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What is GHOST DETECTIVE: Li Xiajun

Read GHOST DETECTIVE: Li Xiajun novel written by the author Suoshi on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, modern, ghost, detective. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


!!{ON PAUSE FOR THE MEANWHILE}!! [Excerpt:] "Come out. I want to talk." It was a full minute before the ghost decided to walk through the wall and came to stand in the middle of the room, right over her death spot. She didn't say anything for the longest of whiles and Xiajun had started to worry that Zhaohui would return, so he decided to initiate conversation. "Your name is," Xiajun remembered from the file he had read, "Miss Zeng Suyin?" The ghost nodded and stared wide-eyed at Xiajun. "Y-you can see me?" Her voice was a hoarse whisper, one that suited the dead. Xiajun tried to hide the shiver that went down his spine. "I can. Infact, I may be the only one to do so. My confrere will be back any moment now, so we must get this done with. There are some questions I'd like to ask you," Xiajun said as he pulled a pad and a pen out of his pant pocket. Miss Suyin remained silent. "First of all," he said as he glanced over the ghost of the woman once, "who killed you?" ___________________________ Top Detective Li Xiajun has a secret. Nobody knows that he can see ghosts. ...... Ghosts are poor, lost souls that have yet to gain closure and are roaming the lands in hopes that someone would walk by and grant their living wishes. That's when detective Li Xiajun enters the scene. Since the day he got his vision, he knew that something was wrong. People roamed his world that appeared neither living, nor dead...but nobody except him could notice them. The ghosts were also wary of this boy, of course, because no one else seemed to stare straight at them for ages. Now 26 years old, Li Xiajun is in great demand as China's top detectives, yet no one knows that he climbed the steps by aid of none other than the very ghosts of the poor victims he was set to investigate. ...... Follow Li Xiajun on his journey and witness how the man with an extraordinary gift solves various, otherwise unexplainable cases of human foulness. JOIN the Discord: https://discord.gg/pGAmJ7P ********* READ MY OTHER NOVEL: HOW THE PRINCESS REWROTE HER TRAGIC ENDING (WSA, Ongoing.) ********* [Psst, cover was taken from Pinterest (though I drew the hands) and belongs to Yanggae on Twitter! Link to original Artist: https://twitter.com/eggpongg?lang=en If you are the artist and want me to take it down, please contact me :D] My Discord: Suoshi#8929


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I Don't know if it's just me or not but my mind played your book as a 60's movie. Black and white, suit with those stylish hats and stuff but hehe maybe it's just me. Anyway, I loved it honestly, I couldn't stop reading it. one issue other than that it was really good, didn't like the fact that there weren't more chapters. But I enjoyed it, storyline carries on gently but it's still too short. But I'm looking forward to more.


Reveal spoiler


Nice......The plots are interesting and your writing quality is really good. I like suspense and detective stories, so I would 100% recommend this book!


The writing is great enough to make me bristle. Guys, if you come from author's princess novel, you know the writing quality is going to be great. Well, if you did not come from there. Just read it! It's worth your time for people who like mystery. The MC here seems to solve the cases with his perfect detective intuition which didn't even miss an angle lol! plus with the help of his super power which make him able to see ghosts.Boom!China's top dectetive. ≧﹏≦


Couldn't help but reviewing this novel... The way you delivered the story made the readers kept on guessing of 'what next?' I didn't know if it was only me, but during the case, I wished Shinichi Kudo would suddenly appear and solve the case...lol It's because the author was doing a good job in creating the tension... And I love that!


An interesting premise, and good world development. The character setting was fine, but not perfect, and the grammar and writing quality are fine.


THIS IS SO COOL! I love this story so much. I mean, there are hosts, a cool detective and sexy cars...what else do you need??? Please read this and this Author also has a princess novel which I definitely recommend too!


I really love the detective Li Xiajun., the story has a nice plot and i also like the suspense, you narrated it well and everything was in detail. I got hook by reading the first few chapters and i expect to see more in the future.


Detective and mystery has always been my cup of tea, love how the author narrates the story. I was hooked from first few chapters This story was just too good, couldn't stop reading. Everything was in detail, the pacing was just perfect. I didn't see any grammatical errors, words were pretty simple, which made my imagination vivid and fun. MC keeps reminding me of my friend XD will recommend to him he will love this! I LOVE THE COVER. The title will attract any mystery lover. Great job! [img=update]


Guess who else came from the author's FL Novel? Me! I've fallen completely in love with this novel! There's so much going on, such a new concept, I'm fascinated! Don't we all love ghosts and detectives? This is the perfect COMBO! BUHAHA I can't wait to read more, I'm starved for the Author's chapters so much :') I wish wish wish I could afford privilege


It is an intelligently written novel with such suspense that it left me wanting more. The author did a great job describing every single detail, and I was hooked right in. The mystery and suspense kept me on the edge. I would love to see more of detective Li Xiajun.


the name of the mc I forgot he seemed not too serious(compared to characters like Levi Ackerman) that gonna make the story dope in the further chapter, the story looks will get complicated and wholesome in future chapters there weren't any grammatical errors and the writing was easily to read and was splendid to read loved it good work author


5/5 (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚ The storyline is very interesting! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b I already look forward to what cases the main character will solve (✧ω✧) What I like most about the story is how natural the scenes and dialogues were \(^▽^)/ Great job and please upload more (╯✧▽✧)╯


from the athor's previous story up to this one, i was never disappointed!. Waaa i dont know why it would always start with this sequence-- I would be intrigued by the synopsis then i would read then baam it would be more than i expected. The MC----waaa I suck at memorizing Chinese names so i'd call him the MC, the MC is very enthralling, and his golden finger kept me wanting for more , I wanna knoww what he'd doo moreee i cant hardly waaait!. please update moreee


As always top notch writing quality. The development of story became more engaging as I continued from one chapter to other. the premise is handled uniquely by the author. fantastic!!!


I love the pacing in this story, it's extremely smooth and so easy for a reader to follow. it's actually the perfect place you'd need for a detective novel. The personality of the main character seems quite prideful and snobby which is actually Sherlock Holmes-esque so quite perfect for a detective story if I say so myself. 😂


Okay, I've only read the first chapter. It didn't catch my interest and I wasn't entertained by the nephew just bursting into his uncle's office. Also, there wasn't much detail to visualize the scene at all. The grammar was easy to follow along though.


The writing is really good and easy to read, but again the wall of text hehe make it into two paragraph hehe thats my only suggestion. .............


ohhhh❤❤nice starting and of course the name is attractive enough for any mystery lovers😊 welp as long as author can keep us on our toes all the time with suspense its gonna be lit🤗


It's a great novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to read more. It's truly quite beautifully written, and I can tell you that the author poured her heart into the narrative when writing it.


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