How to hug a thigh as a shark-kin
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How to hug a thigh as a shark-kin


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What is How to hug a thigh as a shark-kin

Read How to hug a thigh as a shark-kin novel written by the author SUPER_WEIRDO on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, transmigration, superpowers, dark, childhoodsweethearts. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


*reverse harem* This is the story of a shark-kin girl who wanted to hug a thigh to escape her fate but instead dropped a stone on her own foot. She had instead awakened something within her 'thigh' that she could not control, making him as black-bellied as herself and drawing the attention of several other 'thighs' who offered themselves to her willingly. -- Step 1: Be cute Step 2: bootlick Step 3: make sure you know your target, you really don't want to f*ck yourself. Step 4: don't be a white lotus, don't be green tea, don't be on anyone's side but the thigh's. Step 5: have no boyfriend, limit your friends Step 6: be able to cook, wash, clean and drive like a boss, know how to speak, walk, and if push comes to shove socialise. Step 7 : make sure you know the worth of yourself and make sure it can be at least high enough for your thigh to become your shield when in need. He will not hesitate. Step 8: when you grow up, make sure you are still holding that thigh and have an extra or erm two. Step 9: don't fall for the thigh you are hugging. Step 10: forget it, escaping now is futile. I had hugged my thigh too well, sigh. --- Take note: pov will change, but female lead will remain constant. This book has a sea world theme within but that is not fixed. World building, action, slight disturbing scenes. Romance is slow burn, so please take note but we will have fluff moments!!! --- WSA entry Update every other day (Cover not mines credit to the owner, any issues, please let me know and I will take it down.)


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For being such an interesting read, I have to give it full marks. Minor mistakes but those can be overlooked because reading a book like this is really not bad. #addedtolibrary


Something new for sure, I like it! Already with the type of fl I am hooked. It should become even more interesting as the chapters progress. Will be added to my library.


Enjoyed this novel very much intense and addictive had me hooked from the very first chapter . My favorite highlight is that I like that when u read u feel as if your the character and u can follow allow chapter by chapter very detailed and interesting.


Been looking for a few books to read by this author and she brought two!!! I am so excited, I am sad only a few chapters are up so far but I am loving it. Sharks? It's something new and adding a reverse harem of all types of sea beasts!? Drool worthy😍😍😍


I'm glad to have found something different from anything else around here. The fl has a captivating personality, and I'm looking forward to knowing her better. Love the concept of the story and the underwater world. The published chapters are too few, author! I will wait for the next...


A unique writing style, the beginning I a bit dark but that does not distract from how interesting the book actually is, the theme of the book is interesting which makes me excited to see where this author is going with this novel.


Definitely not what I was expecting the novel to be when I first read the synopsis. The author seems to have much word-building mapped out for their novel so I am excited to see where the story will go from here on out. If you enjoy a well built world in a novel, you might want to consider giving this one a try!


The beginning is quite dark, passing that that the book overall has a deep fantasy element to it. The character is still on her growth stage, up to this point she is two but seems older due to the world itself and that the soul is old. What is great about this is that the main character is a shark! A shark that is hugging thighs😂😂 That is the thing that caught my eyes. I look forward to the grown-up version of the main lead because I am sure the book will become all the more interesting.


Reveal spoiler


okay, wow. the first chapter had me shocked! did not expect a story starting with such a dark turn! Interesting 💯 The writer quality is good but can be improved just a little big (teensy weensy) when it comes to sentence structuring. The storyline seems to be very promising and something that will catch a lot of eyes! good job and good luck!


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It is definitely different from most of the novels in the platform. In that sense, I recommend it to readers who are tired of the norm. Quite interestingly written. 🤗


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