I Am A Notorious Hidden Boss In The Alternate World
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I Am A Notorious Hidden Boss In The Alternate World


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What is I Am A Notorious Hidden Boss In The Alternate World

I Am A Notorious Hidden Boss In The Alternate World is a popular web novel written by the author Pointbreak, covering SYSTEM, COMEDY, TRANSMIGRATION, CULTIVATION, MODERN, ACTION, APOCALYPTIC, LITRPG, LAZYMC, GAMEELEMENT, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 71 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 118 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


25-year-old Albion lived an unimpressive parasitic life of a NEET and otaku, leeching off his loving parent's allowances to enjoy watching animes, reading manga and novels at home. When faced with the cruel reality of contracting cancer through smoking, he selfishly ran away from home and sacrificed his life on a strange day of drastic changes. 'Since I'm going to die anyway, let me save another life in exchange.' Those were his thoughts before shoving a person out of harm's way and getting struck by a truck. 'If I could get a second chance, I want to live a fulfilling life and not waste it like this.' However, Albion's new life resolution was quickly challenged by a stroke of divine providence. "What? I'm not dead yet? Holy cow, I transmigrated into the body of a notorious hidden boss who controls half the world's wealth in an alternate universe after he failed his heavenly tribulation? I never have to worry about money? I can live forever? Lucky me!" Albion thought he had shot to the peak of life, but he could not be more wrong. The immortal body was too strong for a mortal soul like him to control. He can only move for 5 minutes a day! He became immobile and paralyzed for the rest of the time! The Four Horsemen of the Dark Emperor thought he was crippled and turned on him! They couldn't kill him physically due to his invincible body so they dropped him to the bottom of the ocean to drown! His body was immortal. He could not die. Thus, he lived the following life in the dark depths of the ocean before being swallowed into the stomach of a giant sea serpent! Before he could enjoy his new life, he had sunk to the lowest point of his life, literally! However, the world rapidly changed after the notorious True Immortal disappeared for two years! The Apocalypse arrived, and so too, the System! Ding! [You have slain a Lv.1 ancient sea serpent. 100 EXP has been gained.] [You have leveled up.] [You have become a Lv.2 Hunter.] [Title acquired: Hunter.] Albion: ??? "Did the sea serpent get food poisoning and died from eating me or something?" Albion wondered in the pit of the sea serpent's stomach. [System calibration complete. Goldfinger has been activated.] "Never mind, my time has come! With the system in hand, I will take back everything and rule the w--wait, what? This body's cultivation needs to be sealed in order for me to move freely without impairments?" "Sigh, forget it, ruling the world is too hard. I'm a wanted man anyway. Let's just hide somewhere, watch my animes, and reading my manga and novels..." Albion was nerfed harder than the Big Bang at the beginning of time. However, what's his, will still be his. "Until my soul becomes strong enough to fully wield this power, I'll just treat it as a 5-minute Super Saiyan mode I can enjoy once a day..." He was not the Dark Emperor, but the Dark Emperor was now him. The Four Horsemen that turned on him, their day of retribution will come! Little did Albion know, the world had more things in store for him than his quest for vengeance. The dimensional rifts that appeared everywhere and the interdimensional creatures that spilled forth from there are actually...! Find out on the next episode of drag--Ahem, to be continued. =====Author's Note===== This is just a pet project and will not be updated regularly. If you like what you read, you can show your support through votes, reviews, and comments~! In light of this project receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, I will try to increase the release rate. Also, feel free to check out my other book, Prime Originator (also my first work). The genre is completely differently, so you may or may not like it and vice versa for readers coming from there :) You can join me on discord in the link here; https://discord.gg/cxpRTCkzH9 =====DISCLAIMER===== I do not own the cover, only edited it. The original belongs to its respective owner. Found on Pinterest

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I dont get why ppl were complaining abt how the MC was nerfed in the story, this at first led me to not wanting to read it but i buckled down and read it, the story actually tellls u why he was nerfed and if u dont get the reason why he was nerfed then dude/ette u will need to get ur brain checked. Other than that, I found no problems with the writing quality or anything for that matter wrong with it except the part where the MC doesn't want to read through his predecessors knowledge bcuz he fears he will lose himself which seems like a pretty dumb reason when he could die at any moment if he gets caught or lacks a certain skill or piece of knowledge that could get him out of that situation.


I'm giving this story five stars, while it deserves ten. This novel is literally comedy gold. anyways, If you want an OP MC from the start, he's plenty OP. just, not completely unbeatable because his soul isn't good enough to control his OP body, so his body has been sealed. but he can go Super Saiyan for 30 seconds per day, so he's also got an OP trump card. but you're not gonna read this for OP MC action-packed storyline/plot. you're gonna read this to laugh your f*cking ass off. Because this story is amazingly funny


The title of this book gives you a pretty good, well spot on, idea of what you are getting into. If it tickes you in your special place then you will enjoy it. What the title doesn't cover is the absolute hilarity that the author comes up with. I can't read this around anyone because every couple of chapters there will be some situation that makes me laugh hard and loud. Not a good look in a quiet room. Only thing that could be better (and probably not worth a 5* but i dont gas) is the update/release schedule. Anyway, read it and enjoy, or don't and die lonely, sad, and murdered. Up to you I guess.


I guess it’s time to write a new review and clarify some things about some things about the MC so you know what you are coming to read. First of all, thank you for the powerstones and support for the story. This was only supposed to be a pet project, but we end up winning the bronze tier for WFP#18 despite starting a bit late :) Alright, onto the main story. If you are looking for a super duper OP mc right from the start, this is probably not the story for you. MC is just an ordinary everyday guy (like you and me), who happens to transmigrate into the ultimate villain on earth, but doesn’t get all the benefits that comes with it from the start. He still has to work for it. That being said, the MC is still plenty OP with room for staggering growth compared to the mass. Feel free to leave a like and some questions about anything you are unsure of pertaining to the story here. That is all, and happy reading!


Uh good read but kinda mad he got nerfed otherwise pretty gucci story man[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


This book was a shock. I had just read the synopsis and fell in love. Scrolling down only to see harem, my hand froze. Is my luck really that bad or perhaps I should have accepted otakus= harem


Be warned, if your coming to read about a op mc, with Immortal body then leave i guess. MC gets nerfed as before the 11th chapter. adios.....


Overall A really nice read. Detailed and eloquent writing, very nice characters and a great world overall. Interested in where the story goes, best of luck.


one of the best novel i have read MAIN CHARACTER IS LAZY AND AND MORE LAZY THAN ANYBODY HERE ON EARTH.... ...............👍i recommend reading it




Funny Novel Had a lot of potential Good Novel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Participating in WFP #18 Visitors from another world. Feel free to leave behind reviews and comments, or power stones to support the continuation of the story. Any questions about the story will be answered here :)


I personally just don't really understand the point of putting villain in the title then making the mc a good guy. Also how tf did the thousands of years worth of memories not affect his personality or thoughts at all even consuming certain amounts of other media will somewhat affect your thoughts.


Dear Author-San, Amazing Novel, I Enjoy It Full Heartedly And Use My Power Stones On It Everyday What I Think Is Great About This Novel Is That I Believe Many People Will Be Able To Enjoy The Novel Due To It's Jokes And "Albion's" Actions And Thoughts So In All Congratulations And Praising I Say, Thank You Author-San, For Making Such A Wonderful Novel For Many To Read!. Sincerely, Grim Here's A Nice Picture If You Feel Like It'll Cheer You Up From Working So Hard On These Novels -Grim


Hey Author-sama~!! I just caught up the last chapter. And i wanted to say, i enjoyed.. and i noticed that story pretty underrated. I will try to support you with power stones of mine. And one last thing,~ can you please update more ehehe ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ thanks for the chapters anyways, im gonna stay turned~!!


Reveal spoiler


Yeah, it's been only 20 days since my last review. This needs more 5 star reviews because there are people who want generic Super OP MC from the start, which causes them to make it immensely underrated. anyways, My actual review is pinned, so read it if you want to. and if you didn't get it from my review, THIS IS NOT OP FROM THE START NOVEL!


One girl! The ideal type of MC or otherwise MC is a eunuch. Viva la france! Viva la france! Viva la france! Viva la france! Viva la france!


It was pretty good as a light-hearted comedy. Didn’t work too well as an action novel. Some jokes landed on me and made me laugh a bit, but some just weren’t funny to me. I’m at about the part where the MC takes over the gang. The action isn’t well described, but there wasn’t much to begin with. It’s all fine and dandy, but I’ve just read something like that so many times its just become bland to me. I can’t really say much else. It wasn’t executed especially well, or especially terrible. It was just average. Grammar and the like is near perfect, and story flows naturally. Synopsis is slightly clickbait, but that’s alright since it was entertaining nonetheless. One thing that bothers me is the lack of MC’s progress. His power level doesn’t increase at all from chp 1-50, and all he does is redeem some non-lethal skills. Although power progression isn’t the main focus of the novel, I feel like it should be important. With the current power progression, I feel like the story could go on for much longer than I would expect.


I dont understand why people are hating on this book so much just because the MC lost his invicibility. He’s OP enough as it is and kills his enemies with a slap. Deserves higher than a 4.5 and I almost didn’t read this book when I saw it, but I’m glad I did.


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