The Heart of Gaia
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The Heart of Gaia


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What is The Heart of Gaia

The Heart of Gaia is a popular web novel written by the author EldritchTheDead, covering KNIGHTS, ACTION, FANTASY, MAGIC, MEDIEVAL, SECRETS, DYSTOPIAN, ADVENTURE, FAMILY BONDS, RATED18, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 42K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 52 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 40 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a Magical gem fuelled fantasy/dystopian world of Gaia. A son (Knoxx Abbot) struggles through life as a runaway with his father, as the authorities began to chase them one day. Confused and in a daze while trying to escape their pursuers, he hopes that one day they may be able to get back to their normal lives. But with mysteries lying in wait and big secrets uncovered, will he be able to go back? Or a bigger fate awaits him?

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Hi! Mr. Author here! I'm quite critical of my own work, and since I'm busy I have a hard time updating with a specified schedule. Though I make sure that I have at least posted 1 chapter for my readers. I'm a newbie writer so I hope people that read my novel would please leave a review or write a comment. That way I'll keep trying to improve as we move further into the Story of Knoxx Abbot. The comments help me motivate myself hehe. Anyways thank you for my readers for being patient with me. Hopefully you'll keep supporting me.


Wow, I gotta say the first chapter had me intrigued. There is a lot happening in the first chapter and all of its exciting and interesting. There are a few grammatical errors, but other than that this is a really interesting work that I would definitely recommend to any in for an exciting ride.


Hey there! Here are some web novel recommendations for whom share the same taste with me. If you like this story, my recommendations are worth a try! https://docs.google.com/document/d/19R5KkqHOOHSMDkF4fHscVmxWcYGh0OntYsv8NglzsQo/edit?usp=sharing


Great Writing! The first chapter has a very strong hook into the story! Do keep it up with your writing! Highly recommended to everyone. Nice.


Just amazing!! I just got hooked up with your novel. And yes, the first chapter was such intense that I needed to hold my breathe sometimes. You are doing a great work author and your novel will soon reach in the high ranking. This book is highly recommended!


I love this story, like what the heck, this work should be illegal! Oh my gosh, I was sucked in from the first couple of sentences. I like how the author throws us into the world they have created. I would recommend this to anyone, this is like - *throws table*


Amazing story line author...The first chapter and you are hooked...Really a great read...I can't suggest you for any grammatical mistakes because myself is not really great in it but there where only minor mistakes like punctuation marks and all...👏👏👏 But I like the way you wrote the chasing and running scene, it was really easy to imagine it in your head that how it was happening?? Short the lengthy chapters, we can read some in next chapter with offcourse cliffhangers... only this is suggetion if you think it is correct otherwise really good read. 👍👍👍


Your story is really good and the plot line is interesting. Your first chapter is an amazing hook that has readers wanting to know more. Plus, you continued with making the story interesting instead of letting it fall after the first chapter. You know how to keep readers wanting to know more. You do have grammar mistakes that are easily fixable. Other than that, good job!


Good story line and very creative, the first chapter already pinned me into reading further, making me want to find out more about what is really happening, and I think it is good when an author manages to keep the readers on their toes. few mistakes here and there that is easily fixed no biggie. keep up the good work, you created a very solid world so keep improving it. As you said you are new just like me, whatever mistake, we learn from them to improve.


So we got here a good story with good characters, good development and engaging, that is also well writen to boot! Your doing a great job Author so keep up the good work as I will be coming back!


I like the idea behind this story, it's certainly an interesting one!! There are some pretty basic grammar issues (capitalization and misused punctuation), but those are pretty easy to fix as long as one is looking out for them. I feel like the background info in the author's notes should be included in the chapters as not everyone reads the author's notes. I also found some of the scene changes a bit hard to follow, which I think could be fixed if the author described the new scenes with more detail or if the author had a clearer way of indicating a scene change. Good work though so far, so keep it up author ^ u ^


So far so good! Carry on releasing sir! I can't wait to read more of it!


The author was able to build the characters well and inject it to align with the storyline. The story flows smoothly. It was very interesting to read. I'm looking forward to read the rest as well. Keep up the good work


Honestly speaking (or typing) this story is legit awesome. Though i noticed some few minor glitches it was still an amazing read. The first chapter will instantly get you hooked I'm not even exaggerating. It's a very well made book.


This story has an interesting story arc but it needs more. I love the story arc the writer has going on, I could tell it was going to be an adventure reading it, it was making me curious and want to read it. It has potential. The plot summary was short but it lured me in. There are a few hiccups in grammar like sentence case, the 'were' became ‘we’re’… the usual stuff. Which I knew most writers struggle with, as I have too. The story needs more paragraphs, add the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings. So the readers would end up liking him and know him well. Give the characters personalities, quirks, and mannerisms because the characters ended up sounding lacking (but not too much lacking though). Convey the protagonist’s feelings like rubbing his temples, his fists clenched in anger, something like that. As they said, actions speak louder than words. Add a filler scene, a relatable scene. Relatable scenes make the readers love the protagonist. I’m not used to having stuff like *pant* in the story, I do suggest on making it paragraph form, it would make the story more detailed oriented. I do suggest giving a brief description of the characters so the reader could visualize the character. In story development, everything was happening too fast, it became discombobulated to me. Add a few paragraphs, short or not, as long as the readers don’t get confused with the story. Don’t rush the story. Take time to set the scene, this makes the story more tangible and real to the readers. The world-building needs more work, even with short paragraphs that could suffice. Overall, like I said it was potential, it was a compelling story arc but it needs work.


I really love the pacing of this story. The first chapter really set up the mystery and from then on it only kept going. I really love books with fantasy elements but some of them tend to fall along the path of tropes and cliche but this story isn't one of them! I absolutely love the way this is written. It isn't something that let's the reader get bored. The changes of pov really broaden the set up so you really want to figure out protagonists origins and really start to root for him. There aren't any notable typos or errors but the writing could do with some changes, i find it is very dialogue driven in some parts which leaves little to explore in terms of the scenery and background, but that's just my personal preference. Altogether I think this book tells a great story so keep writing author and keep up the good work.


Loved it. I can say the first chapter was already enough to hook the reader. It's not your normal mystery story but something a lot more. It's not cliche either. I always have a thing for mystery novels and I'm very picky when it comes to it but this book just had the right amount of everything. There were terms, probably Latin (not sure), that you also included that I had to search signifying how curious and intrigued I was. The story was also well-paced. I didn't have to overload my brain with so many information in the first few chapters so it's good. Although there are a few grammar mistakes, capitalization and punctuation are some I noticed but it didn't reach to the point that it was already difficult to read. A little edit could do. All in all, story was amazing. If you're the type who likes adventure and mystery, this one's for you. Keep up the good work and good job author!


I super love the story, actually i don't know how to criticize a book and the reason why I gave it % star is i super love it and even added it on my library.......... Keep it up Mr. Author ^_^


Hey there. I started reading your book. Basically, I read more fantasy books, and Iam totally interested in reading urs. It's so interesting. The name itself caught my attention. I really like your writing style, the way you write the dialogues. Keep up with your work and achieve success.


I like the story. It may have a few grammatical errors in some places but apart fro that I am looking forward to the development. good job, and good luck.


An immersive plot that draws you in. Loving the way it goes, and I’m loving that I can read a whole +20 chapters before I’m done. I would definitely recommend reading this book ! Props to you author and keep up the good work !


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