101 Shocking The World

[Alert! Behemoth-class interdimensional creature detected!]

[Ding! Scanning completed!]


<Lv.63 Colossal Mutant Lizard>

<Grade: Behemoth-class>

<Danger rating: High!>


Looking at the sudden notifications, Albion was suddenly surprised.

'Oh? How nice of you to suddenly warn me of things, Goldfinger.' Albion communicated with his thoughts.

[The lower the danger, the lower the rewards required to be handed out. Goldfinger does not want to be blackmailed later.]

Goldfinger answered.

'...You stingy as motherf—Haiz, forget it. I don't know whether I hate you or thank you, dammit.' Albion was quite speechless.

Nevertheless, he quickly paid attention to a few key points, 'Why is this interdimensional creature's level so high? Even the Four Emperors are level 51 at most.'

[According Goldfinger's calculation—]

'Wait, Hold up a minute. I know, it must have something to do with the Second Wave and being a boss-level creature...' Albion spoke.



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