Lucifer's Descendant System
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Lucifer's Descendant System


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What is Lucifer's Descendant System

Lucifer's Descendant System is a popular web novel written by the author Zhanye, covering SYSTEM, EVOLUTION, DEMON, MAGIC, GOD, ACTION, R-18, RPG SYSTEM, LITRPG, WEAK-STRONG, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2.3M readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 231 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 151 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


At some point in the 21st century, the Christian God stopped listening to the prayers of humanity. Monsters with colossal strength and endurance began to emerge and humanity entered its darkest period. However, to the delight of humanity, some people around the world began to receive powers, and so humanity was able to fight back against monsters, now seeing these people with powers as the heroes who fought for the good of the world. Among these people was Noah, who even though he gained powers, he knew that those powers did not make him stronger at all, making him just as strong as a normal adult man. However, an unknown system awakens and declares him to be the descendant of Lucifer, completely changing his life to the path of the truth and true power. Discord: https://discord.gg/pHEzhV2Xyr [2 Daily chapters + Extra releases] Lucifer | Descensant | System

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I was surprised, I couldn't find any point to criticize in this story, the rhythm is good, perfect grammar, the author knows how to express well what is happening in the scene, besides always making me want to read more. POST MORE CHAPTERS FASTER


For the writing quality of this novel it is difficult to find mistakes. Unlike other novels you can expect to receive a quality chapter every day. It has a stable release. I check the same time each day and there is a chapter there. The characters design and world background of this novel all add to the already great things about it. The characters all are relatable and have unique. The world is similar to some you see in other novels but also different in its own way.


this is one of the best works i have ever seen.. ....i like that the mc has a system but it doesn't provide him op powers in the very beginning ...... this shows growth of the mc and how he develops his powers ........ also mc is not a show off.... thats good . ...... i have seen in other stories ...... as soon as mc gets new powers he goes and picks fight with someone strong.... .. i like how this mc is hiding his true strength and staying out of trouble. ......and focusing on task of increasing his strength and curing his sister. ......... ok that was kind of a rant.... but i just wanted to say that..... THIS STORY IS AWESOME. .


Shameless review of the author! I was longing to write this lol, I'm back with my newest book and I count on your support just as you supported others! ♥


Good stuff lots of potential space for potential character development I’m invested in this one .................................................................


I am the exp of my Golden Fox, Bestial King. Webnovel is my body, and exp is my blood. I have created over a thousand useless reviews. Unknown to death, nor known to life. Have withstood pain to create many reviews. Yet, those hands will never hold anything. So, as I pray... Unlimited Exp Works!


absolutely amazing, fantastic and legendary, this book is very new and it is already a hidden gem, amazing, try it out, if you like solo leveling, you will love this, 100/10 👍


Reveal spoiler


Personality of the mc: almost non-existent. Logic of the story: according to the author's wishes. The very definition of a good concept badly realized


I follow this author in all the stories he writes and he has never disappointed me, apparently the grammar in this story is several times better than in the other stories, so my hype is high for what is to come!


I dropped it at chapter 39, it literally made no sense, how can noah be faster than someone who is faster than him??? Like how does that even work, although the author did a nice job explaining what was happening Story is full of cliche stuff, i can predict and understand what happens even if i try to skip words (which i didn t) I didn t like the characters at all, noah and his friend carlos feel weird to me, plus the ' 1 chapter antagonists" are one dimensional, as i said i can predict what they gonna do, it s so obvlious is stupid, the same with noah, smh Now idk about the update stability as i read this story today so i gave it 4 stars World background.. Well everyone take this as they want but i didn t rlly see world background in those chapters, just those fortress appeared, more planets, etc (i d just spoil if i were to explain) So now why i dropped it.. As i said above noah was faster than a boss who supposedly should be faster than him, like it really pissed me off reading that, how does it even work, his strenght is higher, his agility is higher, but he s slower? Also, the chapter before that, there was this scene (against the same monster) where bcs he defended in some strange way that the boss couldn t push him down at all despite using better weapons and 2 hands and noah using 1 hand with just a normal knife, i can t portrate that in my head, how does it even work?? If their strenght it s the same, no matter how he s defending, as long as it s a frontal assault, having better weapons, and using 2 hands and even having more strenght overall while vs someone who s using 1 hand should be a win no matter what, like it just pisses me off when i see it, plus the scene i said above where he s also faster than a supposedly faster monster made me drop it, i could explain more but u ll see for yourseld


Essa Fanfic tem uma qualidade incrível e grande potencial para ir mais alto, Autor-San continue assim, e nunca se esqueça de Dormi 08:00 hrs por Dia!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


acheii legal,ele nao se desenvolve tao rapido que nem outras obras que eu ja vi,o prota parece interessante e os poderes dele também sao bastante misteriosos e essa obra eh bem promissora .


Please continue like that!! Exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp


Good Story, don't drop exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp


Will there be any romance? As a sub-story not? The novel is pretty good. The pacing is right, and the characters are vividly described. 5/5


First of all I'd like to state the negative: this storry suffers from so many cliches and that so far it has been very predictable. Almost all the side characters especially antagonists have been very 1 dimensional and theres nothing amazing about any of them. Also alot of the side characters seem to all have the same brain/personality. Theres the type that think hes just good looking, or just weak, or that he must be capable bc he's survived so long. Those are the only thoughts of other characters we've seen so far besides carlos. We haven't had a proper companion/ rival/ antagonist/ friend introduced into the series that actually have a fleshed out life, history and relationships outside of being in the mc's narrative On the other hand the grammar and spelling is much better than a lot of the top original novels on the power ranking. The story has a lot of potential in terms of possible lore, world building and creativity. The reason for rating it so highly is that its a quality work that will hopefully improve with time and ITS NOT PREMIUM. Now the final reason why this story is good is because its NOT premium. We need more quality stories like this and chrysalis that aren't locked behind paywalls that people can free enjoy or support the authors voluntarily.




Zhanye is back on WN? Omg, this story definitely entered my library as soon as I saw who the author was. I'm waiting for the next chapters.


Due to the dumbing-down of everyone to make MC intelligent, MC is basically a king of Monkeys. His smartness is... reading beforehand about the dungeon - something almost no one seems to do. His cleverness is... not being cocky. As typical in superpower stories, my power is rank [insert higher than lowest], therefore I'll be cocky as eff, and I'll march into unknown dangers thinking everyone is beneath me. And then regret it and MC will come in to save the day. His cleverness is not shown in battle, using tricks, imagination, clever tactics. He fights with a knife pointed forward and later with a flame pointed forward. Okay, he uses the most basic game tactic of the boss weak point... the monster's mouth... no one would have figured out that the monster's weak point is its mouth/sarcasm And of course, the only woman who has more than one line about her wants to get into MC pants after she finds out how great he really is. Quote from a chapter: "Wendy, who at that moment was trying to stop the bite wound of the girl who had flattered Harry, couldn't stop spying in Noah's direction. "He... That flame of his does a lot of damage to the boss; he's definitely not just a blessed Rank F... Damn Amy, if you hadn't..." Yes, as the battle goes on, as they may die, as she heals her best friend's torn open bloody wound, she laments that her friend prevented previously her from flirting with the MC before. This BTW was mentioned a few times before, this particular scene just further highlighted how braindead it sounds. As for Lucifer... Right now it's just being used as a fancy edgy name. No symbolism or deeper thinking found so far. After all, only humans can sin, but for some reason burning random rats works. I'd liked to see a restriction on the power that only sinful human burning can upgrade the skill. That would give the upgrade a more monumental feel. Now it feels like he gets double exp. Kill first, then burn. Nothing fun at all. The Vampire system at least tackles it with needing different humans and second fang dips didn't count. This story's MC can farm all the "sinful" (how are they sinful??) rats. As it is now, this novel is a barebone basic system/powers/dungeon novel. The characters are cardboard cutouts. The powers are basic and uninteresting. Most shown are the story basic cookies cutouts Fire, Ice, and Healing. And they are used by pointing hands and shooting... They aren't described interestingly.


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