Butterflies and Pins
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Butterflies and Pins


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What is Butterflies and Pins

Read Butterflies and Pins novel written by the author Raksha1 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Historical Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, timetravel, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


On a special day when it is said that spirits come to visit the living, eighteen year-old Kim Yoon-Yi gets sent into the past. Year 1452 is a year of turmoil. At the Joseon court the King, a Prince and Ministers battle for power. Neither wants to give in, using whatever means possible to best each other. There is nothing one wouldn't be willing to do when a single wrong step can mean either great success or swift demise. While young Yoon-Yi learns to adapt and survive in this new and dangerous environment, she finds a bond that is stronger than time itself: love. For her it was a first love born in the past, for him it is something he cherishes in the present. But what about the future? Will Yoon-Yi's presence in that age trigger unfathomable changes, or will destiny follow its course unhindered? * This is a work of fiction. Some elements are historically accurate, while others, such as certain timelines, events and characters, have been adapted in order to fit the storyline. The artwork for the cover has been commissioned from artist MagBya ^.^ (Instagram: @mag_bya)

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Hi! Author-nim here for a shameless self-rating and short review ^^ I hope everyone who reads this story of like will enjoy it, even if just a little. This is a product of my imagination, a tribute to all my love for Asian stories/novels/dramas/movies. It's my first story of the kind so I hope it turned out alright. It's a story about a youngster's road to self-discovery and growth. The female lead also finds her first love in a different time, thus going through several dramatic situations. There are mysterious plots surrounding the characters, as well as dangers. But they also have sweet and fluffy times. It's a mixture without much angst or misunderstandings. Each character has his/her own personality and they simply act according to their own beliefs. The pace is neither fast nor slow, but rather moderate. Hopefully it comes across as natural to everyone to reads it. Grammar-wise, English may not be my first language but I hope I didn't make too many mistakes. Feel free to point them out if you spot any and I will correct them. Happy reading and I am looking forward to reading your feedback! 💕


I like the pacing of the story. The events flow naturally and the development doesn't seem rushed. The romance isn't the main focus of the story, which is a good thing. There is a mysterious plot and political controversies. There are also conflicts between characters and lots of light-hearted moments. It's definitely a worthy read, especially if you enjoy historical fiction stories (set in a Korean past).


The book is very well written, kinda surprising it has not blown up yet. if you enjoy reading historical fantasies this won't disappoint you, you will thoroughly enjoy it. a hidden gem of sorts, I guess. keep it up author!


Amazing book! Writing quality is clearly on point💗 Loving the background f the story as well and the plots at nice! Keep up the good work dear author cause it's an amazing book!


I'll give this book five stars review because. 1. The title and the cover suit this book so much! Such a beautiful cover for a beautiful story! 2. The descriptions are so detailed and majestic. I feel like reading a translated novel. 3. The progression of this story is just so perfect and enjoyable! There are some errors like the lack of commas in some sentences and also there are some unnecessary commas in other sentences, but it doesn't affect this book's beauty. Thank you for your hard work, author-nim! 🥰


Reveal spoiler


honestly, I can't find a single thing to complain amount. the story seems so natural and I was really surprised. slow and relaxing that's what I like the most. I did not feel like I had wasted even a second of my life. this is a honest review. thank you and keep on writing more


Like the story so much. Feels like I'm watching K-drama in the form of a novel. I like t=it better than watching K-drama since I could read it in my free time and it doesn't take me that much of a time. the pacing and plot were fine, like how the author used a special day of spirit to somehow explain the time travel and not just a random system popping out of nowhere. In conclusion, a wholesome and nice story to read ^_^.


This is a hidden gem. I am baffled that I didn’t come across this before. It is an amazingly written story with well thought out characters and scenes. I had no problem following the story to the point I was completely immersed. Character interactions are beautifully narrated as I felt butterflies in my stomach in every scene. What’s more impressive is that this not only flows quite nicely but outright pulls you in. The thing that overshadows everything and keeps you hooked is the flow of the story and how the events are described. I just can’t get enough of it. Looking forward to more of Yoon-Yi’s adventures.


Hi, i really like this work sooooooooo much. The author has done a great job that I can feel the character well. Good job author and keep on writing


Well done! Historical or not. The author did a good job crafting out every detail of the scene. The dialogue, description, and chain of events were perfect. The author made it easier for readers to under what the book is all about. The storyline was quite good. How the author uses some phrases made the book not boring to read. In short, you can't get tired of reading this book. 😍😍😍 🌹🌹


I think this book is up to being one of the best contenders on this site. The pacing of the story is perfect and the writing is clear, colorful, and meaningful. I'm not left scratching my head because the author makes the plot easy to follow while still having great writing quality. The characters emotions are real and there's more than just one issue unfolding at a time. The story is intriguing, complex, and fun to follow. The author has done an amazing job with the book and I can't wait to read more.


Let me be clear: this book has been very captivating for me, even though I normally do not enjoy romance at all. The main character is sweet, has plenty of natural human curiosity, and is relatable, very human. I really don't understand why the novel made me lose all sense of time, and that is a GOOD THING! Now I curse the author for making me miss my bus while reading...but I'll forgive if this book will continue to be this good.


This has to be one of the best stories that I've read on this platform. The hook was great. The characters were believable and had me smiling. And the plot was well understood, and that's only chapter one! Definitely worth the read!


I have nothing to say this book is so good, no not good, its excellent T-T. I wish I could write like this but I have a long way to go, anyways, I didn't see any grammatical erros and such which I envy so much about the author. Also I feel like this should be adapted to a K drama series its gonna be good I'm sure.This is very wonderful book! Highly recommend! Great job author!


good story[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The story is very adorable and memorable! It would be nice if this became a live action drama! The girl (Yoon-Yi) is memorable to women, and strike a nail to male readers. With the constant pacing of the novel, I'm sure this book would become popular soon! The only suggestion I'd like to point out is the descriptions of the emotions. In the first few chapters, Yoon-Yi was "sad" It would be nice if that emotions became a scene mixed with a dialogue to extract that moment to her and the readers. That's what I think. Kudos for the author!


I'm a sucker for historical romances, and I really like this story. I find myself cheering for the main character as she goes through all the experiences in a different world. The scenery is visually appealing and the people believable. Best of luck on this beautiful work of art.


I have been a fan of historical romance and I can tell proudly that this is one the best novels I have ever read! It is well-written and doesn't only focus on the main characters, your novel has revolved on a serie of events from different characters of differential personalities and it gives it a unique taste! Pursue your talent and I am looking forward to reading more chapters! This novel-reading is my new night routine!


As I keep reading this book the more I want to know about the characters and story. The writing quality is amazing and everything has such a beautiful and amazing description that it makes the world seem so alive. I agree with other comments when they say the book is a hidden gem as it is definitely a must read if you stumble upon this amazing book. I 100% recommend this to anyone who likes the history romance genre. Keep up the amazing work author :D.


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