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Dawn Of The Freak


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What is Dawn Of The Freak

Read Dawn Of The Freak novel written by the author Kandpalbhaskar010 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Two bodies one soul, live together, die together. Follow cute Adrian and handsome Elijah on their craziest, funniest, and humor filled love experience. Elijah: 'Puppy eyes' Just one kiss, please. Adrian: 1 Million. Elijah: How about just touching your body all over? Adrian: 5 Million. Elijah: And what about sucking your dick? Adrian: 'Thinking' 10 Million. Elijah: What about fucking? Adrian: 100 Million. Elijah: 'Gulp' Then let's start with fucking? Adrian: 'Nod nod' 100 Million. (You can also read my other novel: Ten Faced Boyfriend) (The credit of the wallpaper on the cover photo goes to it's original maker.)


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Full of youthfull enthusiasm and character, this novel was made with the tongue of a sailor. Although the beginning was grammatically bumpy, the author’s skill imrpoves with every chapter, reaching a precipise of mastery by Chapter 30. Keep rising!


I love both of MC and ML dynamic, they are match made in heaven especially ML shameless attitude hehe, the novel is pretty written well, as I can understand. story wise it's pretty good overall its a good novel. Thank you author for creating this Novel 💞


i love it, especially the the quote in the first part, it's like i'm under a magical spell, drawing me deep inside to read the full story. i like the character development. i just want to take elijah home. i want to read more chapters of this. i love it.


I'm in love with the story . can't get enough of the book . looking forward to seeing more chapters and twists . love the main characters . 🙃


A whirlwind start. Adrian is an unusual lead which makes the story even more compelling. He’s full of life and mischief and that will make you keep reading this well told tale with all it has to offer. Well done author.


😆 I just loved it. The couple dynamics is very very rare. The both of them are shameless and like playing innocent yet it is not irritating at all. it is even funny. I love story where the Mc has high EQ. I am tired of dense mc(this is hypocritical of me) and our Ads already like Elijah(not a spoiler). Loved it, hope there is no angst yet. I am not mentally ready.


Just can't believe that I read 23 chapters in one go. Excellent! Intriguing! I liked everything about the novel. The character design, the writing style, and the story development were excellent. I was smiling as I scrolled from one chapter to another. Loved the bond between the leads. Will continue reading and will remain in my lib! Keep Going!!




Fantastic story with shameless and openminded characters. Very goox jof from autor. As reader i didnt felt bored and was satisfied, although i am only in the beginning :) sweet story with supernatural abilities and apokalypse...🤗🤗🤗🙁🙁


its not that good in a sense of writing, grammar is a bit off sometimes. The mc and ml are a bit eccentric and a bit psyhotic Overall tho it a fun read for now :)


This is such a fun read! Plot itself is very interesting, but the author's writing style made it more fun. The characters are well made and I found myself laughing numerous times. The pace is fast, just good for the story. Overall, this one is a good read!


A good storyline, the characters are fascinating to an extent that grabs the readers attention. A beautiful picture is created through these words. Overall a nice novel.


Well, the story is interesting. The story is funny and I love the two leads. Jus Ad should be a little cooler, I mean he is a little crude and all. But overall all is good. I love how we are already into a pseudo-relationship of the lead since the beginning it makes the story more lively Keep up the great work author.


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