Re: Tokyo Revengers [COMPLETED]

Author: God_Child
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What is Re: Tokyo Revengers [COMPLETED]

Read Re: Tokyo Revengers [COMPLETED] fanfiction written by the author God_Child on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering r18, mystery, dark, survival, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Bonten is formed. They're not Japan's worst criminal organization yet, but they're climbing to the top quick. Bonten's number two in command, Haruchiyo Sanzu, is set on bringing them to the top by any means necessary. However, his world is rocked once he meets you. Can he really split himself in half and be a better man for you? Can he give someone else all of his humanity and remain ruthless? Can he conquer his anxieties and doubts? Or will he ruin you in the process?

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Crimson Apocalypse

The future of humanity was decided by a rain of crimson meteorites that fell from space and touched the earth's surface. The skies turned red, society changed forever, animals and men were corrupted by Chaos and became Dreads; powerful and evil monsters that hunt everything alive and cause destruction. The human race seemed to be lost, their annihilation was near. That ultimate catastrophe had dashed hopes on earth. However, humanity couldn't wait any further to fight back. They wouldn't lower their heads to the Dreads forever and watch silently their race being slaughtered and their territory conquered. The human's will to survive lit their hearts and freed the power given to them. The Ascendants, humans blessed with superpowers, began to appear. They were the only ones capable to match in power against the Dreads. Since then, an incessant battle of will against chaos began. A war to decide the future of that apocalyptic world. In a certain village, though, a youth is born. Someone seemingly as insignificant as any other person, but his destiny was to change that world forever. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support the author: Ko-fi.com/syall -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The art of the cover isn't mine. If the artist sees it and wants me to take it off, just contact me on discord and I will do it right away. Discord: Syal#4377

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Thank you so much for this wonderful work I really enjoyed reading it!! please create more fanfiction of Tokyo revengers!! I can't wait to read them!!XxxD


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