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Read REALITY novel written by the author Mandeep_Singh_780 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering action, adventure, modern, zombie, multipleleadcharacters. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


You are stuck in an endless loop of life and death. Looking for an answer. Your journey will be long and it will be hard. But you must stay strong and overcome any obstacle in your path with help of your allies. But the main question is what lies at the end? Will you become the saviour or will you end it all?


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Wow author.... That was amazing. I think you did a great job by mentioning 'you' instead of using any name which made me imagine myself in the MC shoes and you know... I was like... Imagining myself conversing with Mandeep(ofc, that's you to be precise, at least according to me. And even though I don't know you, I just imagined a person in your place and got well into the play). And the other thing is, when I was reading that fungus attack, actually I got such a dream. So in that dream, one of my fathers friend( a scientist) has warned that the whole world will hit a fungus attack which spreads faster and faster in rate and in two days the whole world will be in its control. But, no proofs for his claims and the world marked him as crazy. However, I believed in him and we were making a spacecraft to leave earth and find some other safe place to live. And the fungus I mentioned was something similar like you mentioned. It will ocupy human brains and control humans. However, that fungus was stupid(I have to say) ... So we estimated the attack will be after three months, but our estimations are false. In two months, world got attacked. By God's grace, my scientist uncle already made a spacecraft, well, he made a small spacecraft, which I turned it big using big light(probably I saw lots of doremon stuff that day to get big light in my dream) and then we were ready to leave planet... Well, I think I spoke alot of unnecessary stuff. So coming to the point, that was an awesome book and already recommended few of my friends. Keep up the good work dear author. I am cheering for you. ☺☺☺


A wonderful action-packed story with a unique point of view. The writer is very talented with a wide imagination. Well-written novel. Keep writing!


The sci-fi feels hit me from the first chapter. This one amazing story that you are writing. The pacing is excellent and since the plot keeps on moving the reader is forced to read further. However what intrigued me the most was your unique style of writing. You are doing an amazing job, keep it up 👍


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Hmmm very interesting, haven't really seen this concept anywhere else. Keep up the good work author! Other than that is was a bit confusing in the beginning, I must say it has a unique taste to it


You're stuck in a loop. A loop that will take you far away. You know where you hope the loop will take you, but you can't know for sure. Yet it doesn't matter. Now, tell me why?


The story progresses nicely. There were no perfect book(mine included). I've seen grammar mistakes and sometimes, there were no present punctuations and periods present. But like other authors, no one was perfect. I started like you in the past so keep it up and continue your work. Use Grammarly to edit your work and it's good to go! I hope you also review mine called Lumia: Other World. Happy reviewing!


I was interested in the time loop type of story. I also want to know what could be at the end. I really like the pacing over the story and that the setting is in Germany. I like the way its paced and how the paragraphs are spaced. Its very easy to read and comfortable to read.


So, I tapped the link of your novel and it sent me to chapter eleven. Is this suppose to happen or is there something wrong with your link? Anyways, the author asked for a character review so I'll definitely do his request. Based on what I've read, the character descriptions are decent but I feel like you could add more instead of writing "unknown man" just like in chapter twelve. Perhaps you could write, "A man wearing a coat of black sees Mandeep waking up from the machinery he is attached to. He catches the attention of the man beside him. The strange man murmurs, My ultimate creation is bla bla bla and things like that" Something like that but still, I'll be rating it five stars. Perhaps instead of (:) You could use (") instead. This is just a suggestion and it's still up to you. :))) Keep up the good work and soon you'll be a great author!


Strap in for a wild ride; this story moves at a blistering pace. Imaginative scenarios and crazy adventures play out in this author's fantastic tale of sci-fi technology and violence. I will continue reading Mandeeps "Reality." and see where this is going


Yeet!!! I noticed some errors in grammars but nah!!! Even Grammarly and a little proofreading will remedy those!!! Story Development and pacing is just right, I think? The pacing got rushed after the 5th Chapter though. Fast-paced is different from rushed. Don't be excited to write your thoughts, that's where almost all writers rushes their works. My past work is just like that too😂😂😂. Just like what Webnovel says when you're about to write, Just keep calm and write. Don't be excited or too fired up. Character designs is good and explorative, also imaginative. I quiet envy your imagination, haha. All in all this has potential, keep up the good work!!!


I am intrigued without the author picture wouldn't shoes without the use of third person views it captures the mind and pulls them in to the story. Hook line and sinker


Reveal spoiler


I really like your story! I also liked how you outlined it. It’s very creative! Keep working and updating because I am here for you! Good job author!


Here is a review by the master => After reading this i think you need to improve your grammer and also vocabulary. There is still room for improvement as i see that you are new to this so you can improve a lot. Good luck. 👍


You really have a wide spectrum of imagination. To make up different scenarios of differing settings is truly a creative feat. It is amusing that the POV is like the narration of the readers, letting us be more intimate with the story. As always, grammatical errors are something that we have to take into account when writing. They can be easily corrected and will able you to have a better progression in your passages. Each scenarios can be a story on their own, that is provided. However, I do feel, as opposed to the other review, that the pacing is quite hurried? I don't really know how to word it, but yes, it feels like that. Also, in between dialogues, please put in a little bit of transition, so it wouldn't be as lengthy as it is now. Let the information flow out through the whole chapter instead of clumping them in one paragraph. All in all, this is a great test for imaginative people. It is exciting to read different worlds in each chapter! You are a great writer, so please continue writing! I'm gonna be cheering you on!


Brother Sandeep have step upon his own daoist path. a path unique to himself and unknown to many readers! Invasion of enemie, weapon of destruction and a unique style of writing A must read P.S(install grammar KY to automatically correct minor grammar mistake) Good luck


So here’s my review after reading eight chapters. Let’s start with the technicalities: in terms of grammar - there’s little to no errors; pacing - just right. The way of writing is new to me, especially the part where the author narrates as if I am the one in the book — that is an interesting way to write. However I’m still not used to the manuscript type of writing. But that may be preference as well. On the other hand, concept is intriguing, as well as plot. Well-researched also. Characters have depth. Nothing much I could really critique. Keep on writing.


Hi, I just read some chapters, and omg the concept is actually really cool. The way you have laid out the plot makes it quite intriguing for the readers. Well done! Btw, Happy new year!


This story is quite a ride. Moves at break-neck speed and the plot is constantly evolving, keeping you guessing. I had a really fun time. I got confused a few times by the tenses and unconventional structure of the writing, but this was not enough to sour my enjoyment of the piece. It was a lot like reading a first-person shooter or a movie of similar design such as Hardcore Henry. Great imagination by the author and good fun to read.


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