106 Another Legendary Monster

At night, Ed was preparing the seagulls he had hunted. Although they were big compared to normal ones, they were still not big enough for all six of them. Ed was going to prepare more than a dozen of them. After eating everything, Ed opened up the dimension and entered. He chose not to open earlier since he wanted to train, and preparing the birds inside would only be a waste of time. He set the gravity to two times the normal and doubled the time. He was going to train inside for about two hours.

His training consisted of basic muscle training and running. He was doing the simple things in order to get used to the gravity. Training the basics was always considered a good thing to do. After the two hours were up, he took a bath and slept. Ed started a schedule of hunting, eating, training, and sleeping. He followed this schedule for almost a month on the fifth floor. The reason behind this was because he wanted to pinpoint the location of the floor boss. As well as increase his level as much as possible.

The encounter with the Kyuubi made him realize the limits of his abilities. Although he had many skills, it didn't matter if his cultivation couldn't keep up. He would have been able to defeat the Kyuubi in the end. But if there was a monster stronger than it, then Ed would be in trouble. He managed to increase his level to 35, making him an Earth Establishment level 5. However, he only managed to gather five Gacha tickets. Leveling up, in the beginning, was easy. Most monsters had a cultivation higher than Earth Establishment level 5. But as he progressed, things became difficult.

The amount of exp he got from each monster became less, and now he was stuck.

Name: Edward Avalon.

Level: 35. (62.000/400.000) [Earth Establishment level 5].


HP: 810/810.

MP: 584/584.

STR: 400.

AGL: 353.

INT: 356.

DEF: 363.

STA: 405.

Skills: Three-sword style, Etiquette, Haggling, Strategy, KI control, Driving.

Abilities: Mangekyo-Sharingan, Spectral Shadow Steps, Wind magic, Fire magic, Space magic, Voice Disguise, Shunpo, Nen, Berserk.

Monsters: Raikou, Suika, Gobuta, Goburou, Garu.

Evaluation: acceptable.

The amount of Exp he needed to level was too much. He finally decided to break out of this floor. He was considered too under-leveled, but not now. He was finally able to max out Spectral Shadow Steps at level 10, giving him 100% movement speed increase. Along with total silence when executing movements. This skill has been with him for the longest, and it was very advanced compared to other rare skills. It had saved him many times before.

Ed didn't spend the last month only training. He made sure to monitor the people that were able to advance to this floor. Thanks to this, he was able to figure out the location of the monster. The last monster was killed four days ago, meaning that Ed needed to wait for three days before it could re-spawn. Ed made his way to the location and set up base there. He wasn't going to let anyone steal the next kill from him.

He spent the next three days in the same way as the last month. He trained, ate, and slept. The only difference between the gravity multiplier. Ed now had more than enough KI to increase it. He set up a 10x multiplier. The first day made him struggle too much. He was too used to 2x gravity, so the sudden change was too much to handle at first. However, Ed wasn't the type to decrease the difficulty. He enhanced himself with KI and Nen. This allowed him to overcome the pressure put on him easily. As time went on, he decreased the enhancement to make him body take the pressure.

Training with gravity was greatly beneficial to him. His KI increased on its own while he was training. His speed, durability, and stamina all increased exponentially as well. Just this month of training alone allowed him to up his abilities once more. As the cooldown time for the boss was about to expire, Ed exited the dimension along with his companions. Luckily, no other person could be seen on his Map. Unless they were an enemy, Ed could identify any person around. If they were an enemy, Ed would just kill them on the spot.

Ed followed the time in his mind. A magic circle appeared as soon as Ed's mind clock hit zero. 'So they really spawn in the same place,' Ed thought to himself. He withdrew Shusui alone and stepped up to the challenge. He was going to try and kill the monster on his own. This was his way to challenge himself. After the monster completely spawned, Ed scanned it. He wasn't surprised with the result as he had expected such a thing to happen.

The monster was an Earth Establishment level 9. It was also a legendary monster, same as the Kyuubi. The opponent this time, however, was a turtle. The turtle had a very dark green color. Seeing it, a name popped up in Ed's mind 'The Black Warrior'. This was a way to call a black turtle of legend that had an east-Asian origin. The turtle in front of him needed only a serpent as a tail and it would be identical.

It was over five meters tall, and most of its body was hidden by its shell. Ed could tell that breaking that shell would be difficult. Suddenly, it moved its neck and looked towards Ed. It had a face that seemed to be old, and with its slow body movement, one could only see an old man when looking at it. But Ed didn't drop his guard. Such an enemy was always difficult to deal with. As soon as its eyes met with Ed's, it released water from its mouth. The gigantic wave that was produced was even taller than its body.

'Tch, why do I get the Legendary monsters?' Ed complained in his brain, but he was actually glad. Stronger monsters mean more Exp. This thought was driving him to move on. Ed gripped Shusui hard and swung horizontally. He didn't use any magic or enhance himself in any way. His brute strength alone was able to blow away the gigantic wave, making small water drops to fall down.

"Now then, I hope you'll assist me in my experiments" Ed spoke while pointing his sword at the turtle.

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