Dark Phoenix Prince

Author: Saubi1234
Eastern Fantasy
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What is Dark Phoenix Prince

Read Dark Phoenix Prince novel written by the author Saubi1234 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, cultivation, villain. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Alu is forced by his father to swallow the dragon soul of his best friend, Elizabeth, to awaken his Phoenix soul. Even though he didn't want to, he didn't have the strength to go against his father's will. Tragedy struck, and it resulted in Elizabeth hating him greatly. They become enemies of life and death. Alu, who is hated by Elizabeth, ends up hating his own father for what he did. However, as Alu grew older under his father's tutelage, Alu began to stop regretting what happened in the past when he realized how important strength is. Without strength, a person is destined to be abandoned. ... Under the care of his father, Alu grew up as an ambitious and cold-blooded young man. He can do anything to gain more strength. Note: Mc is hypocritical and selfish. and simp. The last chapter is a summary of the whole story to the end. Cover from pinterest. Notify if it's yours or violates copyright.

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Constance Williams is a former Kindle Scout participant who has gain numerous votes on Facebook and also support in the Kindle’s Scout Authors community which has encouraged her writing even greater. She is a prolific writer indeed – has written over 24 books, and is snooping around as we speak, gathering information for another amazing story, just to share with you; her loyal and wonderful audience. “Love Overdose” “Flesh” “Struggles of the Hear” Are, just a few of the books that she has written. Constance, has worked across the border of several industries such as operating a restaurant, working as a medical technician in a doctor’s office and hospital, to teaching Social Studies and English in a community college. She presently has a Youtube Channel where she teaches English at the CXC (Caribbean Examination Council) level. You may visit her website to read excerpts from her books and leave your comments as well. Here is the link for doing so: www.ladycbooks.simplesite.com Her hips were as wide as a barrel and her buttocks were plump and round as two American apples placed side by side on the surface of a kitchen island! The tan on her skin looked exactly like warm buttery caramel, floating from a crystal jar ready to be licked away by the eyes of the man who would behold it! The back of her dress… a dark chocolate and beige attire, with dashes of green splattered all over the material which was looking exquisitely perfect and very sexy on her body complimenting her every curve that the good lord had given and her mama has molded! With its deep v-cut that travelled all the way down to her lower back, just leaving enough for one’s imagination and another’s aspiration! Like a good tailor cutting to fit, the dress was fitting her wide hips while hugging her fabulous backside like two cantaloupes placed in a pair of stockings for the yearly Christmas celebrations!

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The way how you make the mc cruel is something few will do and succeed in making you did that and I like how you make it that even arrogant people have intelligence so it seems more realistic (unlike almost every other cultivation manga).


Your story was great but I have to tell you listen to your heart and not what people say, it will only lead to regrets. I love your book even though I hated the fact that All had *** with Rena, Camellia,etc. I wanted that to happen btw him and Elizabeth only.but it's still nice. Pls don't ever give up on writing ur novels even though it seems no one is interested in reading them. U may not notice but there were a lot of ghost reader who loved ur novel and was dieing to get an update, someone like me. I don't really like leaving comments but I love your book.l hope you read this message and try not to feel inferior.love you author!!💞💞💞💞♥️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


This story is amazing ! the characters were all very well developped, the MC and his powers are really nice, well sadly it was dropped, but who knows maybe one day the author will re-start this story or a new one with the same type of MC and change what he wants. The dark phoenix prince was an amazing story for me and i would have loved to read it until its completed (for real) but sadly such a good story ended like this when some trash become famous with the same plot and characters for millions times


just from the syp I can tell she was a childhood friend. and you just killed her........I FUCKING LOVE YOU ❤❤❤ take my 5 stars just for that


5/5 5/5 yesss baby. this is what I lived for. let's gooo..... please give this book a try! this is one of a kind not like those other book that says that the male is evil but he turns to a nice guy.! this book is the real deal! the only problem is that I can't wait for the updatesss! so far so good and I hope this remains this way, one other complain: don't let the MC be a pu**y when he is near his childhood friend. make the MC stronger! let us readers enjoy this and let's see the world burn!


Hey Author! Not a reviw, more like a question :). Just found your novel. Im looking for some anti hero/evil MC stories with harem, lemons. Can i find something like that here? Have a nice Day!


Really felt like I wasted my time reading this novel. It was pretty decent in the earlier stages, but continued to go downhill until it got worse, only for us to be given that horrendous ending. I initially picked this up because I saw it was complete with no many chapters, but it was such a let down to see the reasoning behind why this novel came to an ending so soon. Sure we got a summary at the end there, but that only left me more unfulfilled and disappointed because it felt like no effort was put into it. So much wasted potential.


The writing is sometimes confusing but other than that the novel is good


A perfectly evil and twisted MC done right


My review: It's a very good story. And its kinda original. It takes an interesting spin on the villain character and their motives. The World Background is simple but interesting. And the character them self do have some personality. of course not all of them but you can't expect that. I would definitely recommend this book.


Very good novel , there are just few problems with understanding of what's going on in novel . First of all , read cultivation level auxiliary chapter. It skips many steps regarding cultivation. Also , yes I'm just sad about female lead not understanding male lead but that's just how it is . Well don't be biased when you read novel , like I said before that novel doesn't explain story in an understanding manner several times , we just need to understand it ourselves.


Kinda stupid. Not sure why you would want the girl who hated him for something that’s not even his fault in his harem. He was a kid, and he was forced to do something, and she hated him for it. Lame.


Not really a shame the author dropped this novel considering the end was going to be quite disappointed anyway. Great while it lasted but the author clearly lost motivation way before ending the novel since the unfinished arc wasn't enjoyable to the slightest. The protagonist was great as he was, a selfish young man with mental illness but the author clearly had other plans for him which would surely just make him another protagonist just slightly more mature. Small amount of plot-armor here and there, the world building was average, the cultivation system is average aswell. What made this novel slightly unique is it's side characters which some of them have genuine personality but I always had the feeling their life revolved around protagonist despite the author saying they don't.


Dear, Author why did you end this novel so early and the action is not starting by the way if it's ending it's still one of the best novels I have ever read. So you did a good job. And by the way can you please tell me if they are more novels like this that I can read.[img=recommend][img=recommend]


The story is interesting🥰🥰🥰 and pls when will the next chapter be out. I want to know what transpire between Elisabeth and Alu at the end




Summary sounded amazing until you lost me at simp, how can you ruin such an amazing idea with the addition aspect of "SIMP" dgnfgnfgnfgnfnfgnf


The hate is solely because I can not unlock any chapters for this novel, and I keep getting fast passes for it. I can't spend it since it only allows you to purchase all the chapters with coins, but I keep getting the fast passes anyway.


Could have been a great story,,, but too bad it was short......................... ............................................................


I just do not get it. What is wrong with people and why they always like evil MC. I hate it. I mean I understand that people do not like naive MC and I do not like MC with that kind of personality but there is a big difference between naive and nice and good guy. I discovered that during the past two years MC with evil personality are getting more popular and authors like to write this kind of story who knows what is wrong with people.


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