2 The whistle.

A nice whistle woke me up from my sleep. Their is bright light in the room. All the windows are open and fresh cool air is coming inside the room. My eyes can see everything clearly now. But its not a bird someone is actually whistling. I don't know the song but I can feel the pain in that whistle. That person is definitely not in a good mood. His song is so sad , like war days with misery all around , or a lover lamenting over his lost love. I feel so bad for the person. The music stopped all of a second like no one was singing in the first place. why I wanted to hear more , I want to see the person , I want to hear why the person is so sad ? but maybe that's will never happen.

My vision became clear but I can't even lift one single finger tip. Its like my whole body is sleeping. I tried to move but its still like a solid rock. The room I am currently in is not so big. Their is a table right side of my bed , a big window beside it ,a rocking chair on the left side of the bed and that's it. The table is full of medicine, bandages , bowls , towels and what not . For the first time this room is smelling nice and cosy. But I can only watch silently, I can't walk around the room , talk with anyone or do anything but stare at the ceiling... that is horrible.

I should try to think who am I ? what am I doing here ? how can I forget about something which caused these much damage. And if I am seriously that much hurt than why don't they take me to a hospital? why they kept me here ? who am I ? how are they related with me ? I am trying hard to remember my past but my image is blurry. I can't see a thing properly. God knows for how many days I am lying here , is their anyone looking for me ? where is my family? Am I with my family? why can't I recall them ? Did I got hurt in my head that hard? I kept staring at the wooden ceiling. Their is a little spider building her nest with a tiny egg attached to her belly. soon their will be hundreds of her kids living in the web. As I have nothing to do I just entertained myself watching the mother work.

she amazes me with her skilful working , within a few minutes she not only build a net for also but also managed to hunt some flies for food . she is continuously working on the net , while keeping an eyes on the egg. Must say she is very hard working mother . But she looks so healthy , so flexible , able to move around the whole ceiling on her own.....I can't imagine that now I am jealous of a tiny spider.....life is so strange.

The door cracked open again and this time I clearly saw the lady who came in. I think she is the Same lady who helped me that stormy night. she is mid aged woman with ginger hair and blue eyes a very rare combination , her face is giving me motherly vibes . I tried to talk with her but my voice didn't cooperated with me. My tounge is moving but no sound is coming out which frustrated me. Tears came out of my eyes out of frustration. she gently rubbed with a towel.

" Everything is going to be alright sweetheart don't worry. You will be fine in few days . " she ruffled my hairs like a mother does to her favorite child. Her this action brought a blurry face in my memory. A female figure who is singing a song for her little girl who have a running fever. she ruffled her hairs in the same manner and pinched her cheeks making the little one laugh. I think I have a deep connection with her but don't know what it is . Her face is blurry. My train of thoughts broke when the lady spoke again . She said " Now sweet heart I will ask you some questions. If you want to say yes blink once and if you want to say no blink twice. okay. " I blinked once she smiled. she asked me a lot of questions like was it hurting? am I hungry ? am I thirsty ? and many more . she seems satisfied with my answers.

she then took off my bandages and those burn marks terrified me. why am I this much burned ? who burned me ? why ? what happened with me? And how on earth I forgot something which caused these much injury? she worked on my body while telling about the weather, how her children's are disturbing her , about her husband and her little garden. I listened her carefully so that I can known something about me or outside world but my luck have to be bad. I just known her name is Rose hills and she lives with her little family, she is a doctor and her husband is in military. She loves to talk a lot. she smiles a lot and her hands are just magical.

she bandaged me again making me look like a mummy. I don't understand that day my body was hurting so much why is it so numb today ? why I don't feel anything. what type of magic is this? No logic is working in my head now. " Here all done . Nice and clean and if you recover like you are than we can soon take a shower . Never mind dear but you smell a little like cat poop but that's not your fault is it ? " I blinked twice. she took all the trash and told -" I will be back with your food . " she left the room with the bowl.

she came inside with a bowl in her hand and started to feed me. Its a sweet liquid which I swallowed its not super tasty but not that bad either. After feeding me she cleaned my mouth with a clean towel. " sweetheart sorry but I have to inject you again so that you can sleep. A nice sleep will help you recover fast. " she didn't wait for my reply and injected me again. she lifted the bed a little which allowed me to look a little around the room. The bed is now in L position. " You can enjoy the view before you fall asleep. Sweet dreams sweetheart. " she kissed on my forehead and left.

The window is near the bed as I looked outside I saw a long road covered with red flowers , only red flower tress nicely lined near the road. Its lonely but beautiful and pleasant. A little vegetable garden is their nicely fenced , so many vegetables are growing their and a nice sitting chair. I hope I can sit their one day. I just hope that I can walk on that road and explore the woods. The road is leading towards the woods which is maybe full of mysteries. I would love to go their and sit on the branches of the tress and listen the birds or the mystery whistle person who whistles so nicely. I think we are in the middle of a jungle or a hilly area ?Not a single car or bus is visible here, no vendors , nothing. Maybe this place is isolated for years from the human kind. Feeling like I came inside a running novel. Maybe I am over thinking. Maybe things are not that bad.

I think the medicines finally kicked in as my eye lids are heavy again. My vision going blurry again and the scene in front of my eyes going hazy. Slowly , slowly sleep took over my sense and I once again closed my eyes.

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