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Rise of The Fallen


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This is the story of Razjeel, Angel who lost everything and stood against God. He was the first angel ever created and also the first one to clash swords with his 'Father'. Follow Razjeel after he returned after 7 000 years of imprisonment to the world that completely changed but one thing stayed the same... His thirst for revenge towards those who took everything from him. ___________________ It's a DxD fanfic. It was my first ever idea for fanfic. I like the DxD universe and how many possibilities it has, almost endless!! I also never saw any fanfic where Mc is Angel or Fallen Angel so I tried to make one. It was created in my free time but still, I hope you'll like it! If this would be accepted by you, there would be no big harem, it's a drag to make one and keep all the personalities different and give each of the girls some screen time to not forget about her, so it would be 2-3 girls max. I don't own Highschool DxD and its characters except a few which I created. I don't own a cover either, I found it on Pinterest. Please, think of this as Parallel World and don't compare this to the original, it should make reading more comfortable.


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