requires a lot more vivid imagery and descriptions. There were inconsistencies on this part, but they are hardly noticeable and can be easily corrected too since it was pointed out in some paragraph comments. In conclusion, this is a book you should give a try 👍


Great story and great character development the world building is simply put amazing it has all the potential to reach the top power rankings Hopefully author doesn't drop it [img=update][img=update][img=update]


Yeah, so i had to shamelessly give myself another review but this time i gave myself 5stars. the last review i gave myself had a low rating because i had just started writing and to be honest i didn't have any confidence in my wirting. I know that i can delete it, but my first critic came as a reply under my review, so i am very reluctant in deleting it. Although my confidence has increased, i am still a learner in this aspect. and just to add a little something, a little over-view of MC's character. A lot of people critic it saying that he was described to be apathetic and then later on he started acting like an 11 year old .. yes he was apathetic and he acts childish now, and there is a logical reason for that ( I can't say the reason because i feel like i would be dropping a spoiler.) After coming to the new world he realized something that he never knew. if you want to know what then read the book... Thank you 💝💝... signed: shameless/crazy author...


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Let tell you something in the beginning the Mc was portrayed as the best assassin in the world but in just tow chapters he was like a 7yrs old boy that have a mental illness Author you just f*cked up your novel it has a lot of potential but you ruin it😔😔😕😐


he's first described to be calculative and apathetic with the exception of his first love. Now its seems like he lacks IQ and is way too immature. he sounds more like a rich brat than a killer whose suffered 7 years.


It started off really good, up until all of a sudden he has multiple personalities which just completely ruins the story. Not to mention how cringy it got once it started.


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Let start by saying I dinged the author on updating stability since its been a while since we have had any updates (between chp 292-293I suspect the author went on vacation but didn’t leave a note. That being said, this book is great. The character building is top notch. The fact that the MC has multiple personalities who talk to each other makes their arguments hilarious . Plus its used as a plot point to explain that while the MC is OP, he cant use all his power at the same time because his personalities are the ones that know how to use a particular power so his personality switches depending on the situation. Its like have 4 very different MCs in one. One is super shy yet blood thirsty to the point where he terrifies the others, one is cold and analytical , another is a flirt and con artist always looking for that next score or scam and then we have our normal hero. The world building is cool. I love his mysterious master who’s a pervert that basically tortures him in the name of training. The biggest plus of this novel is the character development. You truly get a feel for what motivates the MC and all his companions. There is no harem(Thank God) although girls like him. I highly recommend this book. I have been trying to motivate the author by spending coins and voting for the book. Hopefully my dastardly plan works.


This novel is like an airplane taking off Getting better by each chapter passing The mistakes that the author made at the beginning are none exsistant


when I first started reading this I wasn't sure it was something I would really get into but I've spent the last few days buying coins just to power read this. the author has created a wonderful multi-layered world (pun intended for those who have read) that has completely captured my interest. I am very much looking forward to reading more of this. Keep up the good work, the_fallen!


Well you've got me as a loyal reader as long as you keep up the solid work! I'm still in early chapters but I'm speed reading my way though and I'm actually loving it! Soon you'll have me pestering for more chapters lol.


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This book is one of the best books out there. The author has a lot of potential and I’m sure with time we will be reading paperback. The character development is top notch, everything about this book is superb. Keep up the good work author🖤


La historia parece interesante, aunque no se porque el MC se volvió de repente tan arrogante cuando es muy débil en el momento y debería de dejar la venganza después de todo para cuando pueda ya abran muerto de vejez, a bueno, la historia esta buena sigue asi


Thanks Author for this story. I am particularly intrigue by the world builing here and system description. From the realm eg emperor, immortal etc to the levels of blood line awakening stages and connection. 1. The first part with regards to Kain, sheila and Alex that is narrated well making way for alex anger and his want for revenge 2. The second part where the 3 brothers passed down what they have to Alex -through the merging of bloodline and knowledge, i enjoyed that best - very detailed and vivid in the description of the process. 3. The sarcasm comments between Alex and Camilla i laugh at most with Grace playing peace maker in between their small arguments 4. look forward to see what tribulations Alex have to face given what the brothers predicted given Alex’s strong bloodline awakening reaction - Will he survive n succeed in his cultivatimg journey? In summary i enjoyed the read. good work on detailing out the background realm, stages and how each clan and level work within the system. look forward to what’s next. Good job 👍


I didn't expect it to be this great, but it's an amzing story. I am absolutely loving the dialogs, even though it sometimes distracts me in similar ways as our main character. It's well written and I love the dynamic between him and his first ever friend.


the characters are simple and easy to understand and read. but also complex enough to obviously have things hidden. ways of introducing characters is abstract and magnificent. It feels like a book version of TTIGRAAS


one strong aspect of this novel would be character development people aren't just mindless things depending on mc another word the world isn't built just for the mc . people act as how we expect from their character feelings are shown strongly the important subject of romance doesn't just happen on first sight and trust doesn't form immediately so this aspect makes the novel reasonable one thing that I have complains about would be the difference between stages of cultivation cause other than getting a bit stronger we don't see any thing , it would have been better if the author had put some work in there for example : in whitch realm could they fly or minor things like a change in color of their core or manifestation of some spirit etc


on thing I have noticed the author loves high numbers(i ddont feel comfortable with this) 1::12 stages for elemental talent while normal people have atleast level6 talent 2::even low level EC is worth thousands of gold while we see HD EC being spent like air 3::every student gets a thousand merits while even a little punish can take that away so I assume that 1merit isn't worth much why are numbers worth so little in here no offence I really like this novel it's filled with new ideas an important aspect is that he isn't reborn he got those bloodlines cause he deserved that we see personal growth I sometimes wonder if the author is some psychologist or sth wonder if author has read douluo dalu novel series there are 10 cultivation realms in there with each having a name of their own but memorising them is easy because they have a number attached to them it would be nice if you could ad that as well for example call some one a first stage rune master or etc


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