I Will Soar The Multiverse (Completed)I Will Soar The Multiverse (Completed)

I Will Soar The Multiverse (Completed)

by The_Unique

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Featured worlds: Danmachi, The Seven Deadly Sins, MCU( the infinity war only) MC Shadows : (Igris, Iron, Tusk from Solo leveling), (Subzero, Scorpion, Kenshi from Mortal Kombat) and more Words count: 72.000 words Not a harem planned to, but never did ---------------------- Our MC whose name is Sora is a college student in the second-best university in the country but he is very very bored this not the life he wants this life is boring he keeps asking himself why can't I have been born in anime or MU or xianxia worlds I mean I tried all type of dangerous sports, martial arts but nothing satisfies me I want more I want to fight monsters or people, get to be overpowered and get the women I want. So Someone hears his call for help. * I don't own the picture or the worlds MC goes to only My character *

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