41 First Battle

There were about ten wild beasts that appeared.

The beasts looked like gorillas. It's just that their bodies look like they are made of stone.

And each of those beasts was about fifty meters tall.

They looked enormous, and as they roared, the surrounding hills immediately shook violently.

When they landed on top of the hill, some of the hills collapsed in an instant.

Big stones scattered everywhere. Some stones even flew towards Alu.

But Alu can easily avoid the stones by jumping into the air.

After Alu stopped in midair, he stared at the beasts that looked like gorillas.

And those beasts were also staring at Alu with cold eyes as if Alu was their mortal enemy.

But despite receiving stares from them, Alu actually still looked very relaxed.

The reason Alu didn't look worried was because those wild beasts' cultivation was actually still at the True Spiritual stage.

"Well, this is just the suburb of the holy road after all." Said Alu.

"But for the peak of the True Spiritual stage, they can be considered very strong."

They were up to fifty meters high. In the Holy Light continent, type beasts like them usually only had a height of about thirty meters when they were at the peak of the True Spiritual stage.

For some types of beasts, their size was usually a sign of their strength.

For a gorilla type beast up to fifty meters in height, Alu estimated their strength to be at least equivalent to one thousand and five hundred more spiritual sources.

Bruak... Bruak... Bruak...

After observing each other for a moment, the beasts then ran towards Alu.

With their huge bodies, they can cross every hill in one step.

If ordinary True Spiritual stage peaks were to meet those wild beasts, they would not necessarily be able to run.

Unfortunately at this time Alu is no longer a True Spiritual. Even if he is still at that stage, they are still not Alu's opponent.

"I won't waste time on all of you." Alu shook his head with a contemptuous smile.

Alu also opened the hood covering his head as he said that, causing the beasts to see Alu's expression.

Even though those beasts seemed to lack intelligence, they still knew what the frightened and disdainful expressions of their enemies would be.

Alu's expression this time really made them very angry.


Each of the beasts roared with anger.


Right after their roar, Alu suddenly shouted.

And right after Alu shouted, black flames suddenly flared up from within his body.

"Phoenix God Domain." Said Alu once again in a low voice.


After that Alu's words, the black flames on Alu's body instantly surged and in just an instant, the flames instantly covered an area of ​​ten kilometers.

All the wild beasts that ran towards Alu also drowned under the flames.

And when they came into contact with the flames of Alu, their bodies which were made of stone immediately turned to ashes. It happened in an instant.

They didn't even have time to scream out their pain before their entire bodies had completely disappeared.

Phoenix God Domain.

It was the second stage of the Phoenix clan battle technique. Alu got that technique when he broke through to the True Spiritual stage.

Actually the Phoenix God Domain's true use wasn't for attack. It is in fact a support technique.

This technique serves to suppress the enemy.

As long as the enemy was within the Phoenix God Domain, the enemy would continue to endure the intense heat.

While the enemy is depressed, technique users can move more freely within it because it is their own technique.

As the name suggests, Phoenix is ​​a God within his domain.

If the enemy was too weak like the beasts that attacked Alu, they would even be burned to ashes immediately.

In reality, Alu only used that technique casually. It was not the full power of the Phoenix God Domain.

If Alu used her full strength, with Alu's current strength, Alu estimated that his Phoenix God Domain could possibly cover an area of ​​up to a hundred kilometers.

Even though the Life and Death stage was only the third stage of cultivation, the strength of people at that stage had already reached the point where they could shake a mountain.

Of course, while their strength was enormous, the cultivation world was even greater.

One hundred kilometers! It was a really narrow area. Even the capital of the Kingdom of Phoenix had an area of ​​up to thousands of kilometers.

Of course, if one were to fight in a certain place like within a city, one would still need to limit their bursts of power.

Besides, in most places there were also formations that would suppress one's strength.

Like in the city of Sleeping Dragon. If Alu released his Phoenix God Domain in that city, even if Alu used his full strength, Alu wouldn't necessarily be able to cover an area that exceeded five hundred meters.

The holy path is different. In this place, there were no restrictions so everyone could use their strength freely.


ALU sighed as he pulled back his Phoenix God Domain.

When the Alu Phoenix God Domain disappeared, the hills within a ten kilometer radius below the Alu had already flattened to the ground. Even True Spiritual stage beasts were burning to ashes, how could those hills possibly endure.

After that, Alu then looked up at the sky.

The sky above the holy path was covered in mist, yet with a cultivator's eyes, one could still see through the mist.

High above the sky, Alu saw a giant tablet.

The tablet looked like a spiritual screen.

It was said that when a battle was truly recognized by the holy path, the names of those who won the battle would appear on the tablet.


Just as Alu was observing the tablet, a sudden gust of wind rippled around him.

ALU won't care if it's just a normal gust of wind, but this time the gust of wind makes Alu feel extreme danger.

Before Alu could observe the situation, a sudden laugh echoed out of the mist above the sky.

"Ha-ha-ha, Alu, I never thought that we would meet this soon." Said the voice.

And Alu's expression immediately changed when he heard that voice.

"Elizabeth." Said Alu.

Everyone who enters the holy path is separated from one another. But for every place where someone lands, there will definitely be someone else nearby.

Of course those people were random people.

ALU really did not think that Elizabeth was the one who appeared around him.

Dragons have an extraordinary sense of smell.

Elizabeth who has a dragon soul naturally also has the power of smell.

With her sense of smell, it's no surprise that Elizabeth was able to spot him so quickly.


The sky suddenly rumbled, and when Alu looked up, Alu saw a blood-red dragon hand suddenly descending towards him.

The hand was about one kilometer long. And under the hand, the dragon's palms were clenched tightly. It formed an enormous fist.

When that fist descended, the sky above Alu was completely covered by the fist.

Seeing the dragon's fist, Alu's expression immediately turned serious.

ALU felt tremendous pressure from the fist.

Even though this was the first time Alu had seen it, Alu had heard that dragon fist was one of the dragon clan's inherited techniques.

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