Cunning General Si Ning
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Cunning General Si Ning


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What is Cunning General Si Ning

Read Cunning General Si Ning novel written by the author RainhaAsha on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, action, r18, comedy, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


As a troublesome Idol with a bad personality who was confident of his pretty look. All Si Ning ever wanted was to gamble and become rich overnight so he could finally buy a mansion and lots of sports car for him to finally be able to drive the latest sports car to his hometown to see his mother and sister Then he would not feel guilty for dropping out of school and using his school expenses to gamble and lost, it was the plan he was working on and he never expected to be transmigrated to another world and turns out to be the General commanding a large army to war. "I cannot do this." Si Ning rolled on the bed knowing this was nothing more than a nightmare as he stared at his callused hands he woke up to. Being General Si Ning of the great Xiu imperial army was nothing more than a nightmare to him. In order to survive in a world of war, Si Ning had to choose the perfect partner and rise to be a powerful person in Xiu nation. *This is BL Means Boys love. *The cover is not mine* *I do not own the cover* If the owner tells me to remove it, I will and if you know the artist, leave me a msg in the comment box.

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Im loving everything from the chapters I’ve read so far. The writting is enjoyable and ugh, its just soooo good. I recommend yall read this. Keep up the good work author! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Nicely written...... I love the characters and the general Si Ning is so funny to me. More updates please. Do a massive update lol lol lol, I am asking this for my own selfish reason. I just love the writing......


This is good, I just read the first chapter, and I still, a long way to go, I cant say much yet but so far it interesting, will read this book for sure ^^


this is one of my favourites this year. I have used up all my passes and I am craving more. love the story and characters and the plots are unbelievable. excellent writing.


Another book. I like the writing style and how the story is going and to me Si Ning is really so so so funny and intelligent. I hope he gets a suitable hubby because how this story is going there are a lot of characters I want him to pair it. Just my fantasy. I recommend this book if you like BL and interested in a funny over analyzing protagonist and I think his servant is cute too. This is a must read book.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I love this book that I could not stop reading it, spent all my day reading about the MC life. The relationship the MC has with the people around him is good. It gives an idea of how to a modern day man is struggling with living in the ancient time while trying to make the best from all. I am looking for more updates. So I rate it 5stars but if only there is an higher star to give. If you like love between men and where the MC is weak/strong, loving and great, this book is for you.[img=recommend][img=recommend].


I love BL and I love this book. The characters development is beautiful and I feel like like a drama. It is so pretty and I have been laughing and I think if you love to laugh and read a book based on ancient era then this is for you.


Awesome book! I am here to read some BL and I found this and I keep waiting to read more and even check for the reminder of an update. I like the ML, so sweet, so beautiful, amazing workkkk, I just have to leave a review because I got hooked the first time I started reading this book that I didn't sleep throughout the night. Weldone Author[img=recommend]


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