Naruto: Reborn As An Inuzuka... Kinda? Book

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Naruto: Reborn As An Inuzuka... Kinda?


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Alex used to be your regular, run of the mill guy. He spent most of his time in highschool and on his club, playing football (or soccer). One day he had to go search for a loose ball on the street, and just when he was about to catch it, Truck-sama sent him on the path of reincarnation. Now in the world of Naruto, owning the body of a young Inuzuka, Alex is no longer himself. His new identity is that of Ryota Inuzuka, an orphan of the Inuzuka clan. What will he do to survive this dangerous world, while still trying to enjoy his new life? ----------- This story IS NOT a Harem, so don't even mention it.


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