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Eye System


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Levelling also known as cultivation is the thing that the entire world revolves around. Lex had no family and was found alone at the crash site, is an absolute trash with a weak body and was bullied and abused by those his age. On the verge of death after he was nearly killed by his bullies he gave up on life until.... {Ding, host has gained the Eye System}. From then he began his journey exploring the universe and chasing after the girl he loves all while getting stronger and finding out more about himself. But life isn't that simple and fate is unpredictable. With infinite realities Lex has to make his way up from the bottom wherever he is all with the Eye System. Gaining more and more Eye Powers, while unlocking more and more mysteries, will Lex make it to the top. Author Note: Planning for a long novel with an ever growing world and MC and his personality and strength will grow and change throughout so I wouldn't judge the entire novel off the not great beginning chapters and throughout the novel you see the mc change an improve in ideals, personality and strength. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TtnGfdKanr Note: I do not own cover art


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