Demon Emperor Prodigy System Book

novel - Fantasy

Demon Emperor Prodigy System


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"No strength left", even in his thoughts, his voice was weak. "Damn..." Arthur finally passed away; his body was left mangled, sliced, burned, charred, bleeding, electrocuted, and limbless. His one remaining eye was left lifeless. The legendary summoned heroes story ends with betrayal at the hands of his allies, but where one story ends, another one is born. As the world around him turned dark, suddenly he could see the light and decided to move towards it feeling the warmth of life once again. Arthur was summoned from Earth to be a legendary hero, but after he defeated the Demon King, he found himself betrayed by his allies. Now he finds himself 600 years in the future, seeking his revenge and wanting to protect those he can trust. With his new identity as Lucifer, he finds himself in a world a lot different than he was used to.