1 Chapter 1

(POV: Mc)

"Man... How long have I been floating in this darkness? Maybe weeks, months, or even years!"

Then, out of nowhere, a door appears, and a person walks out of it.

'Is this an angel or a god?' Suddenly, a 2 wheels appeared out of thin air.

"Hello there, child, for your information. I am not an angel nor a god; I am simply a clerk that decides whether the soul goes to heaven or hell." The man now known as the clerk said with a smile and then continues talking.

"Today, I have come here to give you another chance in life because the higher up's said to." He stops talking for a bit to let me digest the information that he has just given out.

"Wait! So I can get another chance in life? And can I pick which world I can go to and what power I will get?" I started bomber him with questions since this is a dream for all the otaku's out there in the world to be reborn in a world of your choice and get super OP.

"Yes, you can live again, but the world and power will be picked by the 2 wheels over there." I then turn my head to look at what kind of worlds and power were written on the wheels.

'Naruto, Fairytale, Saiki k, SAO, ...etc. Man, I hope I land on a good world.' Then I looked at the other wheel, which had characters from different shows, anime, manga,...etc. If I end with a dangerous world and a horrible character, then I will be dead.'

"Now, how about you go and spin the wheel and see what you would get?" The man stated, bringing me out of my thoughts.

'alright, let's go!' I then stood in and walked to the side of the giant wheel and spined it as hard as I could.

It started spinning really fast, then after 5 minutes, it started to slow down a bit. Then, it finally came to a stop. The world it stopped on was twillight.

'Not bad. It's not that dangerous. Now, let's see what kind of character I will get?' I then thought for a bit and decided to ask the clerk a question.

"I have a question, Mr. Clerk. Whichever character I get will i keep their memories? And will I look like the character in my next life? Will I also retain my memories?"

"Yes.Yes.Yes." The clerk answered, and then I stared at the Gian wheel before me hoping to get a good character.

I approached the side of the wheel and then did the same thing with the first wheel. I couple of minutes later, it started to stop, and it landed on...


Please help me pick which character the wheel lands on.

Your ideas:

My ideas:

Uchiha Madara

Gojo Satoru

Killua Zoldyck

Sung jin-woo



I will not be dropping this fanfic because I find it really interesting and hope to see what the end may be like.


Sorry for the short chapter.

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