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Read Percy Jackson: Human Gamer fanfiction written by the author Plebston323 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering romance, adventure, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Ping! Hello Nathan, I am the system. To continue tutorial please think/say main menu.] "Huh" And that is how my life went from garbage, to shit.


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A shameless review on my own story, If you didn't know the story is about then heres a summery. There is a teen named Nathan Parker who is a clear sighted mortal, who suffers at the knowledge of the supernatural world. Nathan lost both his parents at a young age with no one believing him about the monsters that live around them. One day Nathan wakes up to the system greeting him, before it leading him on a adventure never seen before.


I have to admit, while I wasn't too inclined on reading at first, after a while I am glad I did. The story itself is better than some other Gamer Fics that I have read in that the MC makes smart decisions in regards to some problems, and the progression of stats isn't insane. Plus each chapter so far has some heft to it, unlike other stories that have a great chapter count, but the chapter's themselves are read within 5 mins. Writing Quality (5): I found that the story is very readable, with no glaring grammar and spelling mistakes that I could find, not that I was looking all that hard. Even with the inclusion of the system, the structure is nice to look at and easy to understand. Stability of Updates (5): Way too early to say much, but so far 10-13 chapter within a week is pretty good. Story Development (5): I can say that I haven't felt myself getting bored of reading and can't wait for the next chapter. Each chapter feels fresh and entertaining, as compared to other Gamer Fics where the MC is childish and more or less copies The Gamer manhua in regards to development. Character Design (5): An interesting idea of a human who can see through the mist. So far the MC has made smart decisions, while in the moment, and while some things were being rushed, like the talk with Daedalus, I find myself liking the MC. World Background (5): Still a bit too early to say much. Nevertheless, what the readers do see is an explanation of various topics that are a bit obscure, such as Frey and his origins. On a personal not, I like harems, but I also don't want this story to be ruined with the MC trying to obtain women as if they were pokemon. Regardless of that, if there is romance in the future, just make it gradual, and try not to ruin the various shippings of the Percy Jackson universe. I would also suggest to write chapters out, but not immediately post them. You should keep to a schedule of posting chapters, as to not feel the panic of releasing a chapter everyday, resulting in substandard work, and have a backlog of chapters so that you can ocasionally take your mind off writing, as to not have writers block which has ended many stores. Overall, I am excited for this story, and feel that this story has the makings to be a great one in the future.


Please bear with me, because I just got a message from the future. It’s unclear what world we’re talking about, but it’s definitely not good. So I’m going to take a deep breath, and take deep breaths until it hurts to breathe. Because deep breaths haven’t been invented yet in the future. The custom of breathing with oxygen, I presume, is philosophically bound to First World Problems. So take it from someone who has no choice: you better quit that life-extender cold turkey.


if you want a nanny fic that babys prrcy then this is for you if you want a nanny fic that babys prrcy then this is for you if you want a nanny fic that babys prrcy then this is for you if you want a nanny fic that babys prrcy then this is for you


Lo mismo Que la película o libro sólo que el mc es la niñera autoproclamada de percy y también es una historia muy infantil en algunos puntos no es que odie la historia pero me da asquito seguir leyendo esto el protagonista tiene 14 pero al parecer se adapta muy pero muy rápido al sistema gamer es una historia aburrida de un autor con ganas de llamar la atención a lo grande no digo que el autor este mal pero no se necesita poner el put0 Estado del mc cada ves que hace algo y tampoco hagas que con sólo un par de giros ya sea un prodigio de nivel 49 ...en fin mi puntuación para este fanfic es un 2/10 salu2


This is a good read, with a very interesting concept and cool plotline, but it's a raw diamond and cumbersome at some points. It needs some refinements to truly be a piece of art. *SPOILER* The protagonist has god-like deduction skills that most of the time, a good 70%, is illogical. It looks logical if you read it fast but one second more and you will see that it was impossible to deduce that. Another point is MC forced interactions and relationships with others. They are super fast, poor in any emotion or real depth, which comes to bite in the future as the MC suddenly sees Percy as a long-lost brother with 3 or 4 sentences exchange? It really bothers me, and probably many others too. I suggest making the chapters longer to fit in more detail in those parts. Even if it costs some updates, I think it's worth it. And to come up with ways to make MC fit better in the Percy Jackson plot without being forced as it is. There are some cool plots and twists never seen before in any Percy Jackson fanfic, that I enjoyed a lot. It's a good read compared to many other works on this website, and totally suggest anyone try it.


good read i hope it won't get dropped and pls no harem ill instantly drop it if it has and holding for fast updates...........................


Human MC [img=faceslap][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


Alright bro this is pretty great, but I do not understand the purposes of the talking system, especially for a gamer system it doesn’t make sense to have one. The name itself is self-explanatory. And even if it was complicated enough that it needs some things to be explained. Tell me, why it is that such an advanced system can’t just simply put the information the Host needs in their mind already. Like its Limitation what it can or cannot do, what its function does etc. Always besides that this a pretty great and I do recommend if you can look past the Talking System to check this out.






I really like this story...... This is not an reincarnation or transmigration..... Keep up the good work author.... And please don't drop this... 😊😊👍🏻👍🏻


I really liked this FF that is about Percy Jackson world. It's just sad that its dropped, but anyways good job author! If you ever decide to continue writing this, I'll support you with a lot of stones :)


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