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Dragonball: The Primitive Human


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----Answering a questionare that randomly pops up on your PC screen and going to sleep only to open your eyes within a new body in a new world. watch as Genshi shows that humans can be relevant and not be so easily cast aside.---- –-------(a reincarnation fanfic about a not so normal guy bring reincarnated into a not so normal race in the dragonball world; in an environment he isn't used to, how will our mc go about in this world??.)–------ I do not own the cover, or Dragonball (Like it's so obvious!) Open for criticism, and all that. Chapters stability is 3 to 5 chps a week, a bonus if am not in the mood to play Roblox: Dragonball overhaul. I think am talking too much, anyway enjoy and stay safe yall.


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