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Author here! Hello guys this is my first story on this platform. You may find some grammer mistakes here and there, but I ensure you about the quality of the story. Now for the story, Those of you unable to figure out the background despite cover and synopsis let me tell you it is Mahabharata. I am using the elements of Mahabharata to create my own story, This story is written from the figment of my imagination. There will be inclusion of the Mahabharata Characters to develop the character of MC. But no major changes would be made to the story of Mahabharata. The story isn't about how pandavas won the war or how they adventured in their journey. The entire story would be focused on Rudra with some small interactions with the pandavas here and there. No major inculsion with the Pandavas until the War of Mahabharata. So, sorry to disappoint seeking the story of Mahabharata. My novel though will built the world based on the Indian mythology with rich elements of all kinds of powers and beings included from other epics including Mahabharata. The MC has a single aim to rise above all to eradicate the discrimination of Sudra. That's all! Thank you everyone who read my story. If you have any questions regarding the plot be free to comment or you can reply to this review to know.


Great picturesque of Indian mythology and it's warriors. Good detailing, like the use of chakra to heal, blood and battlefield. The reader finds himself in the world of Rudra with this kind of imagination. Good work


This novel is the most amazing novel that I have read so far! I was really looking for a novel that could bring me to the sky just by his words and sentences, but now I had found it! I love the novel! And I'm itching for more chapters! I want more chapters!!!


Hey, this was really good to read. The story is written smoothly, I've never read a story based in an Indian magical world so this was really awesome, looking forward to your next update.


I really love how you implemented Indian culture into the story. It's so cool and refreshing to see a plotline going on in an indian inspired world. Good job.


The Author has a great understanding of the world inside, and the story is written very smoothly. I am not a big fan of history novel as i think it's pretty boring, but surprisingly, as i read your work, i find my self to be pretty immersed in it. Great job!


It is a great read. The characters the world and plotline are inspired from the mahabharat but it has a life of its own. Would recommend to the readers out there


The story is appealing, and with a smooth plot that you can enjoy it. You can see likeable characters and decent world-building. This story has a lot of potential and the mythology is well understood by the author, well done and looking for a great adventure.


Being an Indian myself, it felt really cool to read a book based on Mahabharata. The author has done an incredible job with the main character. I would like to see how the story progresses in the future.


Cool. As a fan of Mythology, it's refreshing to see more of what I 'd consider to be an underutilized mythology more often. Would recommend to those that're fan of the genre. Keep on writing 👍


The author really has a decent story plot and a fluent use of language, with a superb understanding of fantasies, keep it up! Added to library


Great story . rekindled my interest in the legend s and epics of Mahabharata............... ,............................................................................................


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Why are there so little views. I mean, really 56.7 k that's so low Maybe people are not much interested in different ideas But author, you have done a fine job writing this and you may have dropped it because of its views. I can understand that I really loved your novel Thanks for writing it