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Level-Up Hitman


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Read Level-Up Hitman novel written by the author Sagacious on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Only Salvatore can claim to be the greatest HITMAN to ever exist, at the mere age of 21 he has cemented his claim to the blood drenched throne of death, possessing the greatest strength the underworld has ever seen he stands at the peak of the underworld. However now despite his countless legendary accomplishment’s, theirs exist just one last problem, he’s bored. They say true loneliness can only be found by those who stand at the peak, and for one who exist as high as Salvatore this is all too true for now possessing peerless strength he hungers for a true challenge of his supreme skills and wishes to climb to new heights of power. Fortunately for him he has be been chosen to journey to a new world. Follow Salvatore, the greatest HITMAN to ever exist as he begins his greatest journey ever.


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The characters personality, skills, power , and intelligence doesn’t even match up on the background you gave him. Add to the fact that you severely NERF him. The beggining chapters could be compiled as an entire chapter. Too much info dump at the beginning. The MC could have learn some of those things on his journey. The grammar is superb and the writing is good. The only real problem is how you represent your MC. Think of how a real battle hardened assassin would act. His background is a huge joke.


WoW just WoW.. The idea behind this story is very well brought, like the background and plot alike.. And I also like the story so far and its interesting to know where his limit is and what's his limit.. And to also know who will be his allies or enemies.. Especially his Waifu or Waifus.. So I will stick to the story and find out, what's in store for me...


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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1st Review) I like it. Maybe you will. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I stopped reading three books before this one. They had an interesting idea and I wanted to like them. I did not. This one I read in one go. It is well written, the story is interesting and I want more of it. The beginning is different than the rest, so don't be afraid of the real book because of the weird way of writing at the start of the book. This is fun to read. I like overpowered. And NO harem! Yeah! Not even some stupid other person who follows him forever. He is alone most of the time and and he is cool! 2xYeah! About the stars... first I though, this is a much better system than many others, if I don't know about one category, I don't have to give stars. This is not true :-( You have to give stars for every category. So I gave 4 stars for "Stability of Updates" but I have no idea and don't care about it. I read it in one go until the leaving of the first area. So how would I know?


the movie is great. the character development is quite okay but my problem is the UPDATE!!! what happened? are you still alive? don't let your readers hanging 😑😑


Probably dead now. All the good original novels just die out after sometime. Like The book of the universe. The author isn’t even putting up a notice or anything.


Good work, keep it up! Don't be disappointed by negative comments, or pace of novel , you're doing a fine job. There are many sham systems out here, which in the end were old men hidden under disguise of system, and helping the MC time to time, bro don't do that, that's ****, pure ****... As any logical, rational person will doubt such system(there's a novel in which MC on further increasing power dissolves the system as he doubts its reason) creating a flaw most novels, you've corrected it here... That's cool... Keep em releasin


Fucking so....... So...... Slow story line. I read 50 chapters he is not even level 2 not intersting... It was nice only till 5th chapter....................,.............. .......................


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This novel was pretty good, although a bit short. Still, I think it's worth reading! However, for a man so used to killing it seems he is not as bloodthirsty as in his previous circumstance


I don't really have much bad to say about this. The writing quality is amazing. If I had one complaint, it's that the author stretches out each part of the story for WAAAAY too long. Like seriously, two fights and it's taken 50 chapters...




Not bad. This is one of my favorite light novels I have read. Stories great. Quality is very good. Plot is a bit different than what most novel out there.


A great story, the character are well written and the writing style is perfect for this novel I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves to get sucked in to a fantasy world and encounter lots of new things


This is a good story so far. I hope the MC continues to get good quests and never gets asked by the system to do an evil quest. I will continue to read this series as long as the author continues to write it.


Can't give more than this. It's been many months since a new chapter was posted. More characters needed for Qidian hmmm...................................


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