The Great and Lonely: Kai Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Great and Lonely: Kai


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In attempt to get her toaster after it has been stolen, Aubrey accidentally entangles herself with the highest supernatural beings ever existed~ gods. The lost, forgotten gods of Mount Olympus are dangerous, irrational beings, having been banished for their sinful and diabolical acts. And they are still very atrocious in their actions when they find out the "missing piece" is hidden in a 19-year-old college student— Aubrey. However, the "missing piece" belongs to Kai— the pure representation of evil who is incapable of emotions other than anger and grief. He wants to get reunited with his missing piece but the gods are determined to destroy it before he gets his hands on it. Demons, ghouls, spirits are sent to retrieve the missing piece but things get conflicted as affection, greed and lust arises among the gods, especially when Kai's half-brother starts to fall in love with Aubrey. {WARNING: VIOLENCE, SUBSTANCE, SOME SCENES MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME READERS.} --- DAILY UPDATES.