Pentakill: Rebirth of the Legend Book

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Pentakill: Rebirth of the Legend


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Nine times to Worlds. Nine times failed before Quarterfinals. One last shot before retirement. For 28 year old Yu Pengkai, better known by his in-game name “Pentakill,” winning the Championship Cup seemed to become more of a distant reality with each passing year. From the esteemed legendary ADC in the popular MOBA game, Kings of Valor, to the player everyone wished would just retire, he carried both the former glory and the blame of it all. After a final crushing defeat, he knew he had to say goodbye. But never did he expect to find himself back where he started ten years ago, in front of a run-down PC and a lagging mouse with the newly downloaded Kings of Valor. This time, would he find himself back to claim the Championship Cup? ----- Cover: Manipulated by Photoshop but all photo credits to their original artists on Pinterest. If you are the author or are aware of who the author is, please contact me. Updated Cover Credits: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4364687, Background from DeviantArt


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