Picking Up Attributes From Today
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Picking Up Attributes From Today

Panda Reunion

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What is Picking Up Attributes From Today

Picking Up Attributes From Today is a popular web novel written by the author Panda Reunion, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.24/5 and 235 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 83 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In Heaven's Vault Continent, Colossal Dragons, Titans, Beast People, Fairies, Magical Beasts, and other races reign supreme! Humans are treated like slaves and lowlifes, while Dragon People act all high and mighty and consider themselves nobility! However, a new addition will rock the boat and overturn the status quo! His name is Meng Lei, and he is a human from Earth that transmigrated to become a... villager! Or so he thought, as he had yet to unlock The Most Powerful Pickup System! "Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?" Be it money, items, spells, vitality, spiritual power... The Most Powerful Pickup System will pick them all! ... "Should I train to become a Magician or a Warrior? Why not try both!? ... Follow Meng Lei's epic as he turns from a regular villager to a formidable and respectable existence!

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At the Chapter 40 it's good and chichè is keep at minimum but after 40 Chapter it becomes all chichè and idiot mc. First of all he doesn't learn about this WORLD he doesn't even know abcd of this world even after 58 Chapters, he just ask his friends. as for chichè? after 40 Chapter it increasing it 100% rate. Let's see Last Chapter 50-60 he goes to find his friends guess what he is being bullied, he beat them, guess what, his big brother come, guess what he again beat them, they are going to village ,guess what they meet bandit, they reach the village, guess what village is being attack.


after reading 60 chapters writing quality: author is definitely newbie.skipping most of interesting part like picking loot after fight.after a fight system will pick one or two basic attributes and there is also a ding in Last sentence , we think there is a big loot in next chapter but when reading next chapter we feel like it was some other novel bcoz the story move forward few months. story: transmigrates to a orphan , getting system,joining royal academy, problem with noble silk pants..bla...bla.. there is no concept about system like what triggers attributes pickup.we only know he get everything when he wanted eg: he first get magic spell. he can't use it because no magic. after few paragraphs (not chapters) he get magic attributes drop. he get meditation skill he has no talent..after few para..he picked up superior talent. he get red dragon aura technique ..don't have red dragon blood line to practice it.. after few paragraphs he get high quality red dragon blood line. he can get every drop just walking near people..no need to fight / need time. just like that. conclusion: for a light read it's more than good. even it's break our commonsense sometimes.if it's selected I still mostly read it until it breaks my brain completely.


Read it on Comrademao and it's not that good to be honest, iit's just one of those 'popcorn' novel which focuses on trash lottery system after 100 chapters, MC can also pick bloodline but even though it could sstrengthen him by at lwast 1% he deems them too weak, at some point he find a bloodline at the level of his others bloodline but he forget about it even though he could have a huge backing with it. Ans in the end, even if he had a backing, it would be useless since even toward the middle/end(I stopped at around 360) MC is still at the noob realm even though he has the strength of a god anld could easily go to the Outer World to become stronger faster... There's also the deal with his pets which are totally forgotten after 10 chapters..


First! (Will alter review after reading if needed) Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!Wordcount!


Webnovel pick good novel for trial read and literally choose the worst one in the bin to approve. Who the **** approve this novels? Why always pick the least viable ones to earn coins and the most likely to be dropped?. Seriously someone should get fired. It is a really waste of money.


Already read this one on another site so i am 100% sure this is another failure novel of newbie author........ well at least first 200 chapters are readable but after that even the cheat (about attribute picking) become unnessary and it main focus is about like low quality lottery system novel.....


Why was did chosen/picked????? Do people really use coins for this?? Need answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answersNeed answers


Dude read it at comrade mao it was really good at first but then it turn trash after he figured out the universe was going end and be reborn again


Another mc who doesnt know how to abuse his system why go to academies to learn magic if he can just loot it and if he goes to the academy he will just go offend someone right damn not giving mc brain just for the plot


Cliché af. Plot armor is very obvious as he gets things right when he needs it. To me the world building isn't realistic at all, imagine if there were a group of people you thought less of gaining higher status and power like if there were African aristocrats in the 1700s. It is painfully obvious that there won't be much setbacks for mc and he would just continue getting more op without much work.


It’s typical System overpowered novels.... Very bad, the idea is the only i liked... The novel is so simple and boring for me... Typical Clichés, lame mc, lame system... Had a high expectations from it in the first chapters, but it greatly disappointed me!


Reveal spoiler


Passable, and cliched. Author tells, rather than shows, which means you don't really get immersed in the story. The translator has probably heard of the full stop / period since they use it in the middle of paragraphs, but every paragraph ends with an exclamation mark, which is pretty jarring but took me about 20 chapters to get used to.


................................................................................................................. Title: 从今天开始捡属性 Chapters: 441 Status: Ended .................................................................................................................


I've read up to chapter 41. This one of those MC has a broken system. it's mostly comedy and not serious. To be honest I really liked the story until he started picked up the dragon blood line, it sort of ruined the story for me. The story had the whole, he is a human underdog kinda feel to it and they completely threw that out. Like I could see him raising the position of his fellow humans maybe some kingdom building later on but now it's ruined.


The story only makes sense if everyone in that world was stupid and lost their memory periodically. Please change the rating system to allow people to rate the novel based on mc intelligence, plot depth stuff like that. rather than these garbage options ensuring that even really bad novels of end up with score of > 4


the book was dropped author clearly accepted that this being his first book he didn't know what to do book's jammed with all kind of cliches it's dropped at ch 460 or something


If there is one thing to remember about this novel, then it is this: Try, try to write, try to read. You can't succeed without trying. This book is a good try, not perfect, far from it, but not horrible. Power levels and such are completely bullshit and unbalanced. I am not even talking about the ability to pick up stats, talents, spells, techniques, bloodlines, etc, but the ability to buy strength with money. 10 Gold = 1 Stat point 100000 Stat points in one stat and you have reached the level of one of the most powerful(7. rank of 9 basic ranks +Saint realm), but a single magic beast of that level is worth a lot more than the 3 million to get all stats to the 7. Rank (dual Cultivation). Now imagine, a MC with a system like that and a little more common sense than our MC and you would a MC who could reach Saint realm by just killing a few magic beasts of a lower level. The system even gives out money directly for killing, not much, but the MC could have easily reached Saint realm in a month if he had stayed in his starting location and hunted beasts. The system makes the rest of the world building obsolete. Don't misunderstand, I like this novel, but the way the power scale is progressing the MC will have reached God level before chapter 100 and the only way this is not going to happen is because either the MC is stupid or the next 30 chapters are filled with trivia. Side characters are well mostly alright, but all of them are a hindrance, the MC could progress much faster without them. MC hiding his strength is the reason he is still so weak.


Totally clich, With Ignorant mc who knows nothing about world or cultivation or any magic beasts !!! He never studied or even tried about learning anything ! Just continues power up due to hi op cheat Were even bloodline can all picked !!


Basically a really good concept that gets ruined by the author. he never explains how the system works, the MC is spoiled out of his mind, and 60 chapters in there is still no main antagonist iwt or peoble


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