1 In the Woods

A voice can be heard in the distance, yelling for someone.

"Faith! Faith wait!" The feminine voice calls out. As this girl yells, another girl is running through the forest, tears in the corners of her eyes. Suddenly she trips and falls down a steep incline.

The familiar feeling of the sun shining on my face wakes me, as my eyes slowly open I feel confused. How the hell am I in a forest? Awhile ago I was cage-diving, the sharks had broken the cage and ripped me apart. Am I in heaven, no with how I acted when I was alive I should be in hell.

Sitting up I look at my surroundings, trees are all I see. I move my to rub my eyes in disbelief but gasp when I see my hands, they're much smaller and paler than before. Looking down I see that I have breasts now! But how can this body be female when I can still feel my dick between my legs? Wait a second, I reach my hand into my pants where my ball- sack should be, but it's not there, instead, there's a pussy!

Investigating my body further I realize I have a fuffy brown tail and two animal ears. My hair is also much longer than before and now brown too.. Did I get isekai'd.

Before I can think further on this, memories that aren't mine flash through my head, are these the memories of the girl who this body belongs too? According to the memories my 'home' is east so I get up and start heading that way, looking for answers. Wait, how do I know which way is east, my sense of direction has always been horrible. I shrug it off and blame it on this new body.

Soon I'm on even ground, that hill was pretty steep and it took me a few tries to get up it. After about an hour of walking, I get an idea, if I really did get isekai'd, does that mean this world has a system?

"Status." As soon as I say this a black, transparent screen appears in front of me.

[Name] Faith

[Race] Wolf beastkin

[Level] 1

[Health] 6/10

[Mana] 5/5

[Attack] 15

[Defense] 15

[Magic] 10

[Strength] 15

[Agility] 14

[Intelligence] 20

[Psyche] 15

So this world does have a system, that's good to know. Do I have any skills? Before I can check I hear something then get tackled.

"Faith! You're okay!" A feminine voice says. I sit up and look down, hugging me is a small girl who looks to be a wolf beastkin too. Her hair is pink and her skin is tanned. Based on my memories from this body, this girl is my little sister, Liz, despite her tiny figure she's 14, a year younger than this body. She looks like she's 8 though.

"Faith, I missed you so much, where did you go last night?" Liz says, tears in her eyes.

"…" I don't know how to respond, I have no idea how the girl who this body originally belonged to acted.

"What if a human found you! You could've been sold as a slave or raped or…" Liz starts to say, I cut in, if I stay silent she might get suspicious.

"I'm fine, none of that happened." I say, hugging the girl back, she's my little sister so I might as well comfort her.

After calming down Liz, she and I started to walk home. The whole time she's been lecturing me about my sudden outburst last night. It's strange, the memories I got from this body don't show anything about an outburst last night, or anything from last night.

I'd be worrying about it if Liz wasn't talking so much, she hasn't shut up since she tackled me earlier. Although I can't really blame her, if I had a sister who has always calm and she suddenly had an outburst and ran into the woods in the middle of the night, I'd be pretty worried too. Especially with how hostile this world is towards beastkin.

"…I mean what if a different race found you, we both know you're only [Level] 1. You need to be more careful Faith, I don't know what I'd do if you got captured and sold as a slave." Liz says, her tone has shifted from anger and worry to sadness. She really would be upset if her big sister got taken away.

I guess in a way she did get taken away, if I'm in her body doesn't it mean she died too? That's how it works in a lot of the reincarnation novels and manga that I read. I kind of feel bad for Liz, she has no idea yet I'm here impersonating her sister, should I tell her that.

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Lost in thought I stop, catching Liz's attention.

"What's wrong Faith?" She asks, her head tilting a bit.

"I have a confession to make." I say softly, best to be gentle since she seems pretty attached to her sister. Before I can continue she speaks.

"Well can it wait for when we're home? If it's about why you left last night I'm sure mom and dad will want to hear it." Liz says sweetly. I sigh and shake my head in response.

"It's not about that, promise me you won't be upset." I say seriously, Liz nods and I continue, "I'm not Faith, I don't know how but when I died in my past life I was transmigrated into her body." Liz gives me a strange look before chuckling.

"Did you hit your head or something?" She asks.

"No, and don't laugh at me when I'm trying to be honest. It's not something I do very often y'know." I say annoyed.

"Ok, let's say that what you're saying is true, how do I get my sister back?" Liz says, still no sign of believing me.

"Well… Usually, in novels, this would mean that your sister died too." I say. Once more Liz chuckles.

"Ok, you can stop with the prank now, it's lame." She says.

"It's not a prank, I'm being serious. Look, I know it'll be painful for you to no longer have your sister, but you can't deny it. Denying it will only make it hurt more, I would know." I say, Liz still doesn't believe, as given by the look in her eyes.

"Let's just go home Faith, I'm not gonna fall for your tricks." Liz says, starting to walk away. I sigh but follow her, if she won't believe me I'll have to find a way to prove I'm not lying, or I'll have to live in this world as her big sister.