Playboy is my Date
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Playboy is my Date


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What is Playboy is my Date

Playboy is my Date is a popular web novel written by the author KallaJ, covering R-18, LGBT, GAY, ADULT, HARÉM, ROMANCE, TRAGEDY, BADBOY, PLAYBOY, LOVE-AND-HATE, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 196.1K readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 80 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Oliver Douglas innocent and perfect life crashes when he meets a handsome and dangerous guy Vukan Adamson. What follows is their love-hate, sweet-spicy, relationship. *** Vukan pulled Oliver by his waist and locked the arm behind him giving no route to escape. Oliver yanked and peeled himself away from this dangerously handsome man. "Don't your ever touch me without my permission again". "Why are you this aggressive?" Vukan towered over Oliver's frame. His breath fanning over Vukan's chest as he tried to concentrate on Vukan's words. "Simple. I. Hate. You. Mr. Adamson." Oliver replied gaining all his courage looking straight into Vukan's eyes which are now slowly turning to red with rage, or maybe pain?

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Thank you so much each and everyone for reading this story. It means a world to me. I will be updating this everyday and this a trilogy. So there is a lot more to Vukan and Oliver's story. Happy reading!!


Must pick this book if you like cute and romantic love story. Vukan and Oliver are cute together. We can now see why Oliver is being so tight and gladly he is opening up to Vukan. I hope they woulndt mess things again. Story is amazing so far.


Hello writer. Thank you for writing the book. I love the bond between Vukan and Olivr but i really dont like how Vukans's father treats him. He needs to chill. Oliver always finds Vukan in some bad situations hopefully he can see the good side of him. I love how things are going right now and hope it stays like that before Oliver's stupid imaginations take a lead. Thei date is a sort of crazy haha poor Vukan. He needs to keep up with Oliver all the time.


The first few paragraphs itself hooked me with writers writing style. I like the character of Vukan. I can pretty much relate to him. He sounds so carefree but only he knows the pain he is going through. On the other hand Oliver seemms to be the sad guy but most probably he will come out of his misey with Vukan help. Only if he let Vukan though. I am already shipping these guys. Thank you and please post the next chapter. Can't wait to see how their dating progress


Must read book!!!!!!!!!! Even if both the ml are different their pain is same. Both of them got shit parenting and childhood. Only they can cure each other. Vukan is putting a strong facee but Oliver is being so touche. Both of them must give chance to each other. Love it.


A fresh story. Its a light hearted yet heart grabbing story. Kudos to writer for making it possible. The characters are light as feather but so heavy by heart. Each of them have their own problems. Good to see their dating life going now smooth.


Read all chapters in one go. The writing style is very professional the story is top notch. Like everyone here my favorite character is Vukan. I sometimes feel like hitting Oliver for his dumb brain. Overall I love this story.


Pick this book if you like light hearted romance. This book doesnt have any gore romance between the ml but we can feel the tension when they are in the same place. Oliver's sister is another level lol she is protective yet caring which I like. I also like how she stands up for her brother evry time and thankfully she is strong about the brads issue. Hope she can play cupid again in #OliKan's life.


I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!! I cried reading some chapters. It was emotional for me as I can relate to Vukan's father is exactly like my father. They doesnt want to understand their kids and let them suffer. Ah I hope Vukan can get a job soon and leave this house. What can I say about Oliver he is getting on my nerves every single chapter.


Loving playboy is my date story. The only thing is Vukan is not a playboy. Its just Oliver and his wierd imaginations leading theirr relation on rocks. I don't want them to be together yet I want them to be together. Am I crazy?????


OMFG!!!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK. I read the entire book in a go and can't get enough of this already. This is very addicting. Can you please say there's a second book coming. I am freaking out with anxiety.


This book is really awesome.. I loved the character of Vukan very much... he is talented , caring , loving and in spite of being hurt himself he tried to do everything he can for Oliver to make him happy... Really waiting for the sequel !! 😍😍😍


absolutely brilliant! it is so well written and the characters human with their flaws. i love this and can't wait for the second book 😻😻😻


How is this completed?! Where is the rest of the story?! Im mad cos I spent all of my FP to read this and the second volume is so damn frustrating but i held on in hopes things will get better soon but i ended with a cliffhanger?!?! Please tell me where can i read the rest? I seriously feel cheated of the time and FPs i have invested in this!!!


Just my kind of story, cute and romantic 🥰🥰 I like the couple here. Thank you for such wonderful story 💖💕💗💕💕💓💓❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️




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