24 The count down

Ed found out later that he had 1 month and a half before the academy starts. He spent 1 week hunting in the forest but he didn't meet any strong monsters so he didn't level up. He spent another week perfecting the control of his skills and abilities as well as thinking of new combinations.

He had managed to accumulate ten Gacha tickets from his hunts and some minor missions that popped up during these two weeks. Now he was in his room ready to make some draws.

"System use 5 tickets on skills, 2 on function and 3 on armor" Ed made his choices while considering his current state, he needed more skills than anything else.

[Drawing please wait]


Obtained Blacksmith, Pharmaceutical, Zero sign, Cooking, Fire magic, 2xUpgrade card, Leather jacket, Leather pants and Linen underwear.

"System how come I got the Fire magic again?" Ed was happy with most of what he got except the Fire magic. He decided to ignore the underwear that he got once more.

[Duplicates always exist. Else you would have gotten only 1 upgrade card] The system made sense as always. Ed crushed all new skills that he got.

Blacksmith (Legendary): Full mastery.

Able to craft any weapon. Able to add enchantments to weapons.

Pharmaceutical (Legendary): Full mastery.

Able to make all kinds of medicinal pills and potions.

Zero sign (Mythical): Able to erase presence. Even the most advanced sensors wouldn't be able to notice you while touching them. Able to use for a limited time only.

Cooking (Epic): Full mastery.

Able to cook any dish.

Ed was very excited. He had gotten 2 legendary skills and a mythical ability. This alone made his powers skyrocket even more. 'I probably won't have any good luck anytime soon' Ed looked bitter since he felt like he exhausted all his luck just now. Ed also had a complete Leather outfit now. This meant his armor was now complete.

"Master Ed, his highness calls for you" Becky called Ed and informed him that his father requested him.

Ed went over quickly since he knew something was up. He was afraid something bad had come up again.

"Ed sorry for calling you when you're relaxing, but something has come up" Arthur looked worried.

"What happened, father?" Ed got tense as well.

"Our country is losing money. Our crops are barely surviving, which means poor people might starve!" It was indeed an emergency.

"What crops are we trying to grow?"

"Peas, Shallots and spring onions mostly. The other crops are doing okay"

"Then we need to change the crops. We are in spring now, those are winter crops. We should try to grow lettuce, radishes, beets, and carrots. They would be better in this case" Ed used his old world knowledge to help his father. Arthur was in deep thought.

'System what can I do about the lack of money.' Ed, however, had no idea how to make money so he asked his system.

[Host can make magic weapons or pills and sell them.]

'Magic weapons what are those?'

[They are weapons that can channel Qi or allow the person to use magic they are not compatible with. To make such weapons, Host needs magic stones]

'Where can I get them?'

[Hunt King establishment monsters or buy the stones]

'So that's the reason why those monsters sell for so much' Ed finally knew why such monsters could turn in so much profit.

"Father how about you purchase weapons and magic stones so I can make magic weapons. I'm certain they would sell for a lot!" Ed proposed his plan to Arthur.

"Magic weapons?! You can make them?!" Arthur was surprised since blacksmiths who could make such weapons were rare.

'Well I could make them since this morning' Ed chuckled in his mind.

Arthur trusted Ed and used his plan. He also purchased several weapons and magic stones and gave them to Ed. Ed was now in a secluded room working on the magic weapons.

He would use his fire magic instead of a furnace so he was much more efficient.

To make magic weapons Ed crushed the stones into a fine powder and heated the weapon. He then would make etchings on the weapon using Wind magic. afterward, he would pour the powder on the etchings making it fuse with the sword and decorate it.

This process seemed easy to Ed but was actually incredibly difficult. If not for his blacksmith skill he would not succeed even once.

Ed spent two weeks making weapons. Each of those weapons could be sold for up to 20.000 gold coins, this saved the financial situation of the country for now. As for the food situation the crops were growing up quickly and with no issues. Ed felt it was too fast for the crops to grow, but he thought it had something to do with the Qi in this world.

Ed now had two weeks before the academy started. He didn't find any worthy monsters in the forest near the city so he decided to leave the city. Ed proposed his idea to Arthur.

"You won't try to run away and act like you couldn't reach the academy, right Ed?" Arthur shot a questioning look at Ed.

"Of course not father hahaha..." Ed had beads of sweat rolling down his cheek. 'He saw right through me!' Ed planned to act as if he got lost or forgot to count the days to try and run away from the academy but that seemed impossible now.

"Alright, then you can leave. However, you can't take anyone with you since the academy stressed on individual might. Sadly Becky can't leave with you" Arthur was concerned but Ed was rejoicing inside. He always wanted freedom more than security.

Ed left Arthur's office and headed to his room. He had to prepare for the journey ahead of him.

In his room, Ed summoned Suika and called Raikou. He began to explain his situation to them. Suika got excited at the thought of travel while Raikou simply trusted Ed with all decisions.

Ed then used his 2 Upgrade cards on his Seikūken and it evolved into the Ryūsui Seikūken. Although it was only level one, this was an increase in Ed's hand to hand combat even if he didn't know any martial arts.

"Sorry Suika you will have to wait for a bit longer before evolving" Ed apologized to Suika since he seemed like he neglected her.

"Suu~~!" Suika didn't seem like she minded at all. She was happy enough just being with Ed.

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