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What is Crucis

Crucis is a popular web novel written by the author Phodoodles, covering FANTASY, DRAMA, REVENGE, HISTORICAL, MALE LEAD, PSYCHOLOGICAL, PHILOSOPHY, REVENGE AND REDEMPTION, MYTHOS, HISTORICAL REFERENCE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 16.6K readers with an average rating of 4.86/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 26 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Three factions oversaw the continent of Jumana. They were the Palace of Anima, Church of Arbor, and Seditio. The Palace of Anima worshipped Fate. A divine principle by which the order of events has been inevitably predetermined. The proxies of the Palace were the Moirais as they were blessed with precognition, great mana talent, and high affinity with Fate. The Church of Arbor revere Conscience. A moral principle that inhibits or influences the thoughts or actions of a person. Their advocates were the Fae, children born from the Tree of Truths. An ancient, sentient tree who bore the Fruit of Good and Evil. The third, Seditio, a clandestine society that was established by the Enlightened One. A peculiar individual who ate the Fruit of Good and Evil and lived to tell the tale. Seditio believed that comradeship was thicker than Fate and that Man should seize their own destinies without the help of the Moira. Athos Dimitte Ferre, heir to the throne of the Palace of Anima. Was blessed with the gift of foresight and talent for mana. On one fateful night, however, he was cast away by a tragedy, and all was slowly taken away from him. "Why did the Seditio attack us? Why couldn't I see this, did my foresight fail me? Or perhaps, the Church of Arbor interfered?" A man who fell from grace learns to bare his fangs. ~~~~~ Updates every MWF before 5PM EST

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A well realized world. There's clearly a plan here with the amount of details that're present in the story, which, IMO, is essential when writing something of this scale. Prose and dialogue flows naturally and the grammar has minimal to no errors. Very professional. Keep on writing 👍


This is a well written novel, although I'm not done I like the way things are going and the main character's attitude. The world building is very good and I can smell a very interesting plot. Thank you author san and please keep up the good work.


A fantasy to look forward to. Writing - this author really excels at grammar and word usage. One can learn from her style. Stability - hopefully, updates will be steady here Development - started slow but gets more interesting as the story progresses Characters - vivid descriptions, but no one stands out in particular to my liking Background - great imagination of the world here


starting of novel is so interesting that it's better than that cliche novels . I'm looking forward to read more chapters as author is taking a break


Reveal spoiler


As a part of my new honest review swap policy, I will not hold back. The author really knows how to establish the plot. The well-timed flashback gives the reader not only an insight on the powers of MC but also informs of them of the MCs family and the political conditions between major factions. And as the story progresses we keep getting more tidbits about the power of different groups of people. We even get to know about the power struggle between different factions. The story is written in first person view but there aren't any elements of roleplay-esque writing. It's actually very smooth, although in a few places I think there could have been a more interesting way of describing the MCs actions. Because too many repetitive words just make the descriptions clunky and lengthy. In some places its not possible to remove these lengthy descriptions but in places where they can be avoided, I'd recommend the author to avoid them. There are too many new things in the novel. Just in the first 3-4 chapters there is an overwhelming amount of information. But without this information the reader wouldn't know anything. So it's necessary to keep this information here. But I think it's very likely that readers can't absorb all this information. So I'd recommend the author to reinforce some of it in the later chapters when the basic background has been set. And also to write an auxiliary chapter focusing on what powers different groups of people possess. And a separate auxillary chapter mentioning the different factions and giving their most basic views towards each other. The grammar is very good. But there are some errors in there. I'd recommend for the author to review the first few chapters again and correct whatever they can find because I don't think these errors are there because of lack of skill. I think they are just mistakes. Coming back to old chapters and reading them with a clear mind gives an author a better chance to spot mistakes in grammar or word usage.


What a unique writing style. You draw my attention at fast speed. You really describe the world well and I hope to learn from from the future chapters. I like how you wrote this and I hope you continue this book. Good luck author


I absolutely love the chararistics of this novel its such a bright and beautifull world where verythgin is possible i love how u put in this and that and how u make it so intruiging i would never have guessed it i LOVE it


Your story is having heavy concept and not like regular romance novel. It hard to write such story and i am very happy with the way you decribed the characters and their dialogues. It is indeed beautiful story with good writing. Keep up the good work. :)


I love this novel! I cannot wait until the next chapter! The rush of feeling you get when you first read the chapter and how it takes you through a journey with your character!


As I read further, the lore of the continent grows deeper. The writing lets you imagine the world. Though it does take time to understand all the nuances, that would only mean that the story is indeed interesting. Totally recommend.


An excellent novel following the journey of a Prince or, Moira. There are no fillers and definitely worth your time to read if you enjoy fantasy novels with edgy main characters!


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