Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
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Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples


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What is Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples

Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples is a popular web novel written by the author Kirbyisgreen, covering R-18, HAREM, POLYGAMY, MATURE, ROMANCE, SEXUAL CULTIVATION TECHNIQUE, MASTER-DISCIPLE RELATIONSHIP, ECCHI, FAST CULTIVATION, XIANXIA, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2.2M readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 106 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 220 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions of souls. He took advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune to become the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life, one filled with female disciples! Copyright 2020 Kirbyisgreen, All Rights Reserved. Join my discord for updates and to discuss the novel: https://discord.gg/dY5UApw Support the novel on patreon and get early access to chapters: https://www.patreon.com/kigreenwriting

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This is the author. This novel is meant to be a fun, parody novel filled with fantastical situations. Although some may not be realistic, read it with joy and pleasure. I aim to inject my own sexy ideas as much as I can think of. Please enjoy it!


I gotta say this novel got me hooked..as a man of culture, i really appreciate this piece of gem. It has all kind of fantasy you ever dream of. The MC is caring for his disciple/lover is a plus for me. Some say this has NTR? No, totally wrong..i've read this from the beginning.


damn, the author deleted my good review, I don't know if I want to explain everything but I will, IT'S NTR. Lin Qingcheng went from innocent girl to pure slut, from 0 to 100 real quick. She has her fun time with other women, so it's ntr, and the author said she is bi too. She owns a prostitute and the crazy thing is that she made branch sect, and the branch sect rule is that the women have to sacrifice there for the money so they can provide funds to the house, so anybody that wants to join the branch sect has to be a whore, her dao is based on sex and orgasms so she will use the women to cultivate. She ruined the mc name and the sect. If anybody wants to get easy PUSSY just go to the mc.


Rate 4,7??? Really. wtf this novel. other sect fck their female disciple are called evil sect. yet when mc recruit female disciple only to fck them are called good sect??? he always call other young master who like to fck other as trash and all. and yet he only recruit female to fck their hole. srly u need to add tag "Hypocrite" for MC cuz he is even more trash than side caracter.and the female in hes harem is basically just h*rny wh*re that even trashier than other b*tch in other novel. i feel i lose my brain and bcome stupid after reading few chapter of this novel. DISGUSTING.


So lets start of by saying I do enjoy the novel. But this does not mean its a good novel. First of I love the premise of your novel. You had me sold with only the Title & Synopsis so that's a big + But then after reading the first few chapters I already started to regret reading this, the MC acted like a wimpy 12 year old. To make a long story short he had no spine whatsoever and got walked over like a door mat. I already considered dropping the novel right then and there. Because I don't know about you guys but I can't be asked reading another beta CUCK MC. So I gave it a few more chapters and never stopped. I can't be asked writing a super long review so ill give you some bad points now. One of the biggest problems is that we barley get anything about the MC. Sure we get some SNU SNU chapters ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (which I obviously like) but that's about it. I feel like the author tried so hard to give the "disciples" some personality we get noting about the MC. And the further I get in the novel the less MC we get. I don't know about you guys but I don't read a novel to get 5+ chapters of no MC. This is a BIG deal breaker for me personally.So I read about 170 ish chapters in two days will catch up to the current chapters later today but I wanted to write the review right now because I'm upset at how the novel is going right now. We get so many chapters about the shittiest of the 10 disciples. First of all her character design is the worst one of the 10. For some reason she is running a whore house. (go figure)And we get so many chapters about this... (I don't care about this shitty part in the novel its so bad like for real bad)First off there is no logical reason for her to run the whore house.You might think there is but there is non as of now. - To make money for the sect? (NO if anything it probably costs more money then it makes) - To what save them? (NO if MC just killed them all (the owners) the problem would have been solved long ago) (if anything they are suffering more now because it gets dragged out so much) - To get intelligence "like a spy network" (NO, MC has his shadows) - To further her awful character design (NO, Just move on to another character, you could have developed the other ones in less chapters) - To help her cultivate? (Maybe, but I'm sure there was a better way) SO MY QUESTION IS WHY DO WE KEEP GETTING THESE SHITTY CHAPTERS??? Can we please move on like for real its so boring to read about this. Lets not forget MC is still only At 2/7 Spirit Lord Realm !!!!!!!!!!! 200 chapters in and MC is still SO WEAK!!!! LIKE ANY RANDOM DICK AND HARRY IMMORTAL CAN KILL HIM??? We need some development for MC!!!! So my problem is we get all these side adventures that do noting for the main story except add chapters when MC is still super UNDERDEVELOPED. I get that he wants to add more personalities to his disciples but he already did a really good job in 9 out of the 10 disciples. Its just that we keep getting these useless chapters where Lin Qingcheng is trying to run a whore house. That has no reason to even exist. And to make maters worse she is BRAIN DEAD. To give some perspective how weak MC is this is the cultivation we know: - Body Refinement Realm - Mind Focusing Realm - Spirit Initiate Realm - Spirit Lord 1/7 Spirit Lord Realm <-- MC STARTED HERE!!!! CHAPTER 1 2/7 Spirit Lord Realm <--- MC IS ONLY HERE AFTER 200 CHAPTERS! 3/7 Spirit Lord Realm 4/7 Spirit Lord Realm 5/7 Spirit Lord Realm 6/7 Spirit Lord Realm 7/7 Spirit Lord Realm - Spirit King 1/7 Spirit King 2/7 Spirit King 3/7 Spirit King 4/7 Spirit King 5/7 Spirit King 6/7 Spirit King 7/7 Spirit King - Spirit Emperor 1/7 Spirit Emperor 2/7 Spirit Emperor 3/7 Spirit Emperor 4/7 Spirit Emperor 5/7 Spirit Emperor 6/7 Spirit Emperor 7/7 Spirit Emperor - Spirit Overlord 1/7 Spirit Overlord 2/7 Spirit Overlord 3/7 Spirit Overlord 4/7 Spirit Overlord 5/7 Spirit Overlord 6/7 Spirit Overlord 7/7 Spirit Overlord - Spirit Master 1/7 Spirit Master 2/7 Spirit Master 3/7 Spirit Master 4/7 Spirit Master 5/7 Spirit Master 6/7 Spirit Master 7/7 Spirit Master - Spirit Saint 1/7 Spirit Saint 2/7 Spirit Saint 3/7 Spirit Saint 4/7 Spirit Saint 5/7 Spirit Saint 6/7 Spirit Saint 7/7 Spirit Saint - Spirit Demigod low? Demigod Med? Demigod High? Demigod we know noting yet about this realm Higher unknown realms ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? MC has never even looked for resources for himself!!! Like common give him some screen time and let him go on and adventure or two and let him level up a bit... Writing Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stability of Updates⭐⭐⭐ Story Development⭐⭐ Character Design⭐⭐⭐ World Background ⭐⭐ ⭐


The MC becomes a Beta male cuck for no damn reason, like the start is good, but then around volume 3 he becomes a beta Male cuck who lets his women physically and verbally abuse him while turning him into a fucking joke by making prostitutes into his grand disciples. I'm giving it a 2 because it starts out pretty good, but ultimately it becomes one of those Beta Male MC cuck series. So yeah, If you can stop before volume 3 all is pretty much fine, but if you can't I don't recommend this series. Seriously if you can't stop by volume 3 than DON'T read it if you hate beta male MC characters.


Good story so far...so much enjoyable. Every disciple has their unique character. Sex scenes are very good. But it also have a good plot that it doesnt bore you and it isnt full of bull**** like some other novels... All in all...I am enjoying it very much ...Keep up the good work Auther...It has a lot of potential as it has just started 20 days ago...Give it some time and it will have a lot of Readers....


On Chapter Ten so far, and the writing quality is pretty nice. It flows smoothly and the errors aren't common & only found if you are looking for them. The updates so far have been very stable, and I hope this pattern continues :D. With two waifu's acquired in the first 10 chapters I'd say the development is going steady, and I like the differences in the characteristics that they have. World Background is classic, no complaints. Highly Recommend, 5/5


I must say, this novel seemed normal like any other, with the simple cover and description, however, it is really bad, 50% of the content and treated by an immature immortal master who thinks with his penis, the other 50% is about rape, rape and more rape. The author should put a warning in both the tag and the description, because it is really frustrating to see so much rape of women, and practically all sects are evil, have no real opposition to the current configuration of the world and immortals.


TBH i was disappointed, I was hoping for a super OP person to go around creating a sect. Instead its some weak ass main character who calls him self an immortal who is only at the first stage of cultivation. WTF, he so weak that it makes him no different to other novel characters. Was hoping for something different but was disappointed by the fact he is just another weak MC that will get stronger because the story needs it so. I was hoping for more of a fun slice of life, from the name and description. Also the cultivation realm names annoy me as well. like WTF 100 years of life person being called immortal, thats no where near immortal. I understand lots call people immortal without being so but still there at minimum 10,000 years old. 100 fucking years is pathetic and annoys me.


This is one of my most favorite novels in webnovel, for a man of culture, this novel is a must have..it's fun and easy to read, the h scene is creative and naughty, thumps up


Reveal spoiler


I follow him from sh Good story i enjoy a lot I dunno what i must write in this review I mean 140 character was a lot u know But this novel was good and i hope whoever read this will spent their little bit of their time to read this enjoyable novel Gj big pp


Very Very nice. The writing quality is awesome, Updates are regular, about once or twice per day usually. Love the story and the plot line. Plot is slowly raveling. The characters are engaging and interesting. Also, The world background is nice. I'd like the story expanded on and improved. Overall, pretty good stuff with a nice "plot".


Pros: Harem, yes for harem lovers this is one of the best or the best harem novels in my opinion Smut is well written Character development✅ World building✅ Smart/Lucky protagonist✅ Consistent updates✅ Cons: Look up


The story is nice and fun to read. It doesn't have many characters introduced so far which makes it easy to know who's who. The main character is interesting, sort of relatable with his wacky traits. The MC's lovers which contain 3 primary waifu's, are all different from each other, with different origins, although not too spectacular or interesting it's believable. Chen Wentian also got 5 secondary waifu's, but they're pretty basic tbh. One problem would be that while the MC is pretty strong considering he is an Immortal he doesn't experience breakthroughs whatsoever, well from how far I've read. The waifu's though have been going through their cultivation like a breeze. Another might be how there doesn't seem to be much backstory about the MC but that might just make it too similar to most other novels that go through the whole cultivate from the bottom. It would be better if the MC is just hiding his powers but is lowkey the strongest in the Realm, but of course he doesn't flaunt it. Besides that the novel is once again a nice read, as it's relatively different from most novels I've read from this site.


Loved the story. MC isn't a douche who only cares about getting in girls pants. The romance isn't unrealistic, the way MC gets girls is at least believable. The story is not just about sex. Overall author did a good job.


I have to say that the story is pretty well written. The sex scenes are fine, and the plot is interesting enough. Good fucking stuff if I do say so myself.


One of the best original novel i have ever read..as a harem lover..i really like the MC care and attention to each of his harem member. I hope he stays that way till the end of the story. And not too many harem member please, 8 is max i think, so you can give more detail to each of the member.


I expected no less and the Author’s writing ability is up-to par. It’s comedic and the MC performs as you’d expect him to as according to his personality instead of going Off Character. In other words it’s a good read.


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