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Embodiment of Taint and Purity


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(DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A GENERIC FANFIC WHERE THE MC WAS GOOD WHEN HE LIVED SO GETS WISHES. I AM TRYING TO USE THE ALREADY CREATED STORIES AND WORLDS AND MAKE SOMETHING OF MY OWN USING MY OWN CONCEPTS THAT I CREATED. Enjoy) Haruto was a normal boy, living a normal life. If getting severely ill multiple times a month was considered normal. One day, he was reading a manga whilst walking home when an ad popped up. "If you had to die, in which way would you?" Taking an interest, Haruto thought of something funny. In his mind, he remembered the scene where a popular streamer Ninja told a kid to 'Die in a fucking fire.' so, Haruto typed that. He was about to close the ad without accepting it, but a man bumped into him causing him to accept the answer to the question. It did not seem like something happened so he was fine. That day, Haruto's body never left his home, his soul, however, did.


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