The Arcadia System Book

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The Arcadia System


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In the world of Arcadia, everything moves in a linear fashion. Everything was ordained to be by the hands of time. But what if it was all changed by the most inconspicuous thing one could possibly imagine? What if a teeny-weeny cat was inserted into the grand chess of the world, making waves that something of its size shouldn't? Reve was just your ordinary cat. However, a trip to uncharted territory sent his life into a hellhole. Now he must leave his comfort zone. Now, he must survive. Now, he must aspire! Join Reve on his adventure to be the greatest cat there ever was! ........ This is my latest work. Quick tip: The story really kicks off after chapter 30. Everything else is a setup. This is my server invite ->> https://discord.gg/zkwwHkSwAd. Join if you want to be a part of my novel's community


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