Reincarnated as both God and The Devil
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Reincarnated as both God and The Devil


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What is Reincarnated as both God and The Devil

Reincarnated as both God and The Devil is a popular web novel written by the author Romeru, covering REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, OVERPOWERED, CULTIVATION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, PSYCHOLOGICAL, TRAGEDY, FACESLAPPING, DUNGEON, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 108 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 228 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A God and A Devil were about to die, both the strongest beings in their world. And, in a string of fate or perhaps being played by destiny, they reincarnated into the same person- but this time, they are not in control. This is a story about a man chosen to be both God and The Devil, Viel. Please be advised: Tackles about racism, sociopathy, pseudo-religions, and some other mature factors in our society. Please do know that this is a work of fiction, any similarities, if any, is purely coincidental. I have made a patreon page with illustrations on them, please do follow if you want to- patreon.com/Romeru

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I really love this story, i ve read all the available chapters ( free ones), it made me cry it made me laugh, honestly it is really good, only the first few chapters till the story really starts are, well they re good, just not as good as the later chapters Alright so to the review Writing quality Now, i really love how author wrote his story, a few grammar mistakes here and there (between he and she) but you can understand nonethless if you pay attention, but still 5 stars for the way he wrote it Story development Now in the first chapters till the story starts up, it s well, quite average, but after that i had no words, like i know i sound biased but this is my honest opinion, for the 73 chapters that i read at the end i had no words, it s so good, well beside in the middle of the "earth" part, that was a bit boring to me, but still 5 stars as i loved it Character design Now, i love the main character, the character development of him is done so so good that u don t realise till u read chapter 73,or maybe u do but you don t pay attention, just when u read chapter 73 and be like wow wtf, like srsly I also like his big sister and friends, although not much character development over there, maybe his big sis, but it cannot compare to the main character, at all, at least my opinion, but i didn t read a story that made me like it so much so imma still give it 5 stars Update stability I can t comment on this, because i didn t finish the story as i read only the free chapters, but like, this is a biased vote here, but u can just ignore as it can be as wrong as it can be right, so 5 stars, only because i really love the story overall, World background Now i was really immersed in the story that i didn t really pay that much attention to actually write a review about it like, i know where the story happens, where they are everytime, but i can t write a detail review about it, but yeah as above, i still give 5 stars, honestly the background was enough for me, i understood everything that was going on. I know the review is quite biased as i really loved it, but i know now that not everyone will that s for certain, so if someone reads my review, take that in mind too, always don t have high expectations as u would really enjoy it more, i mean i avoided this novel when i first saw it just because i thought it s some normal cultivation cliche and look at me now


Hello everyone and i hope everyone have a good holiday for incoming Christmas please follow the SOP too since the covid 19 are still going strong. Good luck and have a happy holiday.


Having spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on spirt stones on this site to read books I can honestly say that this book ranks in the top 5 I have ever read here. The MC is ridiculously OP but yet not in a overbearing uninteresting way like other stories. There is humor, face slapping, a huge mystery, even some sadness. The pacing and development of both the characters are world is godly. Highly recommend this story, and prepare yourself for a rollarcoster of emotions when reading.


Hello, struggling author here. I would like to point out the things to expect from this book. But first...After 160 chapters, I will finally leave a word here since the book is gaining more readers than I could have possibly known when I wrote it. So, to all my readers who have made it possible for my book to be here, I owe you everything. Thank you, you guys are the best. To my new readers, here is what to expect when you decide to read this book, The Good: 1. I will do my unyielding best to be an author deserving to be at the top, even though we are currently at the bottom. 2. I am your friend. The Bad: 1. First dozen chapters are incredibly rough. I didn’t think it was going to get traction at all since I was a beginner writer. I won’t edit them for now, in the hopes that you see how I improved throughout the story. 2. Grammar mistakes. Usually mixing up gender pronouns since they don’t exist in my language. 2. Pacing will shift from time to time. Mostly fast, but when it is slow, it is slow. 3. I don't write with an ending, so I am as clueless to the story as you are, we are in this journey, literally together. 4. Plot holes - If we fall in them, we fall together. Always together. 5. Young and Unstable MC - Some of you might not like it. Our MC starts at 5 years old. He will be naïve, clueless, and not to mention, irrational. But he is and foremost, powerful. In short, he’s a time bomb. 6. Character driven – The story will always revolve around the MC. 7. Inconsistencies – I have a very short memory span. Here's what to do before reading this book: 1. Play some music. 2. If you are on the toilet, please wash your butt first. 3. Shut your mind from from the notion of realism. I will try my best to be as realistic as possible, but there's only so much I can do when a baby can literally fly. 4. Please avoid comparing it from other novels, you might end up not enjoying the book :( Got this from Kota btw. Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading :)


Good book, fun to read, and definitely makes you get hyped for the next chapter. Overall probably my favorite book on this app along with I Alone Level Up (Solo Leveling)


Truly gold will aways shine hai Saw it on my recommended page, thought the title/summary was interesting. Read the reviews and most of them said the book was baller, read the first word of the first chapter and that was it, didnt stop until the last word of the last chapter. Might have taken more than an hour but i do not regret, Hope you don’t either


I don't see how anyone can like this hes too naive it's annoying and he's getting controlled like a little *****. I do this bec gramps says so, I gotta be cute bec this goddess says so, oh he's being annoying let's let the demon god bully him 👀 not even good and him tryna be cute is not cute at all it's annoying. The system is not even strong at all to if it's letting others control him😪


Having read a lot of novels, rarely am I able to feel such emotions coming from a character. I have read to the latest chapter and honestly, I feel like it is too early for me to review but I just cant help it. Seeing such a good novel having no star ratings is becoming an eyesore for me.


This book is great 😁✌️👍😂


Honestly one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a very long time. From the face slapping to the complete shamelessness the MC shows, I find myself bent over laughing 😂. I’d recommend for a good laugh and a god MC.




What I like the most in this story is the character. They are very light, the whole story is. This feel very refreshing and again, light. I hope there will be more chapters


Honestly this is my first review, I just wanted to say I started reading this story with no expectations since it really wasn't popular but the moment I read that first chapter, ooooh boy was it good, and ooohhh boy did I buy that privilege.


Fuking hilarious please dont worry about writing inconsistencies because the story is already good so you dont need to worry about re-writing it


I found the novel interesting, the concept of 3 "supreme gods" in an immature child is absolutely new to me, as I have never seen it in a novel before, its only flaw is that the story is faster than the flash.


I absolutely love this story. The comedic moments made me laugh hard. The tragic moments made me ball my eyes out. It truly is a work of art. The only issue is the tendency of using the wrong gender pronouns for some characters here and there. There are a few other grammar errors too. Other than that, it is absolutely amazing.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It takes a really interesting concept and manipulates it in a way that's really enjoyable to read as a reader. The MC is a bit naive, but its quite understandable given that he's 5 years old. The story melds a combination of humor, action and drama all into one plot. The characters are three-dimensional and easy to connect with as a reader, giving the book depth. My only "pet peeve" about this book is the story development. While its still good, there are a few aspects that feel just slightly rushed and not super thought-out (but that's the perfectionist in me talking). Otherwise, I would recommend that you read this. You will not be disappointed. Props to the author!


I really love this story the action the characters all of it is amazing. I just wish more chapters were out the but the actual story line is glorious top 10 fav


It's a really good book so far, the characters are funny and cute. I like how the author does the fight scenes and the rage scenes👍👍👍👌👌👌


Simply said, this is one of 3 4 books I'm willing to spend my coin (basically money) on for latter chapters. A worthwhile read and it's a pity I couldn't binge read it till the end. The background story caught my interest and the plot kept me reading. It's underrated to say the least and I believe it deserve much more attention than this.


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