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Read Prime Originator novel written by the author Pointbreak on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, r18, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In the world of Gaia, humanity ruled the world for hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of years, and lord over all creation. However, a single cataclysmic event changed everything, subverting what was regarded as the natural order and placing humanity at the bottom of the food chain. The animals that humanity once knew and regarded as pets and livestock became terrifying beasts with monstrous strength and a horrible grudge that threatens the extinction of humankind. Kingdoms fell, lands were lost, and many lives perished as humanity retreated to their final haven, the Human Domain, an unnatural piece of land surrounded by high mountains. With the high mountains as their walls and a great wall that took all of humanity to build as their gate, humanity successfully stopped the beast tides' advances and herald in a new era of peace. Five hundred years later, the long-standing peace of humanity finally turned turbulent once more. In the new era of chaotic changes, Leon awakened the memories of his past life and arrived at a crossroad in his life. To stop at nothing in his pursuit of power and vengeance of his past life, or to lead the struggling humans in the battle against the threat of extinction and herald them into an era of true prosperity. Follow Leon on his journey as the two worlds of past and present collide, exploring the mysteries of the universe, and discovering something much bigger than himself. =====Tags===== [Reincarnation] [Fantasy] [Eastern Fantasy] [Western Elements] [Weak-to-Strong] [Adventure] [Mystery] [Action] [R-18] [Harem] [Ecchi] [Polygamy] [Cultivation] [Alchemy] [Apocalypse] [Elves] [Demons] [Beasts]... Note: contains lemon. =====Author's Note===== This is my first time writing a novel. Please go easy on me. Feel free to join the discord for discussions about the novel, https://discord.gg/cxpRTCkzH9 =====DISCLAIMER===== The cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. Found on Pinterest.


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Hello you, yes, you, the lost and curious reader. I see you have stumbled upon my unholy sanctuary in search of something fun and interesting to read. I cannot say the early chapters are my best work, but it is my first book so do give it a try if you are willing to give this book a chance and allow me to entertain you.


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One of the good books I have read that has a good plot and some quality writing. Author has managed to create characters which seems to be pretty good. The plot gets interesting the more you read. The harem members are have different personalities whi is one of the most important factor. This novel has a good future if the author continues with the same quality of chapters.


Mediocre writing, OK premise, 5 harem members by chapter 30, write your bad smut elsewhere, extremely disappointed. Why ruin a story with so many harem members?


Great work fellow daoist. As a fellow aithor I am really impressed with the ability of the author to write. There is a good balance in thia story, not too sweet, not too dark. I also like the MC's personality, who likes women but is not a spineless man who gets led around by a woman just because she is pretty. Over all I wish the updates keep coming, and i quote : Just like BooBs, may thay be everpresent and plenty!


It's easily predicted and he got too comfy around and what about his father revenge he is not at all brooding and story is good but on the way it was beyond gone it's reunion is so idiotic


I really don't feel like reading this story further. The mc is not likeable, story is full of cliches, and everything goes towards a completely obvious path, so no suspense on this story at all.


It's a good novel, has a simple plot which is easy to follow, Keep up the good work.........................................................


Here we have another typical reincarnation novel, but who am I kidding you wouldn't be here, if you don't love them. MC: Smart MC, kind of evil since he got betrayed (logical) HAREM: Feels kind of forced at times (no he doesn't r*pe them), just that the relationships just... appear. BAMM New girlfriend. But this is only the case with the first two or three girls after which it gets a more natural feel WORLD: Can't say too much (would spoil some stuff if I did), but it's creative and has elements you don't see that often. CONCLUSION: Great novel I would highly recommend (and already have).


Writing quality is good. The story is good. Worldbuilding is very unique. Mc character is likeable. harm was a little bit shakey in the begning but things get natural afterwards. every place mc goes has people has their cultivation system which is different from other places. mc is not evil-hearted by nature but still kill villains. for me, this story is better than a few in the top 20. keep up the good work author and plz don't drop this story


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Writing quality is top notch. But the character development/designs? I’d read this only because the storyline and writing is good. However, if it wasn’t for the weak and path—- females who turn useless the moment the mc appears. I’d have loved reading this, unfortunately the female personalities are all the same. upity noses, low to med level intelligence. Over all useless but only serve a purpose in upping the mc’s attractiveness. Is their only females in this series? Where are all the males? The ones who are at least intelligent and serve a purpose by either being frenemies or high class non-friend. they only serve to be pulped to embers or humiliated. And it’s like everywhere the mc goes there is always a female who fawns over the mc as soon as he appears or ‘accidentally’ or ‘unintentionally’ touches them in some way or another pumping up their Stupidity. however I have only reached around chapters 20-30 so who knows, fingers crossed.


just bad story is just full of cliches and plot devices the author took from other stories no originality only good part about the novel was that the names weren't Chinese like most novels of this genre. Doesn't help that that the author added what might as well be a passive to force the mc to be some white knight that has to save everyone he comes across and sparing trash just to so they can repeatedly cause problems later.


It's actually fine if you want to combine all the regular cliches and what not. But could you at least think it out? This could have been much better.


Shameless Author supporting his own work and here to give some pros and cons with clarifications may or may not have been explained in the story. Cons -First time writing. Some grammatical mistakes and weird sentence structures are to be expected. English was my subject in school (Only passed with bare minimum grade. Yes, I almost failed.) -MC is not likable at the start. He is a typical spoil prince of a kingdom of medicine with no redeemable traits except for his medical knowledge. He only strives to become a better person after losing what is important and granted a second life, embracing the better half of himself from the new life and remembering his father's past teachings. -MC is not overpowered from start. He raised his cultivation through pills in his past life. As a prince, he never needed to fight other people himself. His only battle experience comes hunting beasts. It's a gradual weak to strong process. -Harem. Some people like it, some people don't. It's just a matter of preference. However, I do admit I had lost control of the pacing and introduced too many females in the early parts of the story. I'm new to writing but I am learning and improving as I go. Take it as you will. -Cliches and some cringy scenes in the early parts of the story. If you can get past them, then I wish you an enjoyable read. If you can't, I wish you a pleasant journey on finding better novels to read as a fellow reader. Pros -Hmm... good world-building? Good comedy? I'm not really sure. Never really been a confident person to point out what's good about my story, but people seem to be enjoying it. I guess you just have to read to find out the pros and help me with this :P I probably dragged all your expectations down with all the cons listed by now, so if you still manage to read and it turns out better than you had expected, then all that is left are surprises, right? You can't be disappointed if you have no expectations xD I remember that being my mentality when receiving my test results way back in high school. Them passing grades for English were the best feeling. Anyway, don't take the story too seriously. If you also enjoy it like the others and crack a good laugh while immersing yourself in the world of Gaia then all is well. Happy reading!


This is Honestly one of the best novels ive ever read before. The author does an Excellent job in making the characters have their own individuality and development while also building a mysterious world where the reader will always be intrested in whats to come


One of the best novels ive ever read. Cant wait for more.ndjdjjdjdkdkxkxkxkxkxkxkxkxnxnnxnxnxnxjfjdjdjdjdjjdjdjsksmdjsjdjdmdmjsjdkdjdksmdmdmdkdkdmdmdmdmsm


this novel is good and honestly it can stand alone without the harem tag. the harem tag just killed this novel for me.. pity because its quite good. coiling dragon and I shall seal the heavens were both gems and they were able to stand on their own without the harem tag but novel just killed it for me. its quite unrealistic how the girls in this novel behaves. its like they flush down their brain in a toilet or something. they all seem like animals on heat whose main purpose in life is to copulate with the mc. where the f is their self respect, common sense, pride, dignity..😒 real people dont behave that way. they're just like bunch of flowers whose only main purpose is too highlight how overpowered and chick the magnet the mc is..😩


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Well written, the MC is likeable and easily relatable. There is good use of imagery and good ole face slapping. What would a cultivation novel be without face slapping. Also has harem.


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