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New Age Of Summoners


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What is New Age Of Summoners

New Age Of Summoners is a popular web novel written by the author vinayraj, covering SYSTEM, EVOLUTION, FANTASY, CULTIVATION, ACTION, GAMEELEMENTS, BEASTS, ELEMENTALS, LITRPG, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 5.1M readers with an average rating of 4.68/5 and 304 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 501 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


#Participating in the Webnovel Spirity awards Spring 2020 My other book:- My Cultivation System Ajax was an orphan who survives a massacre along with his friends but unfortunately gets separated from them. Fortunately, after a turn of events, he successfully gains a system which helps him increase his cultivation, but doesn't know what it is called. But he knows one thing for sure, this system is very powerful and helpful in taking his revenge. "Whoever you are, I am gonna find you", Ajax mumbled himself with a disgruntled expression. In a world where Summoning of an elemental spirit is done through a dream when they are 15 years old, Ajax with the help of a system and his summoned spirits sets out on a journey to seek revenge against the mastermind behind the massacre. 2 chapters daily (At present) Vote through power stones and add this book to your library to support me. Note:- 1) First few chapters have some grammar mistakes but don't worry as you read more chapters you will find less and less of those mistakes and for the starting chapters I will re-edit them when I am free. So, please bear with it for a while. 2) Almost all the premium chapters (Locked chapters) has more than 1001 words. Discord link:- https://discord.gg/kuMT64t Instagram Id:- vinay_raj_16 Support me at Patreon https://www.patreon.com/vinayraj or PayPal https://www.paypal.me/vinayraj14


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I totally love this book. It's well worth the money spent on it. 5⭐'s in my eyes for all categories. As the character develo** so do the plot twists. The chapter cliffhangers are intense and leave you wishing for the next release


It's a really interesting novel plenty of action and character building a would love if the author got in contact with and artist and turn this into a comic.


i really enjoy this one and i hope to read more chapter rallye soon. Keep create and we'll keep support this novel. the main character seem a bit overpowered but it's really cool


What more could one possibly ask for?This is the type of book i would want to read during my free time. Basically,it serves it main purpose (it's not complicated and its easy to read). I'm rating this book five cos I really don't see a major flaw. Thumbs up 👍


Outstanding novel, well written with an awesome storyline. I am overly impressed with the writer and his way of thinking and writing. Exceptionally worth of 5 rating!


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This is an amazing story that has thoroughly impressed me so far. Normally system novels or hit or miss to me, especially the ones where the system can control the main character through missions. But this one so far at least seems to have a reason for giving the missions that it has, and that the missions actually serve a purpose. We'll have to find out about that late if it is true. Looking forward to see how the story progress.


Outstanding novel, the author is very meticulous and seems to know exactly where the story is heading. Can't stop reading it, excellent wording. Reaaly worth 5 stars overall!


Definitely a good read for monster summoner fans only wish there was more to read all in all I'm a huge fan now so if you arent sure definitely give it a shot.


Some of the chapters are hard to read.. Just a little bit better than machine translations.. Well I dont mind the author asking the readers for grammatical help, but If you want to win that spirity award or what the hell that award is. You need a proofreader and editor.. This Novel is good.. I'll just come back when everything is fixed.. Work harder Author-san.. If someone wants to know what I feel as I read through the chapters.. Listen to DUALITY.. Sigh* I would've loved this novel right now, but-Sigh*


not really worth all the hype its been getting. novel is ok`ish chapter length is very small compared to other novels and a lot of the chapters, have repeating information or shows the status info that take up a lot of word count...


I could not ask for a better story to read. Kind of wished it was more chapters per update but nonetheless it is great that there is a daily chapter update.


Its fine at first,the mc is slowly rising up in power,learning evertying and power up stage by stage..Then at the later chapter,why the **** this mc luck is so high and so op??????his growth rate is so unbelievable. Ughh worst,its seem like the author really favour the mc too much cause everything he get,he get from the system. Like suddenly out of nowhere pop a mighty treasure bla bla bla that can boost mc power,he even easily got his spirit contract easily though


The grammar has drastically improved from before, but it definitely needs more refining. I'd suggest getting an editor to further refine the novel and increase immersion. Additionally, for personal improvement, try using grammar editing apps such as Grammarly. Buying Grammarly premium will definitely further refine your writing and maybe teach you some more grammar. That aside, the novel is highly interesting and engaging. I'd suggest having the MC improve his battle power, but that's about it.


Man enjoying this book very much. Wish there was more chapters but I understand that two a day is a lot as it is. No rush but just like to say that you got something good going here with this book


The story is great but it is difficult to read because of the grammar errors which makes it hard to actually enjoy the story.


Writing Quality -The story is impressive -It has an attention-grabbing factor -There are no misspelled words -I am not good in grammar so therefore I have no right to judge your grammar -The author uses uncommon descriptive words Stability -The author seems to update frequently, readers won't be left behind. -There are currently more than 40 chapters in this novel World Background -I have nothing to complain about this part since the world background of this novel is unique and impressive Character -The characters are lovable -Each has its own unique characteristic -The author describes each character with an astonishing way Story Development -It's not fast pace nor is it slow, the story development is perfect. -Characters seem to develop at a perfect pace Overall: This novel deserves more attention. I highly recommend readers try to read what this book has to offer. The authors seems to update quickly so you won't get left behind. The plot is unique and well thought, plus the author has a unique writing style. Scenarios are easy to visualize and comprehend.


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English is a little rough falls into the over explaining of the same topic a couple of times in the same chapter, overall a good story just needs to be cleaned up a little.


Really enjoying how this story is proceeding. I don’t k ow what to expect with these characters. Every time I think I know what is going to happen something unexpected happens. I’m excited to see what the Mc is going to succeed in the future


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