The game of revenge Book

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The game of revenge


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"I claim that no one can win the game of revenge; your every step in this game takes you close to the fire tub, and your heart stops beating before time." Have you heard about transmigration? Most probably you have, but how dreadful if incomplete transmigration happens! The future red rays reconverted 18 years old boy into a newly born baby. Unfortunately, his right hand remained unconverted. He gained some secret superpowers through that rays, including mind-reading and invisibility (only with drink lies underground coal fire). He was considered abnormal in the whole world due to his large-sized hand. The future scientist wanted to snatch his powers and attack the whole world. In that intention, he made conspiracies with Aliens. The story revolves around the hearts which burn with the revenge fire that never exhausted and got satisfaction and make people blood seekers of the whole world.


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