20 In Motion

When he entered a disordered room, Jonathan found a cabinet that had been moved, and, after pushing it aside, he discovered sheet music.

It was then that Jonathan realized that some of the things he had forgotten started coming back to him as his experience in this place progressed. After a day of experiencing hell, he realized that, in some aspects, this simulation might not be as bad as it seemed at first.

That is to say, compared to a world like World War Z, things were occasionally calm within this place. Many other aspects could get worse, but this remained one of the issues of the kind of world he chose and the missions.

The missions kept Jonathan tied to the plot; he couldn't detach himself from many of the things that would happen later because they had to explore the entire mansion. If that weren't the case, he would have stayed hidden somewhere away from the Umbrella Training Center.

That might vary in other worlds, as they possibly might not be tied to the main plot, and then they could survive in a different way that wasn't alongside the focal point of the action.

He hoped that at some point, he could fend for himself in a rotting world, surviving with all the resources at his disposal without depending on an unbreakable timeline.

At least, he was grateful that he didn't have to face all the monsters he had avoided so far. If that weren't the case, then he could say it would be impossible to survive in this place.

After exploring this dimly lit room, Jonathan picked up some sheets with piano melodies written on them. He initially wanted to ask Jill Valentine to play the piano, but that would be very suspicious since there was no apparent reason for her to do so. So, he tried to get her attention to make her do it in that case.


Pressing a piano key, Jonathan recalled those childhood lessons, and his performance was so poor that even Jill could muster a faint smile.

"Is it fun? As a child, I had a grand piano, but after Dad's death, we had to sell it to get by... He was a great piano teacher, but now I can say I've forgotten a lot," said Jonathan in a cold tone. He looked Jill in the eyes and then asked, "Do you want to give it a try?"

Little by little, Jonathan had to make use of manipulation, and it's needless to say that he's very good at it. Firstly, he couldn't give orders that would then lead to benefits, so he would use coincidence to find things that haven't been found yet.

In the original story, Jill Valentine plays the piano, causing a secret door to open. Jonathan knew that she wouldn't do it unless he intervened, so in the end, he created that false story to make her play the piano.

"Do you think it's convenient to do it right now?" Jill asked in a doubtful tone. She knew how to play the piano but wouldn't do it now since it was a somewhat complex situation.

Jonathan smiled faintly and said, "It would be great; at least, if I die, I'd like to hear a bit of piano. Music is like medicine, after all. Many say it serves many purposes, and I believe I know something about it being true."

"Music is good medicine..." Jill didn't believe that, but she still sat in front of the piano in this small and gloomy room. Her blood-stained hands began to play the piano keys very gently.

A beautiful melody then spread around, and Jonathan, who was only interested in one thing, his survival, started thinking. What if he died? Would he be able to make it to the end, or, on the contrary, would he die along the way?

Jonathan wasn't melancholic thanks to the piano melody; he just reached a point where he couldn't help but ask himself these questions while looking at all those wounds on his arms. If he were alone in the world, maybe he would have given up a long time ago, but he had to endure for his parents.

While thinking about this, he unconsciously looked at Jill and felt her very close. That is, she wasn't a product of his imagination or someone who only existed in a video game. He didn't know how to say it, but he was in the real world, and everything was so vivid that he didn't know if he could escape from this place at some point.

At that moment, Jonathan looked at his left arm and noticed there was a counter in green letters. That meant the time he had heard about in this place was the time he had left to complete the mission in this world.

Right at that moment, a secret door opened in a wall, pulling Jonathan out of his thoughts and Jill out of playing the piano.

"Did it open with some button?" She didn't relate that event to playing the piano, so Jonathan looked at her and with his gaze told her that he knew nothing.

After Jonathan saw how the secret door opened, he walked slowly towards that place to take what was inside. From what could be seen, there wasn't much space in that place, so little could be found.

But what was inside was Trevor's diary, which in this story tells what happened to him after Spencer locked him away.

This diary narrated much of his suffering before dying in a cruel way, but it also provided information on how this mansion was designed and how it was created in a special way for the owner of this mansion.

After reading the diary, Jill looked at Jonathan incredulously and whispered, "So, the designer of this mansion was locked in that coffin we found in that stone chamber."

Jonathan nodded and said, "That should be the case. There might be other secrets in that coffin. I think we still have to collect those four masks to open it properly."

"Do we absolutely need those masks?" Jill was doubtful about Jonathan's explanation.

"I don't think it would work using grenades or something much more powerful..." Jonathan actually knew that those four masks opened the coffin, but he considered it unnecessary to open it because that wasn't a mission.

Jill nodded and murmured, "Let's find those masks, they might serve us for something..."

Under the statue, there was also a golden emblem, and after taking it, the two of them left.

"Do you know where the masks are? In this damn mansion, the terrain is too complicated to traverse, and finding them should be something difficult."

Jonathan thought for a moment and said, "The room with the giant snake, if I'm not mistaken, there should be a mask there. Shall we go to that place?"

"Do you still have serum for the venom of that thing?" Jill asked a bit thoughtfully.

Jonathan nodded when he heard this question. He needed to explore every corner of this mansion, so he would take this opportunity to help gather the masks that he initially thought were useless.

"First, we need to see how Richard is."

"Alright, it will depend on the situation."

The two returned to where they found Richard, and his condition had improved a lot, at least he wasn't dead.

When Jill mentioned going to the place where the giant snake was, he immediately said in a cold tone, "I will accompany you as well."

"No, how could you move in this condition?" Jill refused Richard's brave words.

Richard gritted his teeth and muttered, "That damn snake tried to kill me, so now that I'm fine, I want to at least shoot it."

"If you're okay, then it would be very helpful for us if you join."

Seeing that he kept insisting, Jill didn't refuse, and Jonathan, who was on the side, immediately handed him a weapon, grateful that this brave man decided to follow them. With three of them, they would be able to kill that snake much faster than he expected.

Led by Richard, the three arrived at a place full of cobwebs.

Although the goal was the mask, now that they were going to kill it, Jonathan felt much safer being accompanied by two people experienced in the use of weapons.

When they arrived at the place, everyone had their weapons ready for battle, and Jonathan secretly closed his eyes to pray for their luck.

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