Reincarnated in demon Slayer as my first world (rewriting) Book

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Reincarnated in demon Slayer as my first world (rewriting)


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this is about the MC who originally have the power to duplicate anything except a living being he's name is Akira a lazy guy who is an anime lover not in the level of Otaku but he knows important things in anime and because of his karma he got too op that he's always bored because of his overuse of ability he got noticed by the government and killed him - logic? what's that - The mc will not face any hardship since he's too op - there are some mistakes so don't read this if you don't like mistakes - this is just created out of pure will, I mean I don't gain anything from creating this - pictures are taken from Google - this is only alive because some people want it so I continued creating more, what I mean by this is I once decided to stop this or drop this since I am not a free person I am always busy and I only continued because some people looked forward to the story Warning: This is my first fanfic or novel it's my first time writing and I'm a student so I'll try my best to upload more chapters and don't expect good grammar here and I don't have a writing accent so it can destroy your brain cells trying to understand this in this story I created what I want I'm not gonna follow the original plot I make some changes like someone who should be dead is alive and don't be afraid to request from me minimum of 500 words every chapter and it would be good if someone rewrites this or added some things like making the reader feel what is happening cause I am having a hard time thinking of something like that cause English isn't my first language and if someone really rewrites this, then it will be nice just say that you rewrite it cause the original author said