My roommate is a devil
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My roommate is a devil


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What is My roommate is a devil

Read My roommate is a devil novel written by the author nishidurani on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, comedy, r18, devil. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Excerpt: "Now the most important rule," he paused to gain her full attention and when he was sure, she was listening carefully he added, "we do not touch, or let others touch our body except shaking hands, and friendly hugs, no matter what's the case."  Bella looked at him and blinked, "but you touched my ass, Alex." she accused him again making him dumbfounded. Alex coughed embarrassed, remembering how he  was enjoying touching her and even commented it was firm and perky. "I was in sleep Bella, i did not know." he was telling the truth. But Bella added, "but you said in any case, Alex." her reasoned left him speechless once again.   Now what shall he do, if he said this was an exception, she would ask him to make a list of exceptions.  He sighed, "okay, it was  a mistake Bella, i apologise." he replied sincerely, he should not take advantage of her childlike innocence. "It's alright, let me touch your ass, and we will be equal" ****** Alex was broke, he doesn't have enough money to pay his sisters fees and buy something for her for Christmas. He wanted to do something, special for her this Christmas, so he took the advice of his best friend to give his room on rent. But due to Christmas holidays, he didn't get any application from a man to take the room. In desperation, he accepted the girl who had asked many times for the room. What he doesn't know is, the girl is a demon ran away from the group who came to destroy the happiness of festivities. She, who is like a child of the superhero. Innocent yet powerful met with a pair of humble and mature Alex and funny and flirt Michael with the sweetness of Anna. What chaos will they make together? Come and find out. THIS BOOK IS THE GOLD TIER WINNER OF WPC #149, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Hope you would give this sweet and unique love story a try. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The cover is not mine. I have taken it from Pinterest. If the owner wants, I can change it anytime.


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oh, each chapter kept me so hooked that I just couldn't wait for the next. I want to know about what would she do now and how would Alex react.


Everyone, LOOK HERE! I'm telling you, this book is no doubt a GOLD tier in WPC 149! After reading the first chapter, you'll definitely get hooked, I promise that! ❤️


The book is turning interesting day by day. Specially the scene of the bus. Salute to Alex who still took her home. I would have left and run. Creative thinking.


Worth the ups and downs in this tale with great twists woven throughout. I find the romance for the lead characters to be refreshing. The supernatural components are fresh and keep you wanting more.


A nice book with a thrilling story! I have commented on the said issues but don't worry about it! It was awesome! Specially the end ot the chapter. It was mind-blowing! By the way you have potential to become a great author! Write more and practice more for more improvements. The thing you needed was a story to tell and a creative mind, the rest will follow!


the central idea is unexpected and I'm looking forward to more chapters. there are a few grammatical errors but other than that,this is a hidden gem




so so so so so good!! i really hope the author finishes the story. Bella is the best and Alex is growing into himself... i was continuously hooked!!!




it seems like an interesting story, but I just can't get past all the editing errors. it makes it difficult to concentrate on the story. ....


this book is good . every chapter give new information and interesting content .I really like this book . i hope everyone is enjoy reading this book


Reveal spoiler


man the story is getting more and more interesting it's has such great plot with such a great character I love the every part of this story it's have few error here and there and some grammar mistake otherwise it's was a story to look forward good work hope so more people should read this kind of gem ....♥️


the plot of the story kept me hook if it's edited little but there was some spelling mistake and grammar to correct but otherwise it will be bomb such a new and exciting story The love between demon I love it






I loved how you described everything, I love descriptive books, they make me feel like I am there with the characters. I love how you wrote your dialogue. Absolutely keep writing, and follow your passion! Please more chapter updates! :)


Hi Author! So, I like your writing style it makes it more appealing and easier for the readers to understand it. The character design is built well, that I was immersed in reading. Overall, a great novel for me! Keep up the good work, Author!


a demon on the run, what a thought. each novel of nishi durani has different concept and characters. you should gave it a try, as she would blink and stare at you. if you didn't. and trust me it will feel you creepy.


"Oh that lily where was she touching you? Nothing special she was just touching my lips with hers" You should add this line in your synopsis. I really laughed reading the chapters. The characters are sweet and funny. I enjoyed reading it after all the dramas. Most important thing is writer has started working only a month ago, yet all her books have a different flavour of life. Clap for you.


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