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What is Marvel: Horus, God of Evolution

Read Marvel: Horus, God of Evolution fanfiction written by the author RealDarkSeraph on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, r18, weaktostrong, immortal. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Young Horus was unexpectedly murdered by a satellite while walking home from his last gaming competition. To his unsurprising self, he is met with laughing when he comes to after burning to death. The god he meets is his ROB. Though, this ROB is too keen on laughing at how he died to a satellite. “Eh, who the f*ck is laughing? Come here, my hands are feeling itchy!” Giving him 3 wishes and a chance to choose world of his choosing, Horus reincarnates in to the body of Horus, God of the War, Sky, Sun, and Evolution. Read as Horus traverses his way through time and meets some of his favorite characters in the Marvel continuity. *** MC will start off with the Gods of Egypt movie due to there being no substantial marvel background data. (It’ll be altered quite a bit) Then, he will encounter Seth (Set) that will spark the marvel comics/MCU events for Horus’s background. The first Arc will be MC growing up and becoming a symbol to the people of Egypt/Wakanda. MC will spend 1/3 of the book conquering the MCU (it’s the weakest.) Eventually, he will start expanding the multiverse. I may keep it mainly on Earth 616 tho.

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finally a Egyptian god in marvel universe


The concept is cool but story wise, it's just a botched wishlist that overflows followed by perks used as more wishes, and then more and more greed that pretty much kills all excitement and makes you wonder why he didn't just wish for the three omnis and be done with it. I mean, there's no end to this guy's and and and and and and and and ands in things he gets and wants in addition to getting them handed to him without effort. There's no story to be developed, the characters design is that he has endless nepotism fulfilled by the author that kill possible angles for story development and as a result the writing quality suffers and the world background is meh. It has nice updating stability tough. It also has a wickedly cool display picture and the title to draw in views. It's just the lack of story is pretty much killing this for anyone getting past the endless wishes and perks with the two chapters afterwards.


Bruh, there are so many grammatical errors, the character dialogue is completely messed up (this can be observed from the start as the mc talked to the god, his supposed "brother"), any self-respecting author would not use profanity's in their story, especially as casually as this author has. The author uses swear words as if they are just random words without meaning (why would a god use profanity, it does not matter if that god is somehow your brother, as one gets older they mature. Obviously this author does not understand that concept). Also not to mention the lack of "common sense", I understand that most readers would not care, but I believe that there should still be some common sense in a fictional story (people do not die from burning, usually, to die from burning you would have to be in an open area and you would have to be burned by really strong flames, or just for an extended period of time. Carbon monoxide poisoning would kill you before a fire can if in an enclosed space, and for many other reasons)


Reveal spoiler


Couldn't get past the 2nd chapter. this feels like a terrible crack fic. Dialogue always feels like it's 2 idiots screaming at eachother, it's unbelievably unreadable. Main problems are this is a crack fic but there wasn't any warning stating it was one.


got my hopes up for a good fic then got dropped


Reveal spoiler


im sorry, but this is so cringe, i cant continue reading this


Badly written story, its'snot even funny, it's a great idea, but executed badly, and that's putting lightly.


dont drop it bro i because it entertaining and have a cool concept


I love the mc god concept [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


A good novel. I like the concept of it. Don't drop this author


I’m kinda bummed out cuz this could have been a good story. What finally sealed its fate was the Hercules fighting portion. As for when it started to show visible cracks was when set arrived and did the deed. (<-me trying to not spoil) the frame work of the gods of Egypt was a good idea but follow the plot with all the marvel pantheons mess added just screwed it over. You could have done something like Asgard stories where the main character grows up and the. Awakens his divinities and learns magic from scratch and go into detail a bit. Something like the fanfic of heal with biogenetic abilities. The divinity’s should have just been like any other power that needs to grow instead of the divinity’s themselves being the powers if you know what I mean. While the virus should have just given him a heightened an accelerated growth instead of directly raising him whole stages in power level. Example of this is the fanfic in marvel with the perfect body. You could have him learn magic from his own pantheon then the other pantheons then The various magic groups of humanity then maybe explore the universe a bit possibly plucking some infinity stones then get involved in WWII and go from there in the marvel plot. Plucking infinity stones and setting up organizations during that periods that would work in the shadows for him with super soldier, super agent serums, and anti aging serums(periodically need to take the anti aging serum). Maybe include the red room girls, orphans, and possible ex soldiers if you have a way to ensure they don’t rogue like a modified extremes that monitors there thoughts while strengthening them it can rewrite their memories if they have darker thoughts. There is also that field of heart herbs, and you also can include mutants and others to recruit and make mutant awakening and unawakened serums for those that don’t like their powers. Also x gene serums. You can go on the researcher path by describing how MC created/ modified those serums like other series that do it well. Research andvance ai’s for the group etc. Then maybe make a harem from mutants to mcu girls at the later stages once you aproach modern times. And maybe from the various pantheons ohh and make Aliances all across the pantheons and magic groups that MC study at and certain other worlds as well. At modern times MC could be powerful enough for universe excursions for a day trip and take over a galactic empire like the shi’ar empire for provoking/trying to kill mutants that MC like. Eventually build up to thanos sensing the infinity stones gathered on earth through a machine and him gathering the remaining like the soul stone and not realizing MC strength. From there after gathering the infinity stones absorb there power to and having access to multiverse travel. Then go across the multiverse/connected dimensions for day trips like taking out the dark demension, chaos dimension etc. maybe beat up galactus. Eventually evolve to break past the multiverse and start journey in that higher realm.


Hello author is this novel dropped you haven't updated in entire month.


Reveal spoiler


hey author, nice character, but please update more frequently, like 3 to 4 times a week, else it's too boring to even read. awaiting better update stability


Mind numbing.Mind numbing.Mind numbing.Mind numbing.Mind numbing.Mind numbing.


Why limit yourself to just those two when you can be the god of Africa


Will this be updated anytime soon or is it dropped ?????


I think that this is a very good start to a story and that this story can receive regular updates; it will be one of the top stories in Marvel fanfiction. I would suggest also fleshing out the main characters more in the upcoming chapters so that you have more ground to stand on by building relationships between them. Overall, I think this story has great potential, and I can't wait to continue reading it!


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