Pokemon and the Unchained Mind(Pokemon SI AU) Book

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Pokemon and the Unchained Mind(Pokemon SI AU)


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Just when one of my bids to escape from my ever-absent father and overbearing mother failed, I found myself Isekai'd. No big deal, really. Nowadays everyone gets Isekai'd, right? But, I tasted something addictive in the Pokemon World, something I craved for in our world too: Freedom. The excitement I feel when I think of mind-blowing battles I can participate in the Pokemon world helped me decide my future quite quickly, of course. Now, all I have to do, like any good Pokemon fan, is to be the very best. Why don't you join me? .................... -Release schedule: Sunday and Thursday 9:30pm(IST)- total 4 chaps. -The ecchi tag is because the story is intended for 13+ audience and for my creative freedom. But, there won't be too much exploration in that aspect. - The fanfic is mainly about battles and realistic exploration of the Pokemon world, so the Pokemon world is going to be very AU, without losing its original charm. Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon; otherwise, the target demographic would have been different.


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