1 My disappointment

This fanfic feels like it was originally going in the right direction I wanted it to, however, it doesn't anymore.

Writing feels monotonous and repetitive for me so I feel like trying to give my concept another go in another world.

My Hero Academia was not an ideal world for me to use as the starting point due to multiple reasons with some being that it wasn't fitting the requirements for what I needed it to be and that it wasn't a finished series. I caused problems for myself by thinking of what to do after Haruto returns and the My Hero world just destroyed my writing and has made me stuck. I don't look forward to writing until there and even now, many regrets are in my mind so I will ask you guys' opinion on whether you would mind if I drop and start anew with the concept and a new MC, with alterations of course, I feel like if I used a completed series as the starting point then my writing would not stagnate.

I will try writing some chapters and will release some of them all at once. On the other hand, I may stop uploading new chapters for this fanfic in favour of the new one I want to try.

The reason I am going to do this is simply that I was disappointed, both with myself and the fanfic and how I screwed it up (in my opinion).

With the concept I am sure that I could've made something much better than what I did.

I will upload the name here if I do decide to continue the other fanfic.

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